Photos From The Travis Alexander Murder Trial: WARNING VERY GRAPHIC!

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES BELOW.  These are seriously not for the faint of heart.  If you don’t want to see them, I would suggest not looking, as they are crucial to the case.  I am trying to follow without emotion about it, just factual information, which I think means looking at all the evidence, even when it’s sad and gross.  Honestly, when they first started showing the autopsy photos, I almost threw up, and then I cried for a long time.  This was his life and she took it.  Regardless of any of the rest of the stuff put out there, JODI ARIAS KILLED TRAVIS ALEXANDER.  That is really the only thing that should be important.

This is the content of my Jodi Arias trial photos folder. Thanks to the camera men in the courtroom, as well as the various social media outlets, who showed the photos I may have missed.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 7.02.57 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 7.02.45 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 7.02.30 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.23.00 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.22.53 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.22.42 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.22.34 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.22.27 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.22.18 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.22.11 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.26.13 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.21.47 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.21.53 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.22.02 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.26.08 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.26.03 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.25.57 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.25.47 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.25.40 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.25.05 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.25.10 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.25.16 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.25.22 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.25.27 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.25.34 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.25.00 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.24.55 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.24.50 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.24.44 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.24.39 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.24.34 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.24.05 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.24.16 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.24.21 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.24.27 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.23.51 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.23.25 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 10.25.49 AM

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 1.57.57 AM

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 9.42.14 AM

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 9.42.34 AM

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 7.39.13 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 7.52.24 AM

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 7.44.35 AM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 12.35.32 AM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 7.39.03 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 7.38.48 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 3.07.46 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 4.17.49 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 5.46.08 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 3.07.21 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 3.07.07 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 3.05.28 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 3.05.06 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 3.04.40 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 3.03.27 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 2.56.48 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 2.57.01 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 2.59.47 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 3.00.48 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 3.01.20 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 3.01.29 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 2.55.45 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 2.55.08 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 2.54.50 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 11.52.29 PM

The following pictures are new, as they were just posted on GoreGrish.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.48.22 PM

Look at this.  Look what she did to him.  That doesn't even look like the same person.  It doesn't matter what he did, he didn't deserve this.

Look at this. Look what she did to him. That doesn’t even look like the same person. It doesn’t matter what he did, he didn’t deserve this.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.49.07 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.49.25 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.49.37 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.49.48 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.50.13 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.50.25 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.50.40 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.50.51 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.51.04 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.51.16 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.51.25 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.51.36 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.52.04 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.52.12 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.52.22 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.52.31 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.52.41 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.52.49 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.52.58 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.53.07 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.53.16 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 9.19.20 PM

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  1. How any human could do this to Travis Alexander is beyond my comprehension. Jodi Arias cannot be allowed to live among other humans…May God Bless Travis forever!!

    • People like us will never understand! God Bless his family and thank God he’s in a safe place now! tears to my eyes!

      • God i watch this tramp in court trying to act like she is a victum god you must be kidding not a scratch on her she planned this because he was seeing other people so out of jealousy she did this you should have stop sleeping with it . my god she is a socialpath bipolar you can see it she needs the death penality end of story travis should not be put down any more even after death this is not right for him or his family it will make me keep close eyes on who my sons are seeing she is in hell and will suffer after all is done
        poor travis god bless you forever

      • I know very sad!! How can anyone do this regardless of anything and specially someone that was special to you at some point…

    • Amen, she is not a human she is a Devil

  2. I knew that Travis had suffered Greatly! You truly cannot grasp the depth of the horror inflicted upon this poor man, words give only a description…photos make it personal,you feel his suffering!
    If a man did this to a woman, he would no doubt get the maximum/ultimate sentence allowed under the law. This woman takes no responsibility and shows no remorse, I vote to convict her of 1st degree pre-meditated murder with the sentence of death!

    • Dear Donna, I agree 100%. I just came across all the crime photos and it breaks my heart. My sister was killed by her boyfriend, the only comfort is that she did not suffer, the way Travis did. Their is a site where people can donate any amount to help Travis; family. It is through Pay Pal and Face Book, his entire family has been off of work to be at the trial every day. I donated recently, every little bit helps to elevate any additional stress on them. Have a blessed day. And lets pray God has his hands in the outcome of this trial and brings “JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS”!!!

    • so very true donna wells very well put she should be put to death without being put to sleep,she should feel what travis felt that very day!!!

    • Sharon LaFlair

      she should get the death penalty she deserves to die, only her death will not even come close to the torture that travis suffered during his death/murder… RIP travis

    • Shajuana Col

      The Death penalty would be a easy way out for her she needs to suffer everyday of her life like she made him suffer!She should be reminded of her crime Everytime she closes her eyes at night in her cell…Rest Now Travis

  3. I believe Jodi is innocent by reason of self defense.I hope she gets found not guilty.I don’t feel bad for Travis at all.He was an abuser.I want to see Jodi get out of jail so she can enjoy her life.Even though she killed him in self defense I know she is heart broken over having to do what she did.I can see that when she cries in the courtroom. My hope is she can put this behind her and move on because she desreves to have a great life like everyone else.

      • Yeah,maybe you need to take a long hard look at the photos of this poor soul! If you are crazy enough to believe 29 stabs,almost decapitating him, then shooting a human being in the head is self defence sir, than you deserve to date this monster!

      • Roger, you obviously have mental issues like Jodi! You must also be a sociopath! Wow! You should share a cell with Jodi and I suggest you sleep with one eye open! Unbelievable!!!!

      • Jess an idiot like this guy does not deserve and response. He among many other people like to stir the pot. This in of itself has disturbing dysfuntionality to it. Just picture them on their probably desk top PC’s sitting in a broken down old chair left from the people before typing away on their wired keyboard laughing to themselves while they feel the adrenylene rush spurts in there body while they fantasize your reaction. Then they probably jerk off, take a nap and do it all over again.

      • Anyone who finds Arias innocent is just inconceivable to me.Trial will soon be over and she will be sent to Hell. Rest in peace dear Travis.

      • Deborah Russell

        Roger Sallee. have U been watching & viewing all of the evidence thus far? Im sorry & everyone deserves an opinion. but, my lord, Roger U cant be as educated & informed on this case as most of those replying! What the hell is wrong with U? Do U somehow relate to Jodi Arias? Believe me, what U R saying makes no sense at all! Take a step back, gather all evidence & testimony (from witnesses & Jodi herself , , , ie. interagtion tapes)! Then, state ur opinion; im giving U the benefit of the doubt BCuz U sound absolutely as psychotic as Jodi. Do ur homework & then get back to us!!!! SHE IS GUILY OF 1st DEGREE MURDER & I HOPE SHE GETS THE DEATH PENALTY! There is NOOO excuse for what she did!!!

      • So very happy with the correct verdict!! Roger is a clown. If this guy is serious, he’s not only not in touch with reality, he just wants to get his hands on her nice implants.

      • He said it for shock value. That is the kind of society one gets when God is removed from our presence. At least she is in prison and they did not buy the self defence theory.

    • You have got to be kidding! If she was defending herself, then where her bruises? And why did she stab him in the back? She’s sick in the head! Have you ever seen a real case of self defense? It DOES NOT look like this! She slaughtered him!

      • Funny that’s coming from a man! She never ever stated any abuse previous to all this and no pictures OF THAT now is there? Nothing to report in her diary. He was so abusive she had tapes of his abusive voice. NOT!!! His pics? he couldn’t look more scared in shower! When giving her testimony she never said when explaining him supposively coming at her that he hit her. All she said was he body slammed her! um, in that bathroom? He got out all wet and body slammed her? Well shit she sure was a tough B$#ch to be able to do all she did if he was abusing her. She was SO SCARED she drove TO HIM, Filled up that tanks to make sure she got there to that abusive man!!! She was so innocent she called NO ONE and threw the gun in the desert!
        Curri, the ones who think she’s innocent are just as dumb as she is! Yes, she slaughtered poor Travis. Those pics brought me to tears what he went through! God Bless!!!

      • @ RogerWTF! did you see the pics? Look what she did to him! innocent my Ass! She was a booty call & continued to have sex with him! She came to him! If he was such an abuser then she would have not drove there & have sex yet again with him!!! Lord help you! No one deserves to be slaughtered while you are naked in the shower! He didn’t deserve to be stabbed 29 times, she did not deserve to get his frickin neck cut from ear to ear. & shot in the head! Look at the evidence… She is a flicking liar! Unbelieveable for you to post some BS after seeing these pics! I am Truly Sick!

    • Roger go read all the proven facts at Wikepedia and then see if you still feel the same. I pray to my Lord that there are none on the jury with your warped way of thinking.

      • Proven facts on Wikipedia? Oh god, don’t ruin everyone else’s credibility!

      • lol too funny! This is in reference to the Wiki comment. Any student knows that Wikipedia is not a credible source for information.

      • Roger I’m on your side she was taken advantage of.keep your head up food.God Bless you !these Prople don’t realize The Lord has prevailed!!!!!!!

      • wikepedia says it all. You cannot read or write. And anyone with a brain doesn’t use wikepedia as a research tool. Go back and retake the 6th grade. Internet Troll

    • Tell me you have got to be kidding me, this the most disturbed thing I have heard in a long time, if there was any proof at all to back up what she is saying than I would consider it maybe self defense. The pictures prove it was a massacre, not self defense

      • You know who she looks like when she does her fake cry- with her hand up to her face as she looks up to see if people react- she gives me the creepys-she looks like linda blair in the exorcist, in the seen where she is laughing after she kills the preist- look it up- creepy jodi!!!

    • Roger: Are you CRAZY?????? You must not be a very intellectual person. Are you on medication?

    • lorraine kennedy

      You are a clown and I dont believe you are serious. Please dont even give clown the attention
      He is so desperately seeking. No one could look at those photos and say that…

      • Boo yeah HLN ,you made jokes about Jodi each and every day and yes The Lord does prevail,You all made fun and laughed and laughed the jokes on you. Something happened that day she was abused I feel horrible for travis what happened to him he didn’t deserve what happened to him but I believe he did something to provoke her,I know someone this happened to and she never called police and she should have documented this,but I do believe he abused her sexually ,mentally and pushed her around granted he didn’t deserve this but he should have not taken advantage of her .does anyone believe in God now a days the Devil lurks and no Nancy Jodi isn’t the Devil beware be ready for the day your son grows up be ready to be his attorney he will need you possibly your daughter maybe Vinmie Politans child be ready to defend them the Illuminati speaks through all of you that treat Jodi like shit

      • All these women leaving messages are ignoranant or have never suffered any type of neglect,or abuse well you ignorant women I have and everybody has said said why did she not report it well II never did did because I knew I would return because I knew I loved him.Thanks go God I did resort to what she did someone was watching over I believe you Jodi,I’m sorry Alexander family some of us are out here!

    • Rosalie Sizemore

      You have no evidence as to Travis being an abuser. You must be a friend or family member. An abused woman does not set her self up for action that Jodi has and did for months after getting away! Jodi Does NOT deserve to have a life like everyone else! SHE is a cold blooded killer! If she was an abused woman- she also would not have went on a rampage to kill…. I pray she gets life in prison, with no parole, and in place of her drawings, Travis’s crime scene photos are placed in protected covers, and placed on the top of the ceiling, and the top area of the walls, for her to look at every day and night of her life!

      • I totally agree. Let her look at the damage she caused day in and day out forever.

      • bevviehedstrom

        “Travis’s crime scene photos are placed in protected covers, and placed on the top of the ceiling, and the top area of the walls, for her to look at every day and night.”

        Didn’t you watch the interrogation tapes? Jodi asked the detective to let her see the photos of Travis, but he refused. Jodi is a psychopath, and psychopaths don’t feel remorse. Killers take souvenirs of the victims, so they can relieve their crimes. Jodi would love nothing more than laminated photos of Travis’ mortally wounded body in her face 24/7.

      • I wondered about that myself, if that would be a bad idea, like she would enjoy it.

      • bevviehedstrom

        Hi, Jessica — I don’t know how to post this pic in the comment section of your blog, so I’m emailing it to you. This is a photo of Jodi reacting to the Prosecutor calling her a stalker. Look at those eyes. She. Is. Pissed. You know, Jodi has never admitted to feeling any jealousy over Travis at all. It’s absurd, really. Also, is it me, or does her defense attorney look scared?

        Sorry the picture is so huge. :/


        Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 22:00:26 +0000 To:

      • I can’t see the picture, but I can only imagine.

