The Desensitization of America’s Youth

In the wake of all this Steubenville madness, we are forced to take a look at the little people we are raising and how our actions affect the people they will become.  If I were a parent of one of these kids from Steubenville, I would be appalled that my child could behave that way.  How can teenagers be so uncaring?  How is it that so many kids stood there and watched, much less participated in, the humiliation of another human being, and walked away laughing?  And how can they live with themselves for not reporting this?  Bet, if these were my kids, I’d be kicking their ass all the way to juvie.

The media has in no way made this situation livable for the victim.  Aside from all the camaraderie shown for her rapists, one news outlet went as far as “accidentally” releasing the name of an underaged rape victim.  What is going on in this world?  And, not to take focus off of what this teenager has gone through, but wasn’t one of the major hot button issues around election time women’s rights?  Wasn’t that to make a point that there is no excuse for rape and victims can’t be blamed?  It’s all saddening, but one of my posts about Steubenville’s situation drew my attention to another issue that I hadn’t previously heard about.  (That doesn’t happen to me alot.)  One of my commenters mentioned an incident where an 11-year-old girl was gang-raped by 18 teens and men and the community blamed HER, saying she was promiscuous and asking for it.  SERIOUSLY?  Eleven year olds are not promiscuous, they don’t even have boobs yet.  They claimed that this girl dressed inappropriately and hung around with older boys.  They even went as far as to blame her mother for the 18 men sexually abusing this girl, as if the men had no blame.  True, they are standing trial, but this just as easily could have been covered up.  Much like the incident in Steubenville.  Had Anonymous not made it a national news issue, these boys likely wouldn’t have been held accountable for their actions.  The town would’ve kept the incident under wraps, as to not disrupt the football team’s roll.  Disgusting.

As a mother, I can only hope that I am raising my daughters right.  There is no handbook for parenting and, though the advice comes from all directions, you have to do what you think is best for your kid.  I think it’s most important to model yourself after what you want for your children to become.  Using my little family as an example, I, personally, have some behavior characteristics that are not necessarily admired by all who know me.  Truth be told, I’m often a pain in the ass.  I am bossy and independent (my husband really hates that one!) and I am a control freak (I can thank my mom for that one.)  I also have a propensity for using large words when I speak (curse of being a writer).  As my girls play, I see those are qualities that they share with me.  They both want to be in charge, and as much as it annoys me, they don’t like being told what to do.  This is something that I hope sticks with them, as it will make them exceptional adults.  As for the words… I went to pick up my 5 year old from school last week and walked in on her telling her teacher that something was a hypocrisy.  How’s that for brilliant?  She wants to be a doctor or an astronaut.  She’s even offered us all trips to outer space… lol  And my little bit.  She’s just 4, but she wants to invent a shower that cleans you in seconds without water (think like the sonic shower from The Sims).  So in 20 years, when you step out of yours, remember it may have been one of my little geniuses that invented it.

Things like that give me hope that my girls will not, one day, be Emily Ighnat, from Steubenville Ohio, who publicly threatened a teenage rape victim on Twitter.  I’m also sure they will no be Michael Nodianos, who was videotaped (and put n YouTube, of course) in a 12 minute rant, joking about the victim.  These heartless, unfeeling kids better take a long, hard look at themselves.  The people they are about to become are not of the good variety.  Might leave some other people wanting to kick their asses.

Thanks for viewing my pointless rant on the deterioration of our society’s youth.  Please leave comments, if you so desire.

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  1. Totally understood Jessica! Its a crazy society were living in.I heard today that the liberal femenists say its now ok for a woman to be a stay at home home! WTF? I think it is part of the problem that too many kids are given way too much freedom…and way too much on the internet. Responsible parents need to take away phones!

  2. Jessica, I would be horrified if one of my kids witnessed the rape of Jane Doe and did nothing! My son and his friends broke a window on a farm truck, when the police came, he lied. I told the policeman he was lying and insisted he give his friends names. When we went to court, the DA appreciated he was the only one who told the truth. He was find a 1/4 of the window cost. I said we will pay that, what’s his punishment. The DA asked what I thought, I said 25 hours of community service. I wanted him to learn a lesson and never get arrested again. I had sooo many people tell me I should have never said he lied. Well, he was 15 at the time, he’s almost 23 now. He’s never been in trouble again.

    I was watching Twitter Sunday night, the tweets threatening Jane Doe were disgusting. She was being revictimized. There was a cop guarding her house. She was the VICTIM! Why were these ignorant people angry and her instead of those convicted of raping her? What kind of kids are they raising? It scares me for our future generations. We need every parent to start being active in their children’s lives. This has to stop.

    Thank you for a great piece!

    • A similar thing happened to my sister, concerning some stolen Christmas decorations. My dad drove her around town and apologize, and I believe she had some community service hours as well.

      The way this poor girl is being treated is absolutely appalling. I did see a comment on a blog from the mother of the girl who threatened “homicide” to the victim, apologizing for her daughters’ actions. Maybe instead of constantly apologizing for behavior, people should just refrain from doing things they will need to apologize for. None of this should have ever happened and it’s crazy that these teenagers are so tainted. I, too, am afraid for the the next bunch of kids coming up. It will be a miracle if the human race doesn’t just eradicate itself. There’s too much evil. I’m not a “believer” by any means, but maybe this planet is due for some kind of reset, like the tale of Noah and the Ark.

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