Jodi Arias: She Could Be Anyone

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.28.29 AMSocial media has condemned Jodi Arias, claiming she is evil, defective and such.  I wonder, though, how much of that is actually correct?  More likely, any one of us could be Jodi Arias.  We’ve all been in unfavorable relationship situations.  I myself have plotted the death of a few men in my day.  I was sure at the time that they had it coming.  However, my plan always stopped in the planning process.  Guess that means I had higher impulse control.  As for the whole mental problems issue, well, of course she has mental issues.  That’s pretty obvious.  However, who doesn’t have mental issues?  I’m sure if any of us actually sat down with any kind of professional, we would all be diagnosed with something.  So really every one is defective in some way.  And any one of us could snap in a moment and off someone.  It’s not a pretty picture.

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And maybe Travis was, like, emotionally abusive, in a sense.  He was obviously messing with her head, knowing how much she cared about him and wanted to please him.  Maybe even the few incidents of physical violence are true.  Who knows?  We weren’t there.  Nobody knows all the things about my relationship, either.  There are things even my dearest friends don’t know about my husband, because it’s a private part of our relationship.  And it does seem that Jodi had some emotional issues.  People with strong self esteem are more like the Travis in their relationship.  And maybe he did break that in her.  He shouldn’t have to die for that.  Sometimes, even people you love say mean shit to you.  Them being sorry they said it doesn’t make it any less true.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.31.34 AM

Their relationship was toxic.  It really would have been better if they had broken it off before.  Like a clean break, not the continued phone calls and emails and recorded phone sex conversations.  If either one of them had just cut it off when she left Mesa, think of the possibilities for both of them.  Many of you probably think that Jodi would end up in a trailer park or in the same spot she’s in now, but that’s probably not true.  She would’ve had a good life, too.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.25.22 PM

I guess what it really boils down to is this is not about her being a sociopath.  This literally could have been anyone.  Yes, it was premeditated, not self defense.  But, it seems more like she thought they were going to, like, make it work.  She drove there to have sex, thinking maybe he was going to ask her to go to Cancun after.  When he didn’t she brought it up, they fought, she “left.”  She’s pissed off and hurt and probably feeling pretty stupid and used, but mostly pissed and she snapped.  He went up to take a shower, she snuck back in and was taking pictures, without him knowing.  He sees her and is like, WTF.  And she has a weapon.  Can’t really speculate after that, must be the fog, but the actual commission is what makes this a crime, not so much the planning.  Unless of course you actually do it…

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I’ve wished several men dead in my past, thinking of spontaneous things that would cause their death.  Friends of mine even disconnected what they thought were brake lines on one man’s car (turned out to be the battery, teenage girls, not always mechanical wizards, ya know.) And, after how he turned out as an adult, the world might have been a better place if that plan had worked, but wrong still.  Fact is, most of us don’t actually carry out the plans to kill the bastard.  She did.  That’s why we are all now brought together.

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  1. I have no excuse for Jodi’s behavior. But I too have even been to a point of having a psychotic breakdown, wanted to not only kill someone but fantasized about it with torcher and the whole nine yards. But, I knew that I needed help when I got to that point. I called a hotline and they told me to get to the hospital right away. Thank God that is way in the past now. So, I can understand that kind of anger.
    However, this was not all that odd for her. People, including Travis were calling her a sociopath before this happened. She couldn’t make a clean break because she was obsessed with him. She wouldn’t even accept that she needed help. Even her parents and friends know she was off. Instead of seeing that her behavior was not normal, she pushed on with it until it ended the way it did.

  2. I agree with you, any of us could be a Jodi Arias, However, I believe she didn’t just go there for sex; she went to kill him IF things didn’t work out the way she wanted them to. Why else hide the fact of being in AZ with cans of gas in her car. Why have a knife and gun with you? You’re right on the Cancun trip. He didn’t ask her but had he none of this would of happened. He didn’t ask her or she brought it up in her “little girl” voice like she did on the sex phone conversation and he glossed over it and basically said no.
    I believe he let her take pics because they are all waist up except for one. I think after the shower she brought up the topic one more time, he said no. She left the bathroom, came back with a knife and in quiet rage thrusts the knife into his chest twice. Once he saw her with the knife she had to stab him. There was no turning back.
    He bent forward because she probably punctured his lung and that hurts like all hell. She got behind him and started stabbing his back and head in rage while he stumbled to the sink. She went there to kill him because if she couldn’t have him, no one would. Very sad but true.