        On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 5:17 PM, From Jessica's Mind… wrote:

        > > New comment on your post “Photos From The Travis Alexander Murder Trial: > WARNING VERY GRAPHIC!” > Author : bevviehedstrom (IP: , > E-mail : > URL : > Whois : > Comment: > Hi, Jessica — I don’t know how to post this pic in the comment section > of your blog, so I’m emailing it to you. This is a photo of Jodi reacting > to the Prosecutor calling her a stalker. Look at those eyes. She. Is. > Pissed. You know, Jodi has never admitted to feeling any jealousy over > Travis at all. It’s absurd, really. Also, is it me, or does her defense > attorney look scared? > > Sorry the picture is so huge. :/ > > Bevvie >

      • bevviehedstrom

        Also, here’s a link:

        Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 22:20:15 +0000 To:

      • I agree put the dead body pictures on the ceiling , poor guy

      • What I meant to say say is there are women out here that don’t deserve to be treated like No I’m not a relative of Jodi’s I have been treated like shitwas .Have you ever heard of fatal attractions or someone one having mental problems.well haleluah

    • I hope law officials in your region read this and take you off the streets. You are very dangerous and should be kept away from sane people.

    • You’re SICK!

    • Not a possibility she is going to walk except to prison for the rest of her miserable, fraudulent life. Thank God I never met the disgusting murderer

    • She had clothes on when she was taking photos and killing him – she could have run out of his house and left him to live his life. She slashed his tires twice, she slashed the tires of someone he was dating – they had broken up and she was stalking him – his bank account, internet site, etc. She is and always will be a miserable whore who preys on men because she is white trash

    • dude…you are delusional…have you been follwing this trial?…or are you just convinced without watching the trial???…you are one of 3 that believe she did this in self defense…use you common sense, meaning…..self defense has nothing to do with slitting the throat from ear to ear…nor stabbing 29 times..let alone the gunshot…that is a personal killing, not SELF DEFENSE…..ANYONE KNOWS THERE WAS NOT ANY M\KIND OF SELF DEFENSE WHAT SO EVER AT ANY TIME…..DUDE, THINK ABOUT IT…OK?

    • Roger, Roger, Roger… Jodi also cried when she was telling her ninja story to Det. Flores. She wept tears, Roger, and those tears were a calculated lie meant to gain his sympathy and meant to convince him the lie was the truth.

      Since we know it is a fact THOSE tears were neither genuine fear nor grief, how can we believe the tears she cries on the stand? Those ones, as well, are only for herself. She has a new lover in jail and she is now killing Travis’ reputation so people will believe he deserved to die.

    • Jodi deserves the very same mutalating death as Travis suffered through and You my sick sick friend don’t deserve to breath the precious air of this earth !!

    • I wonder if when she was stabbing him in the back, not facing him, how he was able to attack her? What in your opinion is to much? She has been caught in lie after lie, the evidence doesn’t support Jodi’s version of events whatsoever. Very interesting that a person can literally slaughter another human being like this, yet you think she should be living a great life. I wonder if she was unattractive, if you would feel the same way. What she did was pre-mediate a murder and then carry it out. She was poison to Travis, she is pure evil.

    • If Travis was an abuser, why was his genitalia left unscathed? Why are there no pictures of all the supposed “abuse” she suffered (since she appeared to document everything on her phone)? She is a psychopath. Jody Arias is a frightening woman who did not take rejection well. If she couldn’t have Travis, then no one could. As someone said, the only thing missing is the boiling bunny.

    • Well Mr. Sallee , you are the truly amusing ! And i thought there is no sense of humour here ! You know you are right , she must break free from all this trial, you two should meet up , maybe even date ! And then she will kill your ass ! If you truly believe in her innocence , then go ahead visit her , feel sorry for that bitch murderer , and please let us know how it went , that is if she doesn’t kill your ass first ( and yes she will plan it even behind the bars ) Good luck man…really .

    • Roger…I;m sure she (JA) would be LOVE to be your girlfriend!

    • You are stupid….even if he did use her for sex….she obviously enjoyed it and she testified that she did….really she should be allowed to get away with this gruesome murder….she deserves the death penalty and when you have had someone in your family murdered by being stabbed to death then you tell me what you really think because I have and may she burn in hell with the 4 gang members that murdered my Daddy.


      @ Roger Sallee, you must be one of Jodi’s sick followers like Bryan Carr. Your lack of intelligence speaks volumes. Even Manson and Bundy had their sicko followers. Jodi is the pure definition of EVIL, and she will get what she deserves which is death. What goes around comes around. Maybe you can visit her on death row.

    • Omg. You are just as sick as that crazy bitch. Ya where are her gaping neck wounds??? He never touched that crazy stalking bitch!!!! Never. That crazy hoe couldnt even think of a better lie other then she dropped the camera? So u mean to tell me out of no where just cuz she drops it he body slams her? And trys to kill her? Bull. That never happened. She killed him cuz shes a crazy evil bitch!!! Period. No other reason. Lets remember who is dead and in a grave? He is the one who was hurt!!! Not that heartless crazy bitch. Oh and she takes .o responsibly for what she did. I only hope she gets hurt bad in jail. Evil bitch.

      • Ya, that would be after dropping the camera and inch he being in the shower and all wet that he’s gonna just step up and out of the shower and body slam her he would have had to fly and then land as to not slip on the floor with his wet feet then bend down, pick her up and body slam her …On the 7th or 8th is when he was found dead, so no bruises, no marks of any kind were noted, not to mention if he body slammed her and by her testimony the wind wind was knocked out of her…If anyone has a question about the wind being knocked out of a person, there is a TV show on MTV called Ridiculousness. yes it’s a entertaining show but it also shows people who do stupid things and get the wind knocked out of them, you are not able to get right up to defend yourself…It never happened, once and for all, she is a cold blooded killer…

    • you are a idiot, her story does not add up or do they fit the time line and crime scene photos. this was done by a obsessive, controlling and pure rage because he was moving on with a new women, and not taking her to Cancun.

    • You know what’s sad? Lonely, pathetic cyber trolls who are so desperate for attention, they make shock-posts like yours, “Roger” in an effort to inflame strangers on the internet. This was obviously premeditated murder in the first degree and this jury will get it right. You can tell by the questions they’re asking. Jodi will get exactly what she deserves… and I’m very relieved. My only hope if she DOES get away with murder, Roger, is that she relocates next door to YOU. And falls into a deeply psychotic fixation which ultimately ends in your grisly demise. Then when your disgusting autopsy pictures are on the internet, people can laugh and make jokes and silly comments about YOUR death. Sound good, cupcake? Fantastic.

      What I do not understand, if Jodi is so suicidal, why is she going through this charade of a trial to save her life? Twisted whore, I can’t wait to see her sentenced to death.

    • You gotta be joking right!?!

    • How can you say u dont feel sorry for Travis! Are you not watching the court case,his first wound was a stab wound to the chest according to the experts not what Jodi testified to.The expert said his first stab wound he was in a sitting position.Lets just Travis was abusive to Jodi,,she still pre meditated because he wasnt abusive the day she killed him..The only person that said Travis was abusive is Jodi. Did you not here Travis friend that said once Travis had a lot of out of town guest in his home for a conference the next day Jodi called to come over he told her that his house was full with no place for her to sleep,this was only 3 months after she met Travis. In less than 45 minutes Jodi showed up un announced and slept under Travis Christmas Tree? Really? Did you hear her say to the detective she wanted to marry Travis,have his children and she was up set about him going on the Cancun trip,but yet lied in court and said she wasnt jealous? What case are you watching? Or are you taken in by her soft voice or her naked pictures???

    • Fake fuckin tears in court you Idiot ?

    • Roger you need to wake up and get in the real world. The next thing you will believe is it was an accident and Travis ran into the knife 29 times 9 times backwards after he slit his own you really want people to think you are so stupid.Maybe you are then we should feel sorry for you and the people who are involved with you..If Jodi doesn’t get the death penalty she of her life in solitary confindment!!!lu

    • That bitch is crazy. self defense my ass. Its called crazy bitch syndrome. she lied so many freaking times. that poor guy tried to move on with his life because he knew she was dangerous. i hope she gets sentenced to death. she has no recourse for her grisly murder. she enjoyed the sex cuz if she didn’t she wouldn’t have still been stalking him. Its like calling rape when you were fully compliant. she is a disgrace to women. When it truly is self defense ja has made it to be like the boy who cried wolf. I feel horrible for his family. because of that bitch they have to mourn his death and they are being put through torture from all of the aftermath of his murder. i believe in an eye fir an eye

    • You should date her then Roger and maybe we’ll see your slashed and destroyed body in her next trial. Will you want her convicted then? Will you want her to get her the needle? Hell yes you will.

    • lol freaking retard. Hope you get the same treatment you sicko.

    • Wow…you are one of a handful of people that feel this way…she is guilty…she admits to it..and lets hope that there isnt someone like you on the jury. WOW

    • okay this the first time ive looked at these pics thereis no way this is self defense

    • Roger, you knew Travis? How can you justify overkill or killing another person at all? Jodi wasn’t abused by Travis, she doesn’t have signs of a battered woman, she is arrogant & over confident. Maybe while you’re at it, look up Casey Anthony & all 3 of you can compare notes on “how to murder someone, anyone, & get away with it.”

    • Roger—Let me guess….you were a special ed kid? Im not sure how that translates to an adult. Obviously very limited cognitive function coming from your brain.

      • Really your going to make fun of kids in special Ed?..your as fucked up as Jodi arias!! Rodger is an idiot but I am very offended that you compare him to a special Ed kid! My son has Down syndrome but that doesn’t make him an idiot without compassion! Jodi is a lying murderer and I pray she gets death but please don’t compare someone who believes her bs as being someone who was in special Ed!!
        My name is Jodi too so does that make me a murderer? Use your head before you speak!

    • Roger, you’re not right in the head, stop thinking with your privates and recognize evil when you see it, God bless u too because you’re gonna need it, believing 100 lies, she’s worse than a drug addict if her lips are moving she’s lying, what’s wrong with you>???

    • She introduced Travis to ky..she loves anal!!! She was not sexually or mentally abused. If she was she would not have went there after she got away from it…oh let me drive out of my way to another state and have ass sex before I drive up to see my new man.

    • Well write her and visit her in jail…accept her phone calls so she can sing oh holy night to you at christmas. Send her money….cause she loves a dick..especially in her ass. TRAVIS WAS THE ABUSED not jodi

    • You sound just as STUPID as Jodi!!!! I hope she burn in HELL!!!! There’s no doubt that she MURDERED Travis in cold-blood, because she’s a nasty SLUT & all he wanted from her was a piece of ASS (literally). People like u should never sit on a jury!!!!!

    • your just as crazy as she is. What a horrible person you must be to think that this was okay. How in the world does this look like self defense to you? I just cant believe your that gullible.God help you

      • omg this guy truly is a crackpot himself if he thinks that this whack job is innocent and I dare him disrespecting poor Travis who was doomed from the first second that he met this lady butcherer sounds like this guy that hopes she gets out of this well god forgive me I hope she rots in hell but if there ever is a chance that she gets out well hopefully you and her can hook up and maybe she will let you have the same fate that she gave to a beautiful kind and loving caring man named Travis Alexander who is loved and missed world wide..

    • Your one sick puppy Roger, If by some small chance that bitch gets out, I hope you meet up with her and face what Travis did. I pray you feel the sting of the blade. as for Hodi the 3 hole wonder she deserves death by any means, i would love to see her get the needle but that is too damn good for her, what she needs is to be taken out back and stabbed 28 times have her throat slit from ear to ear and then shot in the head and left at the side of the road like the garbage she is.

    • you must be kidding or trying to get a reaction or just dont know a dam thing really

    • You deserve to rot in hell with Jodi!


      • How can anyone defend this monster and say she’s a “victim”???!!! I’m wondering if its because they have the MURDER personality/mentality???? People like her are sick!!

      • bevviehedstrom


        TRAVIS’ BLOG: “I’m a [sic] owner of clothing company (CAFGSS) that promotes modesty amongst the ladies.”

        Well, except for when we’re having “marathon sex for hours”, “I’m working that bootie” and ” tossing her salad for 45 minutes solid”, “my d*** is all the way up her a**”, “we’re making legitimate porn”, I’m not “wacking off at least 2-3 times a day”, “I’m raping her”, “I’m giving her a cream pie”, etc. You know what I mean! Word, homies! Did I mention I also enjoy jamming a Tootsie Pop up my ex-girlfriend’s sn**** and then eating it? Cause I totally do. But only after she bl**s me with a mouth full of Pop Rocks.

        P.S. God is my Savior, I am single and a virgin, yada, yada, yada.

    • I don’t believe your comments are genuinely sincere. My better judgement tells me is that you’re probably somewhere in your teens or 20’s and just having fun getting everyone’s goat. It’s either that or you’re somewhat gullible.

