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Jodi Arias: She Could Be Anyone

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.28.29 AMSocial media has condemned Jodi Arias, claiming she is evil, defective and such.  I wonder, though, how much of that is actually correct?  More likely, any one of us could be Jodi Arias.  We’ve all been in unfavorable relationship situations.  I myself have plotted the death of a few men in my day.  I was sure at the time that they had it coming.  However, my plan always stopped in the planning process.  Guess that means I had higher impulse control.  As for the whole mental problems issue, well, of course she has mental issues.  That’s pretty obvious.  However, who doesn’t have mental issues?  I’m sure if any of us actually sat down with any kind of professional, we would all be diagnosed with something.  So really every one is defective in some way.  And any one of us could snap in a moment and off someone.  It’s not a pretty picture.

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And maybe Travis was, like, emotionally abusive, in a sense.  He was obviously messing with her head, knowing how much she cared about him and wanted to please him.  Maybe even the few incidents of physical violence are true.  Who knows?  We weren’t there.  Nobody knows all the things about my relationship, either.  There are things even my dearest friends don’t know about my husband, because it’s a private part of our relationship.  And it does seem that Jodi had some emotional issues.  People with strong self esteem are more like the Travis in their relationship.  And maybe he did break that in her.  He shouldn’t have to die for that.  Sometimes, even people you love say mean shit to you.  Them being sorry they said it doesn’t make it any less true.

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Their relationship was toxic.  It really would have been better if they had broken it off before.  Like a clean break, not the continued phone calls and emails and recorded phone sex conversations.  If either one of them had just cut it off when she left Mesa, think of the possibilities for both of them.  Many of you probably think that Jodi would end up in a trailer park or in the same spot she’s in now, but that’s probably not true.  She would’ve had a good life, too.

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I guess what it really boils down to is this is not about her being a sociopath.  This literally could have been anyone.  Yes, it was premeditated, not self defense.  But, it seems more like she thought they were going to, like, make it work.  She drove there to have sex, thinking maybe he was going to ask her to go to Cancun after.  When he didn’t she brought it up, they fought, she “left.”  She’s pissed off and hurt and probably feeling pretty stupid and used, but mostly pissed and she snapped.  He went up to take a shower, she snuck back in and was taking pictures, without him knowing.  He sees her and is like, WTF.  And she has a weapon.  Can’t really speculate after that, must be the fog, but the actual commission is what makes this a crime, not so much the planning.  Unless of course you actually do it…

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I’ve wished several men dead in my past, thinking of spontaneous things that would cause their death.  Friends of mine even disconnected what they thought were brake lines on one man’s car (turned out to be the battery, teenage girls, not always mechanical wizards, ya know.) And, after how he turned out as an adult, the world might have been a better place if that plan had worked, but wrong still.  Fact is, most of us don’t actually carry out the plans to kill the bastard.  She did.  That’s why we are all now brought together.

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