  3. I had a boyfriend that emotionally tortured me but, unlike Jodi, I told the people around me about what was going on. Jodi had to be majorly pissed off by the treatment Travis gave her but why didn’t the people around her know? Maybe they did and we aren’t hearing from them. Maybe her religion helped her contain her rage [for a short while]. I can imagine he was driving her crazy with his constant pushing away and pulling back in. I can imagine she felt “not good enough” for him to commit his life to but good enough for sex and a shoulder to cry on. I can imagine they exchanged a lot of secrets and she probably felt special that he trusted her to keep them. I can also imagine she used her sexual talent to keep him in her grasp; after all, it was their sexual explorations that opened up a whole new world to him.

    Yep, I was involved with a “Travis” and I wanted to kill him, too. Fortunately I didn’t go down that same path that Jodi did; instead I limped into a therapist’s office and begged him to help me sort out some emotions that were scaring the crap out of me!

  4. When you add up all the facts, and separate the endless avalanche of BS and lies, you paint a much more clear picture of absolute and planned premeditation.

    She’s basically broke and suddenly taking a several thousand mile road trip with a non-descript rental car, which the license plates got manipulated, coincidentally. The abject and persistent lying about having only 2 gas cans when she actually had 3 (completely guaranteeing no gas buying in AZ), packing her gf’s stolen pistol, cellphone turned off the entire time in AZ, a photo gig in SoCal that gets ‘cancelled’, borrowing money from a friend in Yreka who said she was a total basket case when he gave her the loan, it goes on and on.

    What I mean is I agree with you that what she really wanted out of all of this was him – but she knew the odds were very low. I think they were actually pretty pissed at each other at this point. She had breached his social media accounts and he bitched her out (rightly so). Well, he was pissed and she was pissed at herself for crossing the line and manic and frustrated at how she f’d this up. I think she called him from SoCal, completely according to her plan, and caught him off-guard. She probably said I’m not that far away, I have some money and I want to leave you a check (remember she owed him money), etc. She put him a bit on the spot and he said ok, come on over.

    I think she had every intention in the world of killing him if things didn’t go her way – and she figured that’s what she was going to “have” to do.

    She gets there and turns it into a total booty call (it’s always worked in the past). Maybe even the wildest yet. Taking pictures, getting nasty etc.

    At some point after that the Cancun trip comes up and they have a mildly uncomfortable convo about it … and that’s her tipping point. She maintains her low-key demeanor, all the while believing she’s exhausted all other options in her mind and she’s going to go through with it and kill him.

    He’s downstairs in his office and she goes up and showers – and the gun is in her stuff. She puts the gun in the cabinet underneath the sink (remember – they found it open).
    She comes back down from showering and they are talking. Now, it’s kind of logical for her to leave. She very nonchalantly brings up the “Calvin Klein” look photos she would like to take, showcasing his newly developed physique he’s proud of. She testified he told her before it sounded “gay” and he’s not that enthused, but basically he says “whatever”. He’s just trying to get her to leave now. He heads up to shower, she says she’ll be up in a minute and gets a knife, concealing it before she goes into the bathroom – possibly the duct tape ? She’s determined for this whole thing to go down in the shower – no muss no fuss. All evidence washes away.

    I don’t think she ever intended to use the gun. Most importantly, if she holds him at gun point, he could probably get it from her – then she just brought a knife to a gun fight. Bad move. Also it’s late afternoon in a suburban neighborhood and her odds of getting caught go up exponentially as soon as the gun is involved – from the noise to ballistic evidence.

    He knew she was there all along, and he’s willingly taking the pictures. The one where he looks surprised I think he’s just saying “what ?” to her because he didn’t understand what she said, or she asked some BS question about the camera. There’s gaps of time, sometimes 2 + minutes between the earlier shower photos where he’s definitely posing for her and the time that he’s obviously distressed. I think she had the gun somewhere in close proximity in the bathroom, but not too close. When she ultimately decided it was go-time (5:28 pm or so), she opened the cabinet or put it on the counter by the sink. This was just in case it became necessary.