      • bevviehedstrom

        Nope. Grown, educated woman here. I was like you, Teresa Smith; I absolutely could not fathom that Jodi Arias was not 100% guilty of 1st degree murder. I listened to her testimony, and I was angry at her continued lying. I still believe she is lying, btw. I don’t believe one word she has said, and neither should you. The prosecution and the media don’t believe Jodi either, and Alyce LaViolette has been vilified for basing her conclusions on a known pathological liar.

        Jodi is a pathological liar … until what she says fits into the prosecution’s ridiculous theories. “Alice LaVoilette takes the word of a LIAR!” “Jodi is GUILTY; she SAID SHE DID IT”.

        You don’t see a problem?

      • I’m a little confused; that is to say that my comments were in response to Roger Sallee’s comments. With all due respect, not yours.

    • Roger, people that think like you do, are what scare me in this world! Your thinking is what allows “crazy people” to walk freely in the world and kill again. My sister was killed by her boyfriend, and until it happens to “YOU PERSONALLY” you may never get it. Jodi Arias deserves the death penalty, and if the jurors do not convict her of it, they have not listened to the evidence and they have not done their job.

    • you are pretty twisted, seek medical help ASAP

    • Roger you are pathetic!!!! How can you come on here and say something so heartless.. Are you Jodi’s BFF???

    • “Roger” is Casey Anthony. For reals…..

    • @Roger, You believe Jodi is innocent of self defense? Let me ask you, what KNIFE WOUND was Self Defense? Was it the 1st one, 2nd one, 3rd one, 4th one, 5th one, 6th one, 7th one, 8th one, 9th one, 10th one, 11th 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, or was it the 21st one, 22nd one, 23rd one, 24th one, maybe the 25th one, or the 26th one, or the 27th one, or the 28th one, how about the 29th one, or better yeat was it the Slicing of his throat from ear to ear, caped of with a gun shot bullet to the head with a stolen 22 caliber gun stolen from her own grandmothers house. Not to mention leing about the murder told 3 different stories, 2 before being charged by the grand jury, and other after, then the 48HR show because she then wanted to be famous. So I guess you would have to problem with having a relationship with this murder, as you know once a murder she won’t have any problems with committing murder again, Narcissistic Sociopaths have no reasoning abilities to control themselves when they get angry, so she could strike out committing murder again and again and again. All men should be very very afraid of this woman, or gay woman are at risk, you can see what she is capable of doing in the event she is found guilty of anything below 1st degree murder and could be out by the time she is 45-47 yrs of age, which I don’t believe will happen as the jury has seen all of photos and autopsy photos, and I believe the jury will call this over kill, and that’s if they for even a moment think it could be self defense! So Roger, she was just involved in the sex as he was and the majority of us believe she is the one who used sex to attempt to make him want to stay with her, and I believe any man would start calling her names or get very upset when she keeps hacking his Social Network pages, keeps coming around, gets into his house through the doggy door, spies on him through his windows, and slices Travis’s tires multipal times, slices the new GF’s tires, and can’t keep her lies straight…No Roger she does not have the right to a GREAT LIFE, and those so called Tears were never actually seen until Wednesday April 24th 2013, and those were for herself not for Travis, she has never even said I’m sorry…Anyone who slaughtered another human being the way she did deserves the Death Penalty, or at the very least Life, so lets get it straight!!!

      • Jodi is calculatiing and really believes she is going to get aquitted.She is a sick girl,not mentally sick,sick in a form of when she cant have her way she becomes violent.Im not going spend much time on this lying bitch,I say find her guilty of first degree murder,put the needle in her arm and not waste the tax payers money keeping her on death row for the next 20 yeears.Do it the next day after finding her guilty so the family can move on with their lives.

    • Self defense means you harm them enough to get your ass out of there and call the police. You get the police there ASAP, tell your story truthfully, cooperate, get yourself to the hosp for examination, followup in with court proceedings ect…Anything you can do to put that person behind bars.

      Lets take a look at what “Stabby Pencil Einstein” did. The human waste of skin traveled with a loaded gun and knife, borrowed 2, bought one 5 gallon gas cans to avoid filling up in Arizona. Traveled with 15 gallons of gas in cans in the trunk of her requested WHITE RENTAL car. Intentionally filled up with gas in Californa (she told the jury her intention was to get gas in Nevada b/c it’s cheaper but never when thru Nevada on the way to AZ.) It’s to bad her secret drive to AZ wasn’t in the daytime; also premeditated. I think the AZ June heat would have ingnited the 15 gallons of gas into an inferno during the day. She lied (surprised?) to the rental place as to the reason for the rental (she said she had errands to run “in the area”). and instead put over 2800+ miles on the car. DYED her hair to Brown in on the second day of trip.

      I’m sure I’m missing things but got to TA’s house, suggested photos in the shower, murdered him, cleaned up, but comforter & his clothes she used to wipe up blood and the camera in the washer. The comforter b/c they had sex on it. Washed off his dead body in the shower ( only soul less person could do that. I bet she even talked to his dead body saying, “See what you made me do.” To see him lying there are crumpled up and run water over his dead body & the 27 or 29 wounds SHE inflicted on him in NOT SELF DEFENSE. Proceeds to throw water on the floor. Is careful not to track blood into the bedroom. She most likely rinsed her feet over him in the shower wrapped them in towels to walk out of the bathroom into the bedroom to avoid leaving ANY traces of blood thru out the house. And leaves and LOCKS HIS BEDROOM door.

      Drives forever and NEVER calls for police or help. Yeah…you’re right Roger it definitely is “self-defense” how stupid of me to any other way. Thanks for helping me see the light. You should contact the prosecutors office and give them your version of events and set them straight as well.

      • Malinda W Jennings

        @ Anne-Marie
        one thing you’ve stated stands out in my mind, if only those 15 gallons of gasoline would have exploded in that white rental car, the Sarvey & Alexander families would still have Travis Victor Alexander and his grandmother would still be alive.
        Then she would be just a sorry, sick, forgotten, trashy, tacky mishap of wasted oxygen!

    • It’s obvious that Jodi is a Sociopathic Murderer, but this Clown named Roger is a Moron, Imbecile Jerk, and should be put away with Jodi so that they can live and die together.

    • i concerned about you. just looking at these pictures tell the story of how seriously wicked she is. if you beleive otherwise perhaps you should share a cell with her for a day. you would be lucky to last that long. turn your back onher and you would eventually get the same. how could you ever come to such a conclusion?

    • Roger, dude, totally agree with you….wait… She didn’t have any defensive wounds? And what’s that… He was stabbed 29 times?! And shot?! His throat slit like cattle? And left for dead? Oh bro I’m sorry to have to tell you this but I think your girlfriend is guilty. I hope to god, if she gets a non guilty verdict that I see pictures of your mutilated and slashd up body all over the Internet. When she’s about to slash your throat like the cattle you are, maybe you’ll reconsider. Fuck you, you make me sick to my stomach.

    • You have got to be insane. That is not self defense. That is cold blooded murder and that bitch needs to be put to death for it in the most brutal, painful way possible.

    • I don’t believe that it was self defense. I believe it was a crime of passion, her jealousy or rage. What’s weird to me is that he was “so scared of her” they had mutual sex that night and he took a shower with her taking pictures, and didn’t kick her out as soon as she came over? I believe they had mutual sex and he said or did something to piss her off and she decided enough was enough. I don’t think either of them were angels and I don’t agree with people making him out to be that way either. He did live a double life, telling girls he was a “pure virgin Mormon,” when he wasn’t. Having sex with girl after girl after girl, one after another very quickly, pretending to be someone pure and innocent when he wasn’t and I do believe he was a sex addict. He didn’t deserve to die though. So, jail for life for Jodi.

    • Ur serious aren’t u? I don’t believe for a second he abused her. He used her like a sex toy because that’s what she wanted. They were both using each other and he got bored. Being used as how you portray yourself is not worth murder. She is a dangerous person and should be locked away for life. Hopefully that infection that was festering in her red bag has cleared up by now. I know the elasticity of her over used a hole is still loose. Gross.

    • You need alot of help if you truly believe Jodi and her cast of lies. She is a cold blooded murderer and has no remorse. She obviously has scammed you just like she is trying to do with the jury.No-one deserves this – no matter what…. Everyone gets dumped and used throughout life but this does not justify slaughtering another human being. Thou shall not kill PERIOD…..

    • The photos speak for themselves. I hope she receives the death penality QUICKLY!

    • I vote not guilty because of justified self-defense for the physical and repeated sexual and mental abuse. If not not guilty – then a manslaughter conviction is appropriate. My first decision remains not guilty/self defense.

      • Look, Roger’s back!

      • Monica Rossy

        Jessica, that’s what I said, Roger? Yep, he’s back, same language, same idealogoy, same lunacy.

      • You’re nuts Yvonne. I am bipolar & also have borderline personality disorder. I have been mentally & verbally abused in my marriage for 22 yrs. That doesn’t make me or give me the excuse to kill my abuser.
        She made the choice to go there. It wasn’t like they were living together and she had nowhere else to go. She made that choice, she collected all the items before she went there with the intent to kill him.
        I think she was hoping after they had their sexual encounter that she could change his mind about going on the vacation with the other girl, but when she saw that she couldn’t, and she realized that she was never going to be permanently in his life, she ended his life.

      • Yvonne u sound like a damn fool right along with Roger. I hope they kill the sluty whore and if she goes to prison I hope she gets done to her what she did to Travis. An eye for an eye Jodi!!!

    • What you must be insane jodi murdered travis on purpose she was jealous of him travis was not abuiser i am on Travis side i hope he gets justice what if that was your brother and you knew she did that to him how would you feel he did not deserve that

    • Roger you need your head examined BIG TIME !

    • Marcie brown

      Roger you obviously think with your Dick

    • Well, Roger Sallee or Sallee Roger whatever your first or last names are, you can count on a few things: (1) you’re in denial!; (2) you SHALL NOT see her get out of jail (at least alive); (3) she WAS NOT found innocent; and (4) she SHALL CERTAINLY move on, either to the next cell, next life, etc.!! Whatever this guy did, she put herself in that predicament and then she wanted retribution. Yeah, okay… SHE SHALL NOT GET HER WAY AND SADLY ENOUGH AND WHAT MAKES IT REALLY, REALLY SAD IS THAT SHE HAS NOT REMORSE; NONE WHATSOEVER!!!

    • Obviously this is sarcasm, you guys, come onnnn…

    • Roger, your one of Jodi’s stupid ignorant follower. Travis was never a pefophile and not an abuser . Jodi is the abuser . She abused Travis when she killed him , you truly pathetic and easy very easy to manipulate , be thankful you didn’t meet the same fate as poor Travis . We know for a fact that he is not any of those things that Jodi obviously lied through her teeth.

    • Roger, your one of Jodi’s stupid ignorant follower. Travis was never a pefophile and not an abuser . Jodi is the abuser . She abused Travis when she killed him , you truly pathetic and easy very easy to manipulate , be thankful you didn’t meet the same fate as poor Travis . We know for a fact that he is not any of those things that Jodi obviously lied through her teeth. Justice was served Amen!jodi is now facing death

    • @ Roger:

      So, you were there then? Are you Jodi’s Siamese twin and witness all this so called “abuse”??!!. Hmmm, I call bull$***! You don’t know what went on behind closed doors. I was a domestic violence abuse, I am very familiar with classic traits of someone who’s been abused…she just didn’t have it. She’s tried every excuse under the sun and figured that this would be her last resort, the one that would get her off. By now you’ve seen that she’s been convicted and I personally celebrate it. Horrible tragedy for the family of Travis Alexander. If you find yourself in an abusive situation, find your feet and get the F out! Those who stir the sh!t pot should have to lick the spoon!

      • I wouldnt even waste words reponding directly to the idiot named “Roger” who thinks Jodi is innocent, We all know he has been weakened by her fake tears and he has been manipulated. He probably saw the photographs of her naked parts and got turned on not knowing she would do the same thing to his stupid ass when she couldnt have her way. with him..So since he thinks shes innocent maybe while she is on death row he can become her pen pal or maybe visit her while doing life and hopefully she finds aways to manipulate the guards into not searching her on his visit day with her and maybe she will slit his throat then cry self defense!! “STUPID”!!!

    • Ha ha mr. Roger looks as if this murdering whore will go see satan sooner than what she wanted. Maybe she could have one last kill if you go see her. Sounds like that’s what you deserve. Self defense, your a f idiot.

