Writing For Skyword

My one year anniversary as a Skywriter is coming up.  I have really enjoyed writing, as it allows me to express my opinion and I love that I can do it from home where I can hang out with my kids.  Please check out the link below to go directly to a full list of my Gather posts for the last year.  Thanks everyone for sticking with me.


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  1. I must tell you I have lived many decades and seen many things; Ida e never seen anything that horrendous (Travis Alexander pictures). I was so angry yet police would not let me see my son when they found him dead. Now, god bless everyone of those officers that knew so much better than I. God bless Travis’s family they should never have seen those pics. I ached. He was just a boy. My only comfort is I was the victim of a violent crime & weapons: fists(he was a boxer) & knife. I felt nothing other tan when he hooked me out I felt the terror if no berth. I pray Travis felt nothing and the bodies natural “drugs” stopped all pain. Nothing can stop the fear.
    She is an awful person who, if released, would do the gain. Lock her up forever. Throw away the key. The death penalty, no. It is costly & not performed. It is a horror. If you wish to provide a higher level of punishment sentence to life w/ no further human contact & put her in solitary for life. That is truly more punishing & less costly than a never exercised death penalty. Wen did AZ last execute someone? Point made!

  2. this is the number one reason why you have to have the death penalty. For devils just like Jodi.. And even that is not even enough. The family should do what she did to their brother no more no less.. Personally I put her under guillotine. With a brand-new blades.she is the most evilest person I have ever saw or heard from. And I have seen autopsy photos but these there over the top. It’s scary what a human being would do to another human being. crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy God bless Travis family. Always in my prayersssss!!!!!!!

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