    I believe that by the last photo of him alive she has started to say whatever it was she wanted to part him with and he has seen the gun, which is somewhere near the sink. She’s talking psycho and he’s panicked and freaking. But he’s not aware she has a knife. Not yet.

    Maybe she startled him by dropping the camera. In that instant, she captured the element of surprise, and attacks with him sitting down and manages at least the stab to the heart – probably others as well. He fights back hard – receiving the defense wounds to his hands and gets to his feet much faster than she anticipated. This is when he is able to get out of the shower and “body slams” her (half truth stitched in – along with “f*ing kill you bitch”) and is determined to get to the gun somewhere by the sink. Why else would he not attempt to overpower her unless he thought of a better option (the gun he can see) ? Why else would he put his back to her after she just mortally stabbed him and she’s still in possession of the knife ?

    The repeated and vicious stab wounds to his back explain it. The situation is already foobar in her eyes : not only is he on his feet and out of the shower, but he is in between her and the gun and he knows where it is.

    So, conceivably, at this point she *is* fighting for her life – how convenient for her pathetic defense.

    She gets up fast and engages him again at the sink area, stabbing him repeatedly and fiercely in the back. He quickly gives up on the gun – she’s stabbed him well over ten times by now and he’s fading fast. As the merciless attack continues, he impulsively tries to flee down the hall in a final “flight” mode. He falls (is tripped ?) in the hall – she pursues him and is standing over him. I bet the last thing he did was kick that evil bitch with every last ounce of strength he had left. She overpowers him and slits his throat.

    She drags him back to the shower area – he’s probably still making noise of some sort. She’s freaked out by that – the gun is right there somewhere by the sink, so she shoots him.

    May she pay dearly for her horrific crime.

    • “She gets there and turns it into a total booty call (it’s always worked in the past). Maybe even the wildest yet. Taking pictures, getting nasty etc.”

      The braids. In the phone call, we heard him say how much he loves the braids, and she wore them to his house that day. So manipulative.

      Amal — I was with you until about 1/2-3/4 of the way through your comment; until you got oddly specific and went off the rails (imo). Questions:

      “She very nonchalantly brings up the “Calvin Klein” look photos she would like to take”

      — What’s that from? Did Jodi ever say the words “Calvin Klein look” in re to the photo-shoot or is that your description? (I thought the photos were really bad, especially considering Jodi considers herself a professional photographer.)

      “I don’t think she ever intended to use the gun”

      — Then why did she bring it, and why did she shoot Travis? However, it is odd that she would bring a knife, when she had a gun. Could Jodi have suspected the gun was too weak to kill? Or did Jodi just want to slaughter Travis, because she was angry?

      “Most importantly, if she holds him at gun point, he could probably get it from her”

      — The knife is the riskier weapon. Travis did try to take it.

      “Also it’s late afternoon in a suburban neighborhood and her odds of getting caught go up exponentially as soon as the gun is involved – from the noise to ballistic evidence.”

      — But she did use the gun; it just didn’t do the job. The gun must have been the first inflicted injury or the last. There is no blood-spatter evidence to corroborate Jodi’s tale of shooting Travis outside of the shower stall.

      “Why else would he not attempt to overpower her unless he thought of a better option (the gun he can see)?”

      — That is wild speculation. Travis’ hands are covered in defensive wounds from trying to grab the knife blade. There is no evidence from the gun, other than the gunshot to Travis’ face, and the bullet casing found in blood.

      “She gets up fast and engages him again at the sink area, stabbing him repeatedly and fiercely in the back”

      — There’s no cast off blood in the sink area; the stabs all took place inside the shower stall. (The throat slit took place at the end of the hall.)

      “So, conceivably, at this point she *is* fighting for her life – how convenient for her pathetic defense.”

      — If Jodi had to fight for her life, where are her defensive wounds? Jodi’s only real injury is a cut ligament on her finger, caused by wielding the bloody knife

      “May she pay dearly for her horrific crime.”

      — Agreed. Here’s hoping Juan Martinez stops having to win every single point, and starts hammering home the important issues. The Snow White testimony was absurd. Did you see the people in the pews laughing? I’m sure the jurors did.