    • you sir a as much as a sociopath as Jodi to actually believe that this is self defense. Do you not see the self defense wounds on Travis hands that cut through the tendon! She has shown no remorse at all. She planned to go their and slaughter him due to the evidence. Thank God idiots like you arent on the jury! So glad she was convicted of 1st degree murder. She had two knives in a new rental car and another gun she had purchased when she was arrested. She would have killed again!

    • You are a fuckin freak Roger Sallee

    • elodie denoble

      Roger, I agree with you, and it seems we are the minority. They tried to portray that horses ass like he was some kind of golden boy, but he was a womanizing abuser. I think that he got what he had coming, and that it took great courage for Jodi to do what she had to do. She surely got the job done.

      • Monica Rossy

        Give it up elodie denoble. The verdicts came in, First Degree Murder Premeditated Felony, Count 1 Cruelty Proven. After your idol’s sentencing, we’re all moving on to the next trial. Her name will be no more in our minds except yours. And btw, Roger Sallie left loooooonnnng ago, and he’s donating his only two cents to his idol’s site. Track him down somewhere else. Justice is served for the whole Alexander family, Amen.

      • u got that right!! he shoulda woulda and coulda treated Jodi with some fn respect and this shit wouldn’t have happened. You kick a dog long enough and sooner or later it will bite back.

      • @Yvonne:
        No one deserves to be butchered like some fish! Jodi did not have the right to take this mans life no matter how she was treated. Travis did not take advantage of her without her permission. She agreed to do everything that he wanted to do. If she didn’t, she had the choice to walk away and end the relationship with him, however, Jodi is incapable of making decisions regarding her life. She has been sick since she was a child and unfortunately, Travis met this sick bitch and met his demise.

        If Travis was abusive, Jodi could have left and filed an order of protection. No one forced her to stay in this relationship with Travis. This woman is a sick, psycho-path! You and Roger would not be makins such a sweeping judgement if Travis had butchered Jodi in this manner. Jodi murdered this man out of spite, jealously and evilness. She is a sick woman who needs to be put away like the rabid dog that she is! stop defending her and making excuses for her behavior.

      • Oh, Elodie Denia, Clearly, you have not watched the entire trial. She enjoyed the hold she had over him She was the one who returned again and again. If she were abused, she would not have sneaked into his house, even through the dog door. She hoped that one last attempt of her great, wild, erotic sex would make him change his mind about taking her on the trip, BUT just in case he still didn’t want her, she decided to make him pay with his life. How dare someone not do as Jodi wanted? Reject her and you die. You and Roger need to get together…..winner take all..

      • I have always felt the same way Elodie Denoble – and yes, we are the minority but I will always believe that Travis was a self-centered prick that treated Jodi like dirt – especially when he was through with her. All he did was use her – yet he would portray himself on his blogs that he was anything but a sexually and mentally abusive asshole. I saw right through his charade after reading his personal blogs and captions he’d write about himself on his pictures. That man was so damn conceited – he didn’t look so pretty anymore after Jodi got a hold of him – heh. I always felt that he got what he deserved and that she just snapped that evening after everything he put her through. I can picture him yelling at her for dropping the camera as she took pictures of “His Royal Highness” that I’m sure he wanted her to take. Before I go into a full blown out rant on this jerk, I will end it and say that I support Jodi – she was a beautiful, charismatic and very intelligent woman. I’m sure he put her down every chance he got towards the end because she was up to par with him – in my eyes she even surpassed him and he did not like it I’m sure. His ex girlfriends were very unattractive compared to Jodi – she was the best looking one he had in my opinion. He couldn’t handle someone being attractive and smart at the same time – too much competition in his eyes – so he berated her. I have read Jodi’s blogs as well, her writings were very insightful and humble – unlike that of Travis’ – pompous and arrogant womanizing abuser. Look where it got him.

      • You’re entitled to your opinion Jerrian, but that’s pretty fast work for someone who dropped a camera then got body slammed. Ever been body slammed? I have. Just saying. Also, she came prepared. Also, why in God’s name would anyone worry about a camera being damaged with at least 65 pairs of shoes in their closet…really?


      Really! Imagine if this was your SON, BROTHER, FATHER, UNCLE!!!!! You drank this DEMON’S KOOL-AID DUMMY!!!!

    • Dream on Roger. You are one of the few men who are hypmited by her evilness. You are as blind and deaf to this cold blooded slauder as she is

    • you got to be kidding me if you think that you need to be sitting right next to her

    • You are quite the naïve one, are you not? He was not an abuser, you are
      taking the word of a compulsive liar. I think you just like her implants!!


        I’m not too sure of the people whom are watching or if they are even ‘there’, in their head.
        This is pretty upsetting to me. I don’t agree with those who seem to believe Jodi is innocent.

        To ‘you unimportant people, grab a life, get a hobby, read a book, clean your house, help poverty, children, walk your dog or yourself, do something positive’.

        If you cannot understand, wrong from right, simply keep to you. Yes your opinion is a matter, the facts are FAR out weighed.

        Is it possible you are my neighbor… ya, the person who believes in BULLSHIT.

        WHY DON’T YOU AZZZ, go to sleep.

        You people are insane!

        Watch the rate of Jodi’s [ics rise… THAT’S SICK! YOU’RE ALL SICK BELIEVING JODI! SICK SICK SICK

        be embarrased UR SICK!

    • I think Roger is just saying this cuz he got himself a hard on looking at Jodi’s naked pictures.

    • @Roger Sallee – Sorry you are delusional. For myself as well as other abused women we are insulted by her lies of abuse & self defense, none of us believe her, we can spot the deception even if you can’t. Jodi is a narcissist, self absorbed, controlling, a liar & a cold blooded premeditated murderer, who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her on the ass!

    • The is a human reality and Jodi once had a normal life prior to the Mormon Church and Travis. He pushed the limits with her, used her and yet she was not good enough to be with him because of his “Mormon” values. Well he pushed the limits with the wrong woman and I know because I have found myself in a similar situation with a woman.

      You can’t keep seeing and having sex with a woman only to break her heart and bet down her emotions and that is what Travis ultimately did and maybe he did not realize it, since we men can be stupid sometimes. I don’t condone what Jodi did, but something pushed her to the limit and that something was Travis and maybe his friends.

      We see some many self riches religious “in the name of god” people abuse so many things in life and then repent for forgiveness, it’s absurd, just look at the Catholic Church.

      Jodi will probably die for her actions, but make no mistake about it; it was both Travis and Jodi that ultimately caused this situation.

      • Gary, do you understand how wrong it is to blame the victim? Regardless of Travis religious background, he never forced her to do a single thing. J.A. Had complete freedom to never see him again from the very beginining. She was the one who started the sexual aspect of their relationship by giving him oral sex on their first real date. For someone who feels conflicted over their sexuality, this decided what type of relationship they were going to have. J.A. Also became a Mormom, so isn’t she to be painted with the same brush that you cruelly painted Travis with? All people are sinful, Mormoms, Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, Jewish, etc., but we don’t all give in to evil. Some of all of each faith ARE evil, but most people who have true faith, want to be good people. We all fall short, Mother Theresa’s & Ghandis, and all those who live a life worth emulating, are all human, weak and in need of Divine Mercy. Gary, be truthful, you yourself are sinful, but I hope that you aren’t evil, and especially not as evil as to be able to stab someone that you were just intimate with 29 times. Travis was not perfect, but he wanted to be a better person and from his childhood it would have been very easy for him to choose to live a selfish and brutal life. J.A. Had a better childhood, but chose to murder Travis instead of living and learning. Even now, she hasn’t learned. I want to pity her, but the best I can do is pray for her. Gary, you unfortunately suffer from her disease by blaming everyone for her actions instead of being responsible for her own actions. I recommend a long look in the mirror, Gary, and I hope the best for you. Peace

      • Finally someone who is not out for blood. Someone who can see both sides.

      • Oh, people like you scare me. You think that Travis used her. Well. she used him just as much and she hoped he would marry her, but the more he saw of her erratic behavior and pathological lying, he chose to not marry her . And the Mormon church had nothing to do with it .Seems as if Jodi pushed the limits… least 29 times.

      • Omg you are so right!

      • Gary, you point is very on the spot. TA used his position to gain power over JA and keep her as a sex toy. TA’s goal in life was Money, WOMEN, and Power. His words not mine.

      • Very well said Gary_AR – I agree with you 100%.

      • Still no need to kill another person! WTF ARE U ON?????!!?!!

    • Roger, do you know anything about the law? There are reasons why there are different degrees. She brought the gun, He was in bed. She attempted to destroy evidence. When someone is claiming self defense, 911 would have been called. Possibly you should seek therapy.. Evidently you have not watched the entire proceedings. I suggest you never date or marry, since you believe that Travis got what he deserved.
      My daughter was murdered and you disgust me. Have you ever had an IQ test? Don’t take one. You may end up in an institution and have the great life you want for Jodi.,

    • yeah,shes as innocent as john wayne gacey,the btk killer,and jeffery dahmer, all who willingly slaughtered people.

    • Fucking creeper physco pathetic nutball

    • Travis was no god damb saint like all these idiots are making him out to be. He was a pig! Listen to the horrible names he called her, in the least he was horribly verbally abusive. Physical violence is NOT inconceivable you friggen morons!!!

      • she did the same plus stalked the guy….your a moron! a twisted moron and you and your ilk are exactly what is wrong in the world today…..dip shit bra burning low life!

      • Your the moron!!

      • I would hope that the images of this horrible murder not be out on the internet for everyone to see. Whomever posted that is a pathetic piece of shit n has no compassion for humanity!!! Take the pics off please & no one who is credible wants to see jodi’s ugly beatenup pussy!! Shame on you!!!!

    • i hope you date the twisted bitch! you moron!

    • I believe she should be paroled after a lengthy
      term under the evaluation of the prison system.

    • I think that this idiot is just a troll, nobody in their right mind – even Jodi Arias’ parents would agree with any of this tripe. She did not act in self defence, nor was she ever abused by Travis. This was just another bunch of lies from a monster who was clutching at straws. She killed him because she is a narcissist with a feeling of entitlement and a huge ego who couldn’t bare the fact that he never saw her as anything more than a sexually experienced girl with big false tits whom he could bonk whenever he liked – more fool her for allowing herself to be used – He always made it clear to her that theirs was a purely sexual relationship (which he was ashamed about and despised himself for) and that the woman he would marry would be a decent, wholesome, virtuous girl with genuine Mormon values and nothing like Jodi.
      Unfortunately for Travis he under-estimated her psychopathic tendencies and bitterness, he should have gone straight to the police when his and his girlfriend’s tyres were slashed and after Jodi began spying on and stalking him and sending vitriolic emails to his girlfriend. He was naïve and too pre-occupied with his image being tarnished, fearing that it would jeopardise his chance of dating a woman of Marie Hall’s (Mimi) calibre.

      • Death penalty: NO.
        But what to do with Jodi ?
        30yr, 40yr ? Life without any parole.
        Who is to say she would never do it again ? Even under different circumstances.

    • So in ‘self defence’ she staged a mock burglary in order to obtain a gun, she rented a car 90kms away from home refusing a red car because it might be stopped by the police, she removed one license plate and turned the other one upside down, she filled up three gasoline cans to avoid being spotted at a gas station in Arizona, she dyed her hair the day before arriving in Meza, she lied to the car rental person about the purpose of her rental. Absolute horse-shit!!!
      She had planned killing him the moment he sent her that infamous email saying that she was evil and the worst thing that had ever happened to him and he wished he’d never met her.
      Her ego and feeling of entitlement was insulted, if she couldn’t have him – then no-one else would either. The manner in which she killed him was evident of pure rage of monumental proportions. She was a narcissistic egomaniac and a psychopath.
      She was never abused but allowed herself to be used in a relationship that was purely sexual. Travis was guilty of being naïve and under-estimating her capabilities.
      She deserves the death penalty.

    • you are a sick puppy,,,,,,,,,you and arias would make a good pair, in prison that is.

    • agreed! You don’t sleep with people that are the ‘worst thing that ever happened ‘ to u as they claim he said. You don’t sleep with a woman when u r telling people she’s unstable. He used someone that needed help & whether was self defense or a psychotic break – he was right there & behaved like a sociopath himself .

      • Malinda W Jennings

        @ JL
        You obviously need to open a dictionary and look up with the word sociopath means. That is one sick thing to say, Travis did not deserve to die and he certainly meant no harm towards her you moron! She threw herself at him and he did what any red blooded American male would do, especially with having no real sexual experiences himself. too bad you’re not the next one on her dating list then you’d find out first hand how innocent Travis really actually is.

    • What planet are you living on? There was not one other person who claims that Travis was ever abusive. There is no proof he was abusive to her. And those tears that you see–crocodile tears. Tell me Roger, if she was an unattractive women, would you be saying the same thing. I doubt it!!!!

