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I hope all of those who have discovered my blog will take a look over to the right…  These Twitter posts are links to the articles I write for Skyword.  Read em, read em, people, as that’s how this mama pays for dance lessons and soccer.  You can also like me on Facebook!  Enjoy folks!  I will continue my coverage of Jodi Arias and her road to the death chamber.

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  1. by looking at those pictures, it’s very difficult to believe that this vicious killer managed to slit his throat to the man she claimed she loved. No matter how bad the person is, you don’t do these horrific crime claiming now that it was in self defense. She has a lot of nerve to come up with this big lie. I don’t agree with the death penalty, I’m a mother, and feel for her parents. However, I also think what if one of my sons God forbid dies in the hands of somebody like this monster. Somebody like her should be put to death in order to have some closure for Travis Alexander’s family. After all they deserve respect in memory of Travis Alexander.

  2. christine townsend

    She needs to be stabbed 27 times,have her throat cut and then shot in the temple. If this doesnt do it electrocution is a great option. Omg how horrible a young life taken by another

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