      • hey bassekrokke –

        “Calvin Klein” photos – that’s how she lured him into taking a shower (and getting into such a vulnerable position). She told the cops they’d talked about it in the past – there’s one or two that do look like the CK ad she described as the effect she was trying to achieve. I imagine the pictures look like crap (they do) – because she’s really frickin nervous about what she’s prepared to do.

        I think she brought the gun just in case. But I think she realized that it complicated the hell out of her plan if she used it. I think she got it out to subdue TA, and have it handy if she needed it. I think she wound up shooting him because she was freaked out – he was gurgling or something.

        I don’t think she thought the knife was the riskier weapon – she would take him by surprise, stab him a bunch of times and he would never make it out of the shower. Not much noise, little struggle, he’d slip and squirm some and that would be that. Most importantly any and all DNA evidence would wash away. Even if he did fight back some – she thought she had the element of surprise. Wouldn’t you ? Holy shite, if the person you just got done being intimate with started raging on you in the shower with a butcher knife ?

        I’m not sure about the lack of cast off by the sink, but you really think all of the stabbing was done in the shower ? I believe the description of the angles of the stab wounds to the back make it a bit of a stretch – I just don’t see TA going from sitting down to ending up with his back to her in the shower and being stabbed that many times. The only scenario I can think of for him to be stabbed that many times, including such vicious wounds to his back is that he’s got his back to her and is determined to do something other than engaging her. The only thing that comes to mind as a better alternative for him is to try to obtain the gun, after fighting her off in the shower and “body slamming” her. She ended up with very few wounds.

        I arrived at this theory (TA attempting to gain possession of the gun he can see) – because of the lack of her wounds vs. the incredible amount on him – and the blood by the sink. Would you overpower someone who is obviously trying to kill you, push them to the ground with all of your might – in JA’s terms “body slam”. Then turn your back to them and go over to the sink ? To do what ? I think you would continue your counterattack – or try to flee. One or the other. UNLESS there was a really good reason to go to the sink. Which is the gun sitting there.

        What I mean by JA is “conceivably” fighting for her life once TA has momentarily fended her off, gotten up within the shower, exited the shower and overpowered her, is that’s her twisted version of the truth. It helps her lie. She’s reconstructed things in her mind so that the moment he made it out of the shower he could’ve gotten the gun and killed her. Never mind that he already had been stabbed in the heart and at that point it was already a matter of when, not if.

  5. Arias couldn’t be anyone but her homicidal stalker self. Other people mention fantasies of killing ex-lovers etc. that’s natural for all of us, fantasies are just that, fantasies. I think she killed her dog, it didn’t run away.

  6. I for the longest time thought she was guilty. I thought to myself, there’s no way Travis abused her one minute and then was fine the next. And I thought for sure she would report this abuse if it happened. A lot of people might be mad at me, but my thoughts changed a little last night. My boyfriend of 8 years got physical with me and locked me in the bathroom. He had the cord from my blow dryer in his hands and told me he was gonna kill me and that he can get away with it because he works for the government. The look in his eyes was pure evil. It was as if I was looking into a strangers face. I begged him to stop, I was crying. At one point he tried dragging me into the bathtub. He told me “dont think I can’t get away with this and cover it up. This started because he accused me of taking $40 from him, which I didn’t do. After being threatened in the bathroom and pushed into the wall several times I lied and said “fine I’ll give you your money its downstairs.” He opened the bathroom door and I jolted out of there as fast as I could, ran downstairs and opened the front door to try to leave. He was right behind me, slammed the door and my fingers got slammed between the door…3 of them broke. After that he acted like he was sorry and concerned. All I can say is if I had a weapon of some sort, especially after he threatened to kill me in the bathroom, I would have defended myself. I was so terrified I didn’t even believe this was reality. I can see how Arias may not remember what happened during the entire killing, because your mind really does go into something I can’t explain. I didn’t call the cops either, or tell my family because I was too ashamed. I did call a domestic violence hotline because I NEEDED to talk to someone. But I didn’t tell any friends either. I wish I knew how to post pics on here so you guys can see my finger and the bruises around my neck. My point of this is that anyone can snap at any moment. Maybe the way she killed him was a little overboard, but maybe she in fact was in fear of her life. My bf reminds me of Travis a lot…from the tapes I’ve seen of him. And there was always verbal abuse…but it will always lead to physical abuse. I am not strong enough to report this. I want to leave but I am scared he will go after me and find me since he is in law enforcement. Also, law enforcement look out for each other. Another thing he said, nobody will believe you. Jodi should not be set free, because the severity of the crime, but please consider what I have said here. This can happen to anyone of us. And who knows how we will react. Thanks for reading 🙂 I feel better writing this down too.