    • Gee, Roger, she drove half way across the country so she could “defend” herself? AND she had sex with this horrible man before she slaughtered him.

    • Hopefully you can be her next date

    • Oh please….she is as cold hearted murderer with no regret. She should have got the death penalty

    • Malinda W Jennings

      @ Roger Sallee,
      How in all good conscience can you believe that Arias is innocent? There is no way on God’s green earth that Jodi arias was innocent or abused at all! She is and always will be a sexual deviant, a horrific, murderous, vindictive, killer of an innocent man Travis Victor Alexander. One thing I know in my heart she will never be able to kill anyone else ever again for as long as she dies slowly every day in the prison she made for herself by her own free will with no conscience or remorse. all I can say is that you should be ashamed of yourself for even posting such an ignorant statement how dare you!!! You’re just as ignorant, insolent, vindictive and evil as Arias is. I hope whoever you’re dating they keep a very close eye on you because you sound just as insane as she is. What a damn fool you are, end of statement you pathetic psycho!! God will have the last say over Arias!! She will rue the day that she lifted a finger against an innocent man. Travis will receive justice on Judgement Day! Arias will drag the heavy heavy chains of the pain that she brought against Travis Victor Alexander throughout eternity. God bless you Travis, your grandmother and your family. May you rest in peace sweet prince…

    • Roger you sound like a damn fool. Maybe you should have dated Jodi so she could have cut your throat so that you can keep your dumb comments to yourself, dumb ass!!!!

    • Roger your the type of person that would do the same. Just imagine dating a women that is capable of doing these things. And also she went way beyond the limits. She has a lot of rage

    • I can’t believe you, or anyone else out there could actually believe she’s innocent. Yea! Those crime scene photos really shows just how desperate she was to get away from him as fast as she could. Those photos clearly shows that she was in no hurry, no hurry at all. I don’t believe anyone who says they think shes innocent. I think people just post statements that they think she’s innocent just to stir the pot. Because there’s no way any person with half a brain could look at the evidence and actually believe that she was the victim.

    • I don’t feel bad for Travis at all he got what he deserved !!!

    • You call that self defense!?!!? U are a complete idiot n should be dick slapped for your ignorance!!!

    • No she deserves what she got. Travis was not abusive. She was a jealous crazy bitch. That was not self defence maybe one stab was self defence but all those stabs were pure jealousy and obsession. He did not deserve that. And to say you don’t feel bad for him makes you just as sick as she is.

    • Are you fucking dumb? Even if it was self defense, you don’t stab somebody 27 times, slit their throat & shoot him in the head. If wasn’t self defense, she was planning on killing him anyways. You gotta be some fucked up person to think she deserves to have a life after what she did to that poor guy. Yeah maybe he did what he did, but just because she has he was an abuser you’re gonna believe her? She’s the abuser, look at what she did to him!! She deserves death, but also I don’t mind her suffering in jail, sitting there life in prison. Other girls in there will take care of her crazy ugly ass. You’re probably just in love with her like some other dudes are because the way she looks. That doesn’t change the fact that she killed that man and then tried to act like she was the victim. She’s a dumb ass bitch who got what she deserved and what she’s getting in prison.

    • You sir are a godforsaken fool!! She was a twisted bitter bitch scorned.. If she couldn’t have travis nobody could ! Its a blessing to the world that she is locked up and will never be released. She lied about him being a peadophile She lied about the so called domestic violence. Shes a pathological liar and a pure insult to the real domestic violence victims everywhere. Self defence doesnt warrent 27-29 stab wounds or the fucking gunshot wound or the fact the ugly slag slit this poor mans throat!!!! Your probably sat wanking over the whores hanging ham and baggy arsehole. Be different had this been your son though hey! This bitch deseves everythings she gets and more. She’ll never mix with normal people again ! She’ll never marry and get the oppotunity to murder another man and she will never get to breed her evil shitty self. She belongs in hell not civilised society. Your no better than that she beast! Bye idiot

    • God Bless You. Dude i think your looking for attention. Noway is she not guilty. She murderd him 3times over. Get real.

    • thank goodness for 12 jurors that sat through never ending lies, never ending fake crying stunts, and fabricated bs and still found her. GUILTY! Every single one of the jurors said that she tried as hard as she could to play them but the more she did so, the more it made them sick, and the more they knew she was guilty! Then you add to the mix the Unprofessional counselors that were paid to say she was abused, and not only made fools of themselves, some of them ruined their careers and their reputations, in a nutshell all of them sold their souls to the devil herself and when it was too late they regretted it! LWOP is NOT justice by any means but the fact she is miserable and suffers every single day and night being locked in a cage gives some solace, that is until karma brings true and final justice then it will be a day of true celebration and peace!

  4. Absolutely deserves the DEATH penalty. Arias has sat there smugly this entire trial, as if she were playing a chess match- I think reality has just hit her. She isn’t getting away with murder. The few tears she sheds that aren’t completely fake are for herself not Travis. Why did he have to pick a psychopath, of all the women probably lining up to date him- It’s all very sad


      • I’d like to have some wacko stab her 29 times and then leave her in the desert to rot and/or be eaten alive by scavengers. Lethal injection is too good for her. So Rebecca and I are sort of on the same page.

      • I mean the evidence shows that she is a pathological liar and was just a fuckin freak !! Killed this innocent man because he was wanting to move on. She deserves a slow painful death !!!! Wow

      • Monica Rossy

        Rebecca Pence, sometimes the greater good is better in the long run. If you allow her to live, she can manipulate and influence people to do her evil deeds, like Donovan, Roger Sallie, elodie denoble, whatever, and that BeaverHeadstorm troll spy woman here. Giving her DP is better for the greater good. Now if she repents and finds Jesus, for real, while on death row, God just may open the gates of heaven to her when she exits this world. NOT OUR PROBLEM. So don’t vacilate, Rebecca. Just take it easy. She’s already justified.

    • Your so right and the whole time I wanted to knock the hell out of her

    • The jurors said that when they read the transcripts of the IM’s and text messages it was THE day they made up their minds not only was Jodi guilty but that there was abuse in their relationship and it came from JODI!!!! I knew I had to go read all of them myself, I felt like there was a big piece to the puzzle I had to have to put this all together, and when I did just that WOW it was changing day for me too! I always could see for myself that everything that came out of hodi’s mouth was lying bs, but learning the true facts changed everything for me. I wish so much Travis had stood his ground and not let her in when she showed up at his door, that morning, I will never believe that he knew she was coming, NO WAY it was a shock to him, but as Travis always was a forgiving man he let her in and that was the biggest mistake of his life, he did not deserve anything this whore did to him the thing is Travis was not the end of her slaughtering trip she was going on to punish others she felt did her wrong the day she got arrested and they found TWO knives and a new gun hidden in her packed “white” rental car…… lets just be honest here hodi the whore is s serial killer she just got caught before anyone else lost their life I do believe Deanna and the Hughes were next…..

  5. shannon jones

    Pics #5 & #21. Are this the same pics and what are they?

    • Yes, I noticed that I have more than 1 of a few pictures, I literally just loaded the entire content of my folder. It is a picture taken in the hallway, while Travis was being dragged back to the bathroom.

  6. OMG! You can see it was RAGE…This was a crime of passion, there is no question about it. I wonder why her atty’s did not tell her that the only possible chance of not getting 1st degree or life is if she claims COP, she probably was getting more upset/jealous/ as she was taking the pics. I do not believe in death penalty…its actually so hypicritical, “you kill someone, so you die?” who are we to judge? She should be locked up for life…. I just want her to shut up about the ” self defense”, but i guess she has told too many stories and had to stick with 1 at some point…. I do think it was somewhat premeditated, but not 100% on doing it. Maybe she hoped he would change his mind and invite her…. One thing that is bugging me about the “self defense” is that she totally destroyed the BMW and he did not get mad, call her names, IN fact he was helping her by calling atty’s. BUT, she drops a camera and inch off the floor and he body slams her???!!!!! UGH, shut the F UP!!!!! And by even using that term, it sounds rehearsed…. why not say, he threw me down! Its just sooooo phony. I wonder if she can say that her atty’s did not represent her well enough and get a convict. over turned. WHY DO THEY LET HER CONTINUE WITH THIS CRAP???? IT is VERY clear it was RAGE and crime of passion. WHY wont she just admitt it. SO frustrating


    • Tracey , you are totally right. Mr. Nurmi’s (i call him the snooze guy because listening to his voice makes you want to sleep ) hanging to what he thinks is his highest card – ” self defence” , but that’s because he got lost already and forgot about the autopsy photos ! Mr. Martinez trying his best but unfortunately he can’t say ” you butchered the man what have you got to say ? How can you live with yourself ? What would you feel if someone did this TO YOU ? ” If you notice , Martinez doesn’t let her continue her crap and she knows that and at one point she said that he is yelling at her. Oh you are upset when someone raise their voice at you honey ?? And you telling us it causes memory loss ?? You are a liar ! No one believes you Jodi !! May you rot in hell for what you did ! Amen !! Jesus Christ man !!!

    • You don’t believe in the Death Penalty…Did you know that back in Biblical days, it was “and eye for an eye” which meant, you will die in the same manner as how you killed…

      • I think that would be perfectly fitting.

      • Back in Biblical days? What days do you live in now? There is this new book, called THE NEW TESTAMENT that says let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Who is righteous enough to kill Jodi? No doubt she is guilty, but I’ve never seen so many judgemental, condemning, and over the top comments that make people sound stupid. She should rot in jail and have to remember every day of her life what she has done.

    • Doesn’t matter what is, she pkanned to kill one way or another snd I do believe in the death penalty cuz if it was my son or brother, if she didnt get death by the justice system, she would get death by vigelante. Me

    • “I do think it was somewhat premeditated, but not 100% on doing it.” Tracey, there is a TON of evidence that shows it was premeditated. How you claim that other parts the murder are so obvious, and then not see the most obvious part of the crime? The premeditation. I can only assume you don’t know all the facts.

  7. NO DEATH PENALTY!!!! don’t let this human trash waste out tax dollars on re-trials for the next 20 yrs.. stick her in solitary , in the worst prison imaginable. may our higher power grant her a the longest life known to man.

    • I agree, life without parole or hanging- too bad that’s obsolete!

    • Funny you said that, just read the other day on yahoo that the Sheriff Joe Arpaio runs his prisions and jails by chain gangs,for the men, didn’t want to be sued for discrimination so now has the “Chain Gang for the woman. It would be so thrilling to know that would be where Jodi Aria goes as she so wants to be a star, Not only are inmates on Chang Gangs but the are housed in tents outside, and knowing the temperatures reach upwards to around 126 degrees, no TV, no comasary,for munchies or personal food etc, in fact men who have been incarcerated are down right hating there living arrangements. There told if you don’t like the living arrangements then don’t come back…Meaning don’t do the crime if you don’t want the time…

      • I think that’s just a county jail. Once she’s sentenced, life will actually be much better for her. Then the taxpayers of Arizona will have to pay for her to have cable TV and a 4 year education while she waits on countless appeals. She’ll just sit there wasting more taxpayer dollars. Stupid. Couldn’t that money be put to better use? Like, surely they have potholes in their roads or something like that, right?

      • I think that they should put Jodi in a room and then let Travis’s family members take a knife to her PERIOD!!!

  8. OMG! Those pictures show the true rage in her crazy self. Bless him!


      • She still hasn’t apologized to his family 5 years later. That in itself shows she’s a heartless cold-blooded murdering bitch!!!!

  9. I could have done without seeing the pictures they wouldn’t show on t.v., I felt she deserved the death penalty before seeing them, and now I am SURE she deserves the death penalty. To get on the stand and say he was a deviant with children’s pictures with absolutely no proof, and to have the gull to say other people have lied is rediculous and she only cares about herself…anything less than 1st DEGREE PREMEDITATED MURDER…DEATH, is an injustice.

  10. totally agree with tom…

  11. this piece of trash was not abused I know first hand what an abused woman is because I was one & I didnt kill my my exhusband.. She not only killed him she slaughtered him, because she is crazy.. She was the psycotic one in this relationship and he paid the ultimate price she was controlling and possesive and she lost it and she murdered this poor man.. She better pay for her crimes and these people better stop getting away with MURDER!!!!!

  12. wow. I’m blown away by jodi arias rage but more so by those who believe shes innocent by self-defense. this is hatred, anger, frustration, control, all rolled into her depraved actions. she may have been defending herself from someone or something but it was NOT Travis.

  13. NO WAY was this self defense ! She is unfit for society…give her the death penalty, assurring she has NO chance of EVER getting out of prison. For all we know, she might try and be the wardens “booty-call”.

