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Missing: Crishtian Hughes

Crishtian HughesNot much has been released through the media about the disappearance of 20-year-old Crishtian Hughes, from San Diego, CA. He vanished on February 6th, after travelling to San Francisco to visit friends. After arriving on Feb. 4th, and getting money from his aunt, who offered to pay for half of his plane ticket so he would have money to spend in the city. Sometime between 2 am and 10 am on Feb 6th, it appears Crishtian packed up all of his belongings and left his friends’ home and hasn’t been seen since.

That automatically seems fishy. Why would someone from out of town pick up and leave in the middle of the night, with no car, the day before he was supposed to, without leaving a note or saying anything? And he hasn’t texted or called anyone. The last text sent from his phone was around 1:18 am on Feb 6th. Who was that to? Do we know the content.

Crishtian’s mother has some suspicion about the friend he had visited, who will not be mentioned by name at this time, as he is not currently a suspect in the disappearance (we’ll get to that further down). He was the last person to see Crishtian. He called the police 24 hours after he had last seen his friend, to see if he had gotten home. Wouldn’t it make sense that he try to contact his family first to see if he was home? She also has some concerns regarding the past criminal history of her son’s friend. In 2010, this friend and another boy were arrested for attempted murder, and at only the age of 18 years old, with guns and $7000 worth of drugs were found.  That information would be enough to concern any parent.

His mother also told me of how the SFPD pretty much abandoned working on her son’s case almost immediately, telling her that he was an adult and was voluntarily missing, as there were no signs of foul play.  She tried to check with the airline to see if Crishtian had boarded his flight to return home, but was again denied, being told he was a mental stable adult and that information couldn’t be shared.  For whatever reason, the case was transferred to San Diego, even though he was last seen in SF.  Why?

Everyone seems to think this behavior is totally out of  character for Crishtian, who isn’t believed to have any substance abuse issues. His mother says, “He is 20, so a little bit of partying here and there were somthing of a normal teen in my eyes.  You want to think your son is a complete angel, but I am a smart woman and I know how kids are these days.”  Now that’s a good mom.

Anne MacKenzie is a detective with the SFPD, the only one “looking” for Crishtian and San Francisco’s other missing people.  That’s quite a workload.  No wonder these cases keep getting pushed off onto other cities.

San Francisco's Missing Men

A vigil to bring awareness to Crishtian’s disappearance, as well as the Sean Sidi and Jackson Miller, who have also gone missing in San Francisco, is planned for September 14th.  The Help Find Crishtian Hughes Facebook Page states: “By holding an awareness vigil, we will be able to address the media, along with
asking the SFPD to provide us the recourses, we so desperately need, to bring these boys home.”

Am I the only one who thinks it’s strange that there’s a bunch of men just missing from San Francisco?  Have I seen too many movies, or is that strange?  For some reason Dee Snider as Captain Howdy keeps popping into my head.  (Sorry, moms.  Please don’t look that up)  Maybe it’s just small town mentality, but how do people just disappear?