  7. Lola Marie – Please have the courage to leave your “bf”, Please… Get the help & support from your family & friends.. You Deserve to live with Dignity & Respect..Bless Your Heart.
    “One’s Dignity May be Assaulted, Vandalized & Cruelly Mocked, But Cannot Be Taken Away Unless We Surrender”

  8. Jodi’s biggest problems is her failure to tell the truth. Maybe that’s a product of abuse if it really happened. She makes herself look very guilty with the lies. Maybe it was self defense it’s hard to say. Maybe neither the defense nor prosecution theory is correct.

  9. There is absolutely no excuse for having murdered someone because they used you for sex, the solution to that is, walk away and stay away, until your mind clears up. PERIOD….if you go back you are just as twisted if not more, cause you are doing the going back. No women can claim to be an innocent Cinderella left behind by her prince, so that she killed the prince, kill her toy, pretty childish and selfish I should say. She enjoyed the sex as much as he did. Otherwise why go back, that’s why she did to have her “parts” stimulated so good. She is a sexual maniac as much as he was, perhaps even more cause she traveled all the way back from CA for it. Shoot, and then she plays Snow White, this b…ch is as seek as a human can get.

  10. JA has a plethora of problems, the biggest being the lack of a soul. She is an empty body, with no compassion or empathy of the pain that she caused Travis and his family/friends. She is a pathological liar with entitlement issues. I don’t know of any female friends who haven’t been either mentally, emotionally, physically or sexually abused, as sad to say as it is. I have been abused in my life, it isn’t a pleasant experience.(Thank you God for a loving husband and a patient therapist) But in commiserating with my “girls” about retribution, since my mid teens, violence wasn’t an option for any of us. We did the stupid things like gluing their locks, sending magazines in their names, phone calls, etc. Jessica, you said that you tampered with your ex “bf”s car lines. Very lucky that things didn’t turn out badly. But, one big difference between your action and JA’s was 27 y.o. when she murdered Travis. And she did it face to face after sex. How cold blooded. And she cannot bring herself to apologize to ANYONE. Prob not even her mother for trashing her and treating her so poorly. Her inability to apologize shows how damaged of a person she really is. She is very dangerous, lethal in a pretty package. Jessica, I look forward to reading more of your writings, esp. about missing kids. Good luck!

  11. I don’t believe T A knew J A was coming over.
    I think she watched him until he went to bed.
    When she was sure he was asleep, she put dog fence up so the dog didn’t give her away.
    She took nude pics of her self. She tied him up
    and was sitting there with the gun when he woke up.
    When he woke J A was sitting there with a gun pointing at him. (All the pics looked staged) J A was probably hoping to black mail him.I think she got the knive to cut the rope.
    I don’t think T A willing let her take those pics.
    He just didn’t look like a man who spent the day having sex! In that last pic he looked highly concern.He knew he was in danger.
    If T A did lunge at her , it was to knock the gun
    from her.J A grabbed the knive in a panic.
    First blow to chest.She realize what she did.
    He stumbles to sink trying to see how bad he’s hurt.T A is probably saying “you’ve done it now your going down”
    J A flips out and starts stabbing him in the back.He fights back and try’s to get away.
    He’s going down the hall with her attacking him the whole time.When he collapsed she over him and J A maKes sure he can’t talk. (Slashed throat).
    After she gets him back in the bathroom
    J A shoots him in the face.
    Then try’s to clean up?
    T A probably was not that good with girls.
    Jodie being a sicko couldn’t take all the head games.
    I don’t believe he abused her or any thing she says.
    Her parents are probably relieved she out of their lives.And wonders if she wanted to kill them.She’s like a mad dog thats tasted blood.
    She can never be around people again….

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