  14. Joanna Jacobson

    Yes Tom – agreed!
    And, I do hope the Prosecutor can have these photos BLOWN UP and put all around the court room for the Jurors to see while he – Juan Martinez does his Closing! She is not human!

  15. lorraine kennedy

    Omg…i wish i didnt see these however i watch the trial everyday. I just pray for the family and for the jury to do the right thing. She is an animal and needs to pay with her life! Great job Juan Martinez…god bless the Alexander family…I cant imagine.

  16. She is a sociopath and her actions after she butchered Travis show just that. As for the crying jag in court, it’s just show. She really knows how to fake and KILL.

    • Charlene, wasn’t her crying performances pathetic? It was a two-year-old playing peek a boo, between that, using her hair as a shield from the jurors seeing she really was not crying, and her squeezing the crap out of that hideous nose of hers I don’t think it could have gone worse for her! The jurors all said she was pathetic and fake and that they saw right through all of her games and her lies/…I am not going to lie it was such a relief to know the jurors did not let her pull the wool over their eyes like she has done to a few ignorant and downright stupid people!

  17. Show me where this was self defense?? I can’t wrap my head around this…

  18. The person who thinks Jodi is innocent, did you graduate from high school??? Are you joking or you are serious??? I agree with the one who said who could look at these pictures and say she was abused,?????
    Inside the court room, she was rude and strong…. God please don’t let Casey Anthony’s case result be repeated.

    • I know I can’t believe some people would think she’s innocent and she killed him in self defense… It’s like really are you kidding me she hasn’t proved at ALL he was abudive. She was the one that was abudive to him until she killed him and still after that she has the damn nerve to trash him. She’s the pure DEVIL… Hope she burns in hell! 😡

      • bevviehedstrom


        TRAVIS’ BLOG: “I’m a [sic] owner of clothing company (CAFGSS) that promotes modesty amongst the ladies.”

        Well, except for when we’re having “marathon sex for hours”, “I’m working that bootie” and ” tossing her salad for 45 minutes solid”, “my d*** is all the way up her a**”, “we’re making legitimate porn”, I’m not “wacking off at least 2-3 times a day”, “I’m raping her”, “I’m giving her a cream pie”, etc. You know what I mean! Word, homies! Did I mention I also enjoy jamming a Tootsie Pop up my ex-girlfriend’s sn**** and then eating it? Cause I totally do. But only after she bl**s me with a mouth full of Pop Rocks.

        P.S. God is my Savior, I am single and a virgin, yada, yada, yada.

  19. Cindy

    Poor Travis never saw the knife coming at his back as Jodi guided him into a posed picture of his back with the water flowing down, first the camera and then the knife into action. She clearly caught him by surprise and had the advantage. “Karma is a bitch” Jodi…better watch your back in prison!

    • TO BEVVIEHEDSTROM hodi the whore thrives on weak and ignorant people like you! Please do read all of the transcripts for starters and then come on back and edit your comment, it is a shame she has made a mockery of you!

  20. Iam so sad travis family peace be with you

  21. I am telling you that I have a background in medicine, and when I saw these pictures a few minutes ago, I knew it was a case of true rage, NO SELF DEFENSE! Whoever the man is who thinks she is Not Guilty needs to be put inthe same room with Jodi, and then we’ll see what he thinks, if he come out alive! I am so upset watching her day after day sit there so smug, along with her attorneys. I really believe she believes she will get away with what she did, as she has gotten away with everything else in her life. I also believe the way she talked to JM is the wayhe talked to her parents as a teenager. That’s why she left home a 17, they couldn’t live with her any longer!?, Give her the Death Penalty, jurors. Have some guts!

    • Death penalty will be on death row for 12 years with appeal after appeal and all kinds of money for the state to spend on her appeals. She isn’t worth the tax payers money. Give her life w/o parole or 200 years or something.

  22. No innocent person would go through what she has to try and cover her tracks. She even admitted on the stand that she knew she had done something horrible. Jodi was just pissed off that Travis was taking someone else to on vacation with him and she went there to throw herself at him sexually in hopes that her vagina would make him change his mind about going with another women and when he didn’t change his mind that’s when she decided to brutally murder him. It was all premeditated and if the jury doesn’t send her to death i fear there is truly no hope for humanity and justice in this sick world. She was the aggressor, she was in a jealous rage, she stalked him. She is NOT truly human at all. She has no feelings other then when it comes to herself. Her and her attorneys will lie and fabricate anything possible to save Jodi and honestly, I don’t know how they sleep at night. She was in NO way a battered women, in fact she is making a mockery out of women who are actually abused and it is sickening. THIS JURY BETTER SEND HER TO DEATH ROW but even if they don’t I feel good knowing that she will spend eternity in hell once God gets a hold of her. ROT IN HELL JODI!! RIP Travis ❤

    I am ashamed that the judge let the defense submit an edited version of the sex tape with only Travis's voice…that makes me ill. Their kinky sex has NOTHING to do with this trial because she is NOT an abuse victim and all of the sex was consensual…even Jodi herself admitted it was consensual and that is the only thing that has come out of her mouth that I believe. COME ON JUAN MARTINEZ!!! We know out of the 3 females on death row you put one of them there, lets make it 2!!!! God forbid Jodi ever get a chance to walk the streets and possibly procreate…Lord help us.

  23. HANG HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am posting this comment to talk about Travis. I am sorry for what happened to you. I know that God has you now. I pray for your family and I hope that just and rightful punishments are enforced upon the deranged sociopath that inflicted such pain upon you and your family. God bless you.

    • I agree with your prayer. I also pray for Mr. Martinez. . . I posted this comment accidentally under Emil Kostov, a misguided Jodi supporter, so I’m correcting who I meant to respond to.

  25. Seriously the most RELIGIOUS people are so disgusting as far as wishing DEATH an BURN The WHORE. Really if you had ever been in a mental abusive relationship in your life you would know what RAGE is an how it feels to be badgered an threatened until you can take no more of it. Yes a horrible way to DIE for sure but a reminder of MEN or WOMEN that ABUSE just keep pushing you may end up the same way one day. You may be lucky an the person walks away or you may be with one that will not take one more day of it. An body slam me an threaten to kill me in a confined area I am not so sure I would not just snap. An we do not know everything that was said that day in that bathroom. People are big talkers until they are face to face with a aggressive person.

    • I agree. Put me in a situation like that, who’s to tell how I will react? However, I DO NOT believe that’s how this went down, so it’s kind of irrelevant to this case, or this conversation, for that matter.

      • you would save yourself respect and walk out of there . She should have walked away the first time he said he didnt want her and by doing that ( as hard as it can be ) they both could carry on with their lives and be happy . I can tell that Travis could have been happy , as for Jodi , her life is very sad , pathetic she is a kind of person that cannot get no for an answer nor dealing with separation as normal average person . Like i said earlier she is predisposed to killing and her trigger is when people dont like her. We all come to realization that not everybody may like us but hey , that is life and the best revenge is to live happy ! Sadly , Jodi is happy when she brutally kills innocent people…she , therefore , must pay the price .

    • Jodi is an established and practiced liar. Nothing she says that can not be verified has any value. There were no other witnesses to any of the abuses she claims – and she can claim anything at all with confidence knowing her words can be neither proved nor disproved. That, in fact, is her entire case – and she is asking the jury to take her word for it. The uncomfortable parts – the 29 stab wounds, evidence clean-up? How convenient to claim a memory loss. That, as well, can be neither proved nor disproved.
      She knew enough to establish alibis for herself – both before and after her visit to Travis. She knew enough to drive a car (she could not afford) that no one in Travis’ neighborhood would recognize. She knew enough to stop prior to the check point and clean herself of blood and throw away the gun.

      And…if YOUR life depended upon finding that gun and proving it was NOT your grandfather’s, YOU would be begging the authorities to help you find it. She has never done that – because her life depends upon them NOT finding it.

    • Oh, please. I know what it’s like to be rageful because of an abusive relationship. My exhusband is the biggest piece of sh*t next to Jodi Arias. I wanted someone to torture him. But could have I actually buchered him myself? Hell, no! I think your comment is offensive to all survivors of abuse who do not butcher their abusers.

      Not to mention, there is no evidence Travis was an abuser. If you really think anyone is capable of butchering someone like that, you should get some help.


    • Sweetheart, you mean well, however it seems that you do not have the ability to see this in a reasonable way. Jodi was the aggressive person.


    • I agree with your assesment of what happen Laureen,,except I dont think she went to her car,remember it was day light,she drove a rental as to not to be noticed so she wouldnt go outside of afraid of being noticed ny neighbors. I believe that upon Jodi visiting Travis she put her suitcase in his closet,thats where the closet story comes from except the gun & knife was in her bag,she came back in the bathroom with the weapons after taking pictures of him giving him a chance to say she could go on that trip.Alot of events of what Jodi saids is true,like the closet,he fell on top of her,grabbing at her,someone saying Im gonna kill you,but all these things she said.After she stabbed him first in the shower he would of course lunge out at her to take the knife.Thats why he has defense wounds on his hands.Thats how they both fell,with him on top of her as she saids and thats probably when her finger got cut,and broken or dislocated what ever! She was the one screaming Im gonna kill you. Jodi is very intelligent,Even during the interview with the detective,,after lying about her even being at Travis house if you review the video,she was about to say something about her being there, or incriminate herself,,but the detective now saids well was someone else there? Is there someone that would want to hurt Travis or do this to him? She now saids I am going to tell you what happen? The detective didnt realize he planted the seed for the intruder story by asking did “someone els”e come in and do this and this lying Bitch took it from there,,, I dont think Jody should get the death penalty for this reason,,being on death row it will take another 10-15 years before they put that needle in her arm, until that time she gets to live a life she has already adapted to being in prison akready.She will still get mail and a chance to develop relationships with the guards and possibly other inmates.They need to give her life without the possibility of parole.BUT,,,,,put her in solitary confinement where she dosnt get visits,mail,no interaction with other inmates and very little interaction with guards.Jodi loves attemtion and lives on manipulating and sucking the life out of people that fall for her little girl look & quiet dimeanor.. I say take all that from her,let her sit in solitary confinement for the rest of her miserable life..Just her a wall & a toilet and she shouldnt even have a toilet. Death row is too easy for Jody because she will appeal the case somehow while she is there.She will manipulate some guard into special privledges,special treatment just like she manipulated the phycologist into sending her a book,cards etc.Confinement she wouldnt survive because there would be no one she can manipulate!


    • @ Laureen SAMSam…I totally agree with you and how you described the whole premeditated murder went down! Let’s just pray that the jury sees it the same way! Also, DITTO on Jodi having to look at those death photos each time she is in the court room and on the stand! It is so obvious that this was OVERKILL WITH RAGE not SELF-DEFENSE!

  28. If this freak is shown any mercy? I”m over our judicial system working!!!

  29. LLee Maguire Maybe you would snap but not kill like this. This witch was lying and is still lying. Travis met the devil when Jodi came into his life. He was a descent Mormon guy who met descent Mormon girls. She came into his life and introduce kinky sex to him. She was well experienced as you can see how well worn out she is. She seduced him and made him into a sexual deviant like herself. She preys on good Mormon men. The devil used Travis through JA. Take at look at how she slaughtered him and tell me if that is from a human. She will strike again and lie and she may have something to do with the ex boyfriend’s death. She bought a 9mm gun to kill someone else so she has the mind of a serial killer. Stop degrading abusive people by comparing her to them

  30. Jodi wrote an 18 page letter to Travis’ family after the murder to “console” them. I honestly was sick one day from this trial, and had to sit with myself and get grip so I could see her eventually go to prison. I have two grown (married) sons. Every mother in America must shudder thinking of this event and how it could have been their son. If Jodi goes free, men all over the world are going to be vulnerable to every freak who will say they can’t remember killing a husband/boyfriend. This case is history.

    P.S.! I now appreciate my freedom so much seeing this woman taunting all of us thinking she is so much better than the world. I make sure to be grateful and enjoy my friends and family.

  31. Much to my disgust and amazment, I found a “Jodi is Innocent” website. She is actually selling her artwork on Ebay and, even though the psycho is talented, her pictures are selling for over $1,000 a piece to help fund her war chest. She is a skank and a prime example of the “me” generation. She reminds me of another Casey Anthony – poor me, my parents abused me, men abused me, boo hoo hoo. Most of her supporters (like Roger) are men – probably hoping they can get a piece of the action if she is ever set free. I hope she gets the death penalty. I wouldn’t mind my tax dollars going to futile appeals rather than see her live a long life with her new lesbian lover in prison and winning anymore Prison Idol competitions or profiting from her art work. Fire up old sparky!

    • Oh dear god I can’t take much more of what I hear about this psychopath! That is exactly what she is! I agree that most of her supporters appear to be men – show them a pair of boobs and lots of kinky sex talk and they are hooked. They see the shy, coy actress in the courtroom and think it’s real! I guess in a sense Travis was hooked. Like a smoker who needs a cigarette even though they know it can cause cancer and kill them, or an alchoholic who craves one more drink even though they have liver disease. She knew how to manipulate Travis. She was his addiction and that addiction ended up killing him. She is cancer herself. She chewed him up and spat him out and no human deserves to die such a violent, painful, vengeful death. Can’t you see this evil psychopath is an actress, a liar, a murderer – this was 100% premeditated, no doubt in my mind or heart about it! To claim self-defense it a total mockery – if I was being attacked and defending myself I would never, ever stab another person nearly 30 times, slit their throat from ear to ear, shoot them in the head whilst photographing it, then try to clean up the bloodbath I’d caused, shower myself as well as the victim to remove all DNA evidence. Then to flee the scene, dump the gun/knife, drive to another state, dye my hair another colour, make out with another man the day after the murder and then make up a story about ninjas attacking and sticking to it for years before claiming self defense… Please wake up and see this for what it really is. I pray for Travis Alexander’s family that they will have justice and so Travis can rest in peace x

    • She traces pictures from magazines. The Sinatra picture is traced and so is an Coty ad. I wish someone would sue her for copyright infringement.

  32. If she is acquitted or gets less than First Degree Murder, it will be time for America to install a professional jury system for our courts. Jurors would be required to take classes on Criminal Justice, evidence gathering, autopsies, DNA, body language, theatrics of lawyering and so forth. Professional jurors would be better equipped to ascertain when witnesses and defendants are being truthful, they would not require lectures on DNA & such, and they would recognize when lawyers are trying to manipulate them.
    If these jurors would throw out every bit of testimony and look only at the evidence gathered by police and the autopsy photos, it would become quickly obvious who did this and why.

    Jodi Arias is as guilty as original sin of premeditated murder. If she is not found so, it will be another travesty of justice – just as OJ & Casey Anthony.

  33. Video of Travis telling a near death experience

  34. I am so heart broken for the entire family. Here is a question, “Travis was an excellent Motivational speaker”, I find it very hard to believe he would even hurt a fly.

  35. This was not a self defense killing…this was a crime of passion, jealousy, rage, not to mention obssession!!!!!!! Please dear God, don’t let this horrible crime go unpunished.

    • absolutely 100%…crime of passion and rage by a psycho manipulative and calculating skunk. She used sex to try and get what she wanted and when it didn’t work she was so angry that she killed him. That poor guy was just conflicted between his religion and his natural and physical desires for a beautiful woman. I hope she rots and festers on death row for a little bit and then gets put to death. Too bad she can’t die the same way she killed him. If she gets off I may need to be put on medication! Serious flaws in the justice system is she walks.

  36. Rozzy, God is gonna more than punish Jodi Arias for this – she invoked his name when she said she was innocent. She took an oath to tell the truth…but it turns out she’s been lying. She lied about too many things – including that third gas can. And now, the jury KNOWS. She’ll have two or three more stress-related cold sores from trying to explain those three purchases in SLC, Utah. Since she has four days to come up with something, it’ll probably be a good samaritan deed – someone couldn’t pay for their gas, so she paid for it. It will be something no one can prove or disprove, and that you can bet on.

  37. Ultimately it comes down to this. If you look at the pictures, legitimately look at them, he has defensive wounds on his hands which shows he tried to stop the attack. Ultimately that goes to show that the gun shot which she says came first was in fact close to the last thing that happened. As well as if you look at the brain scan there isn’t anything clouding the picture which means there was hardly any blood left in his system to hemorrhage and cause him to die that way. She has been proven a liar a couple of times. It is a matter of the facts. Because of the decomposition of the body and the questions of the legitimacy of her testimony I highly doubt she will walk from this. If anything she would receive life in prison. If she gets the death penalty I would be shocked. Remember Casey Anthony? that was a case that most people believed she would be locked away and behind bars and she is out free somewhere. Ultimately this is awful and I feel for the family that has to hear the wild accusations of what kind of life Travis had. I know if my family was sitting their in this situation it would be heartbreaking to hear and honestly I feel for them.

  38. She is beyond guilty. I, like so many others am so affected by this case. I can’t help this and I keep thinking why, why did he let her in that night. This just shows he was kind and was not a violent person and no friggin way is this self defense! I think many of us have had less than perfect partners and felt used. But nobody is perfect. Maybe we put up with it, and then left. But we did not kil!!! Hey Jodi, you loser POS, there’s this thing called a break-up!!! He was a good person. He was a young man just making his way in life. And after all the crap she pulled on him, was was still there for her. It that subhuman bitch didn’t like it, she should have left, and left him alone!! My prayers and thoughts to Travis’ family and friends. I am so sorry.

  39. Travis was a proven sadist who was beating and physically abusing Jodi Arias on a frequent basis. In my personal opinion it was a justifiable homicide committed in self-defense.

    • You are effen kidding me, right?

    • In her lies about the intruders, Jodi claimed her head was injured; in this third story, she claims her head was injured (during the ‘body slam); in court she claims Travis’ anger (and the prosecutor’s) caused her to shake; in the 48 Hours interview, she claims to have received threats from the intruders – and the fear caused her to shake.
      The premeditation evidence is vast and damning; I could believe a coincidence, perhaps even two…but there are way too many for them to be believable.

    • Homicide ???? She butchered the men ! Even experts say it doesn’t look anything like a self defence , what are you even talking about ? Where is it proven that he was a sadist ?? Even if he was , she supposed to report him , you got that you freak?

    • You are a sicko and obviously must have a boring sex life, if any! It was consensual and passionate sex but she wanted more and he was conflicted about her in the first place. She threw it in his face and used it against him. Does she sound like she is being abused on the sex tapes? She was enjoying it. What self-defense crime looks that horrific? That’s rage and you are a dumb ass!

    • You have no concept of rape and consentual sex. Jodi has over and over said she liked the sex and it was consentual even the oral sex she received the day of her baptisim, so if you believe what you have posted Emil then you don’t have any idea of anything. Have you even watched the trial?? Everything that the defence has posted apparently they don’t have to “prove”. So I hope that no one kills you because defence atty’s will do the same thing with your attacker and peeps will be posting how your reputation has been defamed sulleyed destroyed etc….And your family will be sitting in the court crying

    • Emil, Who the hell has proved anything negative that Travis has done to that sick bitch? NOOOOOO ONE!!!!! Because he didn’t!!! Dumb Ass!!!!

    • What proof??? Jodi’s stories. Where were the marks all over Jodi. When you say “my personal opinion”, not only is it redundant it is an uninformed opinion. Possibly, there could be some sadistic trait in you to believe that Travis was a “proven sadist”. If I were his family, I would file suit against you for character assignation . Where did you get all your proof and are you prepared to present it in court? You need also to get your grammar correct, but that would require a brain.
      If you don’t like what I say, I have 2 guards, 24/7 and a permit to carry……if you come after me, you will see what self defense is.

  40. I’m just glad there are others who see the obvious – here is an emotionally, physically, sexually abused woman, who adored an abusive, narcissistic, hypocritic of a man, and finally tried to defend herself and ended up snapping into a blind rage. She obviously didn’t want or mean to do it and she’s devastated that it happened. My heart goes out to her.

  41. My earlier assessment that Jodi was innocent has not wavered. It has strengthened. Not guilty. Justifiable self-defense.

  42. She is NOT innocent….period !!!!! I think it was pre meditated……SHE SLAUGHTERED HIM !!!!!! She wants everyone to THINK she’s crazy, but I do NOT believe she is at all…..I do think she IS a danger to society…..self defense her ass!!!! Where’s HER bruises, huh??? How she can sleep at night or any time is beyond me. Roger you sound like you are NUTZ. !!!!!!! I hope she gets the death penalty without the possibility of parole and I hope this haunts her the rest of her life !!!!!!!!!

  43. Karen, a sociopath does not waste his/her time on feelings of guilt; they lack the required empathy. She does not dwell on Travis or even what she did to him; her thoughts are focused on maintaining the proper expression for the jury, to keep her stories straight (Fail) and convincing the jury that her actions were justified. Sociopaths are also egocentric; they use people exactly the way Jody claims Travis used her. Her ego may be her own downfall though – the jury may well have seen those smirks and that bit of mirth when she got the best of the prosecutor (in her own mind). Neither smirks nor mirth have any appropriate place in a trial where the victim was… (see the above photos) and the jury knows that. You can bet those photos will be in the room when the jury is deciding her fate.

  44. I really don’t know why this trial still continues …My God , does anybody in this courtroom tries to put Arias in jail besides J. Martinez ? She constantly mocking him , dragging him back and forth , trying to confuse him as to the chronological order of events ! Luckily Mr. Martinez is very sharp and knows what he’s up against so he shuts her up the second she’s trying to make complications, but then she gives him this evil look , like she’s going to snap at him , like how dare he or something ….Have you notices that she’s quietly going mad at Martinez ? She’s boiling inside . I bet if she had the chance she would definitely put her poisoned arms on him . God give strength to Mr. Martinez to defeat this evil bitch. Someone here said that karma is a beautiful thing which means , Arias should definitely watch her back ! As to the autopsy photos I am speechless , I just hope the jury looks at them one last time before reaching the verdict . Jesus ….

  45. One of the most heart-breaking aspects of this case (which the jury will not learn until after-the-fact) is that Travis really was a victim of child abuse/neglect at the hands of his drug-addled parents.
    Society usually pays the debt when abused children begin a life of crime and continue the cycle. In some cases, such as withTravis and his siblings, they are rescued before those scars manifest in negative behavior.

    Travis turned to God under the guidance of his loving grandmother. As a result, he became a loving, caring person as evidenced by his countless friends. Thus far, the only person to say a negative word of him has been his killer. He was not a perfect man; he had the same fleshly desires that plague all. I believe the females with whom he had romances were devout Mormons and knew how to control their own desires. Thus, he stayed a virgin long past puberty. There is so far, no evidence of his having sexual relations with anyone other than Jodi, so it may well be that he was virginal until he met her.

    When they met at the (mostly Mormon) PPL convention, it could be that Travis assumed Jodi was Mormon, as well. He may have assumed a romance between them would go no farther than innocent petting, as had been his past experience. Both her former boyfriend and the post-murder one testified as to Jodi’s sexual aggressiveness; you can bet she behaved the same with Travis.

    If you listened to the tapes, Travis sounds like someone who just discovered sexual pleasure and had developed an all-encompassing obsession for it. That he was conflicted over sex vs sinning in God’s eyes & the eyes of his church is evidenced in his confidences to friends and family & in some of his documented communications with Jodi. He, by her own testimony, freaked out that she’d moved to a home in his vicinity. He’d also asked her to leave him alone.When she didn’t, the flesh proved him weak in that area, but those who are stronger than their own flesh are a minority in society.
    If he used Jodi for sex, I can’t fault him, since he’d made it clear he would never marry her. Some say he was stringing her along, but the evidence I’ve seen suggests she was using her feminine wiles in the belief her talents would change his mind. I even believe her move to Yrecka was a passive/aggressive manipulation of Travis by Jodi; she knew he loved sex and would miss it. To insure that he did, the phone sex came into play – and it was working. The only problem for her is that sex was the only thing he wanted – marriage was not and would never be an option for her. She made sure it would never be one for him.

  46. @spkstrth I have gone to the Maricopa County Court Documents and it shows that there are “letters that Travis wrote to Jodi”…however they are not being allowed in as evidence for the prosecution. They have repeatedly been denied! Why is it that the defense was allowed to chop up the recorded sex tape so that the jury was only able to hear Travis’s voice on most of the recording, but will not allow these letters to be entered as evidence??? I would bet that these letters are the ones that his friends and roommate stated were him telling her it was over and to leave him alone, but because Travis was the great guy that he was she continued to sucker him in with her sob stories and sex! This is so very sad for his friends and family. I wish that every penny that she has and will earn off of her so called photos, pictures, and writings would be court ordered to go to Travis Alexanders family! Not that they would even want a penny of the money, but they could set up a foundation or something that it would benefit.

    • That is a fantastic idea! Seeing his family, I’m sure they would do wonderful, positive things with any money brought in in that manner. I do believe the letters you are referring to are actually the ones FORGED by Jodi, attempting to make Travis out to be a pedophile, which is just clearly a line of bullshit.

    • The letters aren’t being admitted as they are fake – they state about Travis saying/confessing he’s a paedophile BUT they have been found to be forgeries and NOT WRITTEN BY TRAVIS AT ALL. (It’s been suggested they were written (allegedly) by her former boyfriend Matt McCartney) More LIES to try to manipulate and tarnish Travis’s name. I am just glad Juan Martinez in there on Travis’s side. Ms Arias is guilty of murder in the first degree!

  47. After I saw the photos I just wanted to cry for Travis’ family…she should definitely be held accountable for what she has done…

  48. Rozzy & Jessica, I heard those letters brought up in court. I have a feeling that’s not the the last we’ll hear about those.
    I would also assume they will make a movie about this crime (my money on Lindsay Lohan to play Jodi) & his family will get proceeds. No doubt they will use it for a good cause.

  49. What is frustrating most everyone is that the our justice system usually won’t allow things that are considered too prejudicial. If Jodi had been acquitted of murdering a former boyfriend, for instance, that fact would likely not be allowed in the courtroom.

    Personally, I would view those letters as intrinsic towards the Truth, and isn’t Truth what we all really want? What, for instance, if Jodi’s claims of abuse and self-defense were true? What if she really did fear for her life, and what if Travis really had try to kill her? We would find some sympathy for her and give her punishment within limits. It’s too bad for her that she did this deed and then lied about why.

    No, (for her supporters) I have not heard all of the testimony, but I have seen her story (under oath) change, so nothing she says has any value. The evidence gathered by police is all I need to know she planned this murder and slaughtered an unarmed, naked and vulnerable man. That she has assassinated his reputation and character with more lies and self-serving exaggerations may well be what gets her the death penalty. Jurors who recognize the Truth when they see it will not take kindly to that.

  50. Your an attention seeking idiot Emil Kostov

  51. So is your friend Roger Sallee

  52. hey can anybody recommend where to watch the trial . Until day 29 i watched on YouTube but its been three days and no new videos …should i wait for it to upload it ? or there are another sites ? Thanks in advance guys .

    • I watch it live on ( but the Youtube videos are always good since I can’t sit here glued to the screen everyday. lol Enjoy! Oh, and trial has been in recess until today, so there hasn’t been anything for those wonderful ladies to upload.

      • thank you jess…

      • Hi Jessica,I was trying to find the link to answer your question in regards to JA being able to murder Travis in a timely fashion without his room mates comming home.Ive been following this trial since it started day one of Jan 2nd.It was stated that his roomate was out of town with his girlfriend and she was aware of that, She knew after murdering Travis then locking his door no one would suspect anything because Travis was suppose to be in Cacun.I believe they mention he had 2 roomates.Not sure where the other was but she knew there schedules. None of his roomates knew of the death because of their where abouts.They would have both had to be out of town. It was only when because whe Travis never answered any phones calls or returned any calls they got worried. I wonder if that Jodi came two weapons thinking that MiMi might have been there since they were leaving the next day.Who knows what story she would have told had Travis & MiMi were there together. She would have had to kill them both.Who brings a knife and a gun except for over kill or maybe to kill 2 people.What I cant understand after listening to Nancy Grace & Ryan Smith is in late discovery they mentioned thar Jodi was originally on the ticket to travel with Travis earlier in the plan he then changed it,but this was not brought out on the states side.Hopefully during closing arguments or rebuttal this will be brought out which also would prove Jodi lied in saying she wasnt jealous that Travis was going to Cancun.Of course she was,,,why would she bring her suitcase with her had she not planned to change his mind and when he didnt she went balistic.

      • I want to apologize for my previous comments,I was typing so fast I left out words and some words were mispelled. I hope my comment was able to be understood!

    • I watch it on HLN call your server and ask what number the Arias trial is on.

  53. Seeing the pictures of what Travis looked like after Jodi brutally murdered him is beyond comprehension. She deserves the death penalty and may she be attacked like she attacked him while she is in prison. To anyone who could even believe her self-defense story, you are as heartless as Jodi Arias. Regardless if she was used just for sex…no one deserves what she did to Travis. My heart goes out to his family because as a victim of violence I know that their pain will never go away. My Dad was murdered back in 1973 by 4 gang members trying to rob my parents business. My Dad was stabbed over 20 times and fought very hard for his life, which appears that Travis did to by all the defensive wounds on his hands….This is so horrible…I think that she may make history as one of the most cruelest and heartless murders. She has not shown once ounce of remorse for what she did to this man that she “loved”…yea right…I truly believe that she is demonic.

  54. Hey, Rozzy, perhaps when the trial is over the Alexander family will file a wrongful death lawsuit against Jodi. Hands down they will win, so any money JA makes on prison art, interviews, books or whatever would be funneled right to them.
    Let’s hope they do just that.

    • Jodi will go down in history as one of the worse. It’s a shame, but there are more sicko killers out there in history that are women. She just joined in the ranks.

  55. The photos clearly indicate rage, and they’re awful, but claiming Travis is a sweetheart is ridiculous. He clearly treated her poorly, but kept having sex with her when she showed up, claiming he didn’t want to. I can’t say he deserved this fate, but it takes two to tango, and he’s responsible for some level of culpability. The really unfortunate part is that Martinez is a jackass and spends more time arguing about inconsequential issues after she’s shown herself to be less than credible. His incessant badgering of her does little to convince anyone that she’s even more of liar than we think she is, and opens the window for someone on the jury to sympathize wtih her. Everyone believes she’s a liar. That doesn’t prove pre-meditation, though… just proves she’s a liar. The gun, the stabbing, the slashing, and the false reports to police all indicate she likely planned this. He’s doing a lousy job of keeping that message clear to the jury, though. His frantic, disjointed approach, and his lack of clarity and linear thought pave the path for a jury member to have what they consider reasonable doubt. Don’t be shocked by the verdict if that happens. We’ve all seen stranger things happen with juries.

    • Are you serious???? Travis kept having sex with the psycho because she was WILLING. He never forced her to have sex with him. Why the hell did she go back to Arizona in June if she was afraid of him????????? TO KILL HIM!!!!

    • Well , well ….If you really want to know who is a jackass , take a look in a mirror ! Martinez is doing incredible job he is very talented attorney , and you should be ashamed of yourself criticizing professionals ! Should it be YOUR relative murdered like that ( that is if you care at all ) , you would want someone like Martinez be on your side ..I’m not even asking how you could say such things AFTER looking at those pictures . You do have a right for your opinion but because you are such an attention seeker , i say your opinion here doesn’t count at all .

      • None of my relatives treat people the way Travis treated Jodi. Being critical of Martinez is exactly what everyone should be doing. He’s paid by the taxpayer dime. The pictures don’t prove guilt, only anger and rage. Being overly emotional instead of rational isn’t useful. I personally don’t think the defense has made a good case that Jodi had no other option than what she did, but I don’t think Martinez has done a great job keeping the jury focused on the relevant facts. He’s consistently shown himself to be just as petulant as she is. He’s an embarrassment to anyone who is a professional, If she doesn’t get a guilty verdict, I’ll be interested in hearing from the jury. Once again, proving Jodi is a liar isn’t enough. His job is to prove that she intended to kill him before he allegedly attacked her. Interviews with jury members in the past indicate that they take the role very seriously, and will cast their jury vote based on the presentation of the case,.. not what they personally think happened.

    • You seem to know Travis if you say that :” None of my relatives treat people the way Travis treated Jodi.” And yes i would pay not only a dime for Martinez as long as he puts that psycho behind the bars without the possibility of parole or even better send her to the death row . If you so dislike the prosecutor technique ( i hope it’s a technique , because you referred to HIM as a jackass ) why don’t you share with us what technique should be applied in a case like this . The feelings that evolve from those pictures are natural and who’s : ” Being overly emotional ” ? You said that
      ” Martinez is a jackass ” that makes YOU non objective and emotional towards the prosecution ( not the defence team , what a shock ) . And what gives you the right to judge other people’s feelings ? Overly emotional person must be the one who can sympathize with this case( like for example the family , the relatives , the majority of people that feel for them) , more than you do . Being objective is hard looking at those autopsy photos , being indifferent is also hard …..those qualities
      ( objectivity and coldness ) are most utilized in Psychiatry and Psychology when you do not want to take the painful stories of others to your heart , those two factors by the way that Dr. Samuels completely forgotten about.

      • I’ll give you the dignity of a reply that you don’t deserve. I would suggest professionalism would be a better approach. Seeing him for the jackass he is demonstrating himself to be is not only objective, but accurate. I have no sympthay or empathy for anyone in this case… only curiosity. I am indeed indifferent to the autopsy photos, they are merely evidence in the case to me.

  56. How can it be self defense when the point is to defend your life? Someone mad about a camera is not life threatening. Someone yelling kill you bitch after you shoot them in the face is normal. When you roll away and get up you run for the door not for a knife. You also do not use gas cans to fill up on the trip with gas stations all over the place, have the only gun taken from a “robbery” be the same type used in the murder, change your hair color and use a rental car having taken the plates off of it and call it coincidence. This was a killing from rage. She snapped. She should have plead snapped and insanity instead of lying like a douche. She could have gotten away several times. The first being not going there when you say he abuses you. Two after the body slam, instead of going for an unloaded gun which not being loaded he would just grab it and beat your face in with it. And three after you shoot him, roll away, and run again. What a liar. Plus her hands and her eyes do not corroborate her words. She has as much emotion as I do looking buying car tires. Seriously she looks like she is telling someone else’s story.

  57. I am so SICK of listening to Jodi say that Travis “passed away” …she not only killed him, she BRUTALIZED him! Bringing a gun shows premeditation to do harm, and her convenient “fog” will only infuriate the jurors if they’re truly paying attention.

  58. The jury will forget Juan’s disjointed cross when he makes his summation. He will clarify every event along with actual evidence at that time – and I’ll bet he’ll put it all together for them. He may even remind the jury how evasive Jodi was on the stand.

    • i can’t wait to see that …Martinez is going to assemble the puzzle that is now contains of too many parts…I assume that during the summation , the defence team won’t be able to yell out ” objection ” again .

  59. I’m a little confused. The first two pictures – are these pics that were found on the camera or are they autopsy/crime scene type photos? His skin and the wounds look a lot fresher than the obvious autopsy pictures where he looks bloated and more decomposed. Can anyone tell me? Thanks.

    • Fresher? EW! No, they are definitely crime scene/autopsy photos.

      • I saw that too. Some of the photos his color looks pink and the blood looks red and his body looks “fresher” and then in other pics he looks more purple and decomposed. Look at the pics of before and after he was washed. The before pics almosy look like they were taken with a different camera or light. He looks pink more normal color. The pics of after he is washed are darker and he looks purple and bloated and more mummified. Just split them up int before washed and after washed they look completely different. Like the before washed you can barely see the purple blood pooling color. He looks pink and that blood pool is dark. Maybe they used a different flash? Either way what she did was horrible and I’m glad she was found guilty. Now she needs death!

  60. Liz, I expect that the wounds not exposed to air – where his body was pressed against the sides of the shower – would appear to the eye as ‘fresher’.

    • I was going to say that but I didn’t want to be too graphic… Guess we’re all past that now, since we’ve seen the pictures.

      • I didn’t want to use that word either, but I didn’t know how to describe it otherwise. This is horrifying, and I’m deeply affected by this case. It’s really pulled at my heart to even imagine what the family is going through and living over and over. I saw those first pictures and thought she took them on the camera, so I was even more horrified that she took pictures of her “work”. It makes sense now that these are taken right after he was discovered. So sad. So very sad.

      • I nLove you Jessica Knight, and thanks for helping me see those Graphic Autopsy photos. so much love for you.

  61. Jodi is a psycho!! She took her grandfather’s gun and set out to Arizona to kill Travis. She planned the whole thing. She is a pathological liar and if any of those jurors believe ANYTHING she says, then something is very wrong. I hope she gets sent to death row where she belongs.

  62. Jessicaknight82, thank you for posting these pics. I am very caught up with the trial but missed the first part of it. And saw a few images here and there. However, comon sense and intuition tell me that Jodi went with the intention to kill Travis out of insane jealousy and succeeded. I am a praying woman with a sincere desire to know the truth. My heart goes out to Travis, his family, and his friends. When I saw these photos, I cried for Travis. Everything you posted here only confirms my beliefs of what really happened, how Jody carried out her evil plan in spite of the changes she had to make at the last minute; and your post further makes me feel compassion for Travis. God bless him and his family. Blessed are those who hunger for justice, they shall be satisfied.

  63. Jodi Arias is lying on the stand and JM will establish this and win the case. Jodi looked very frightened on her last day of testimony like she knows she’s going to get caught in her lies again, only this time it will result in her own death. Tragically sick kitten.

  64. Have you tallied up the number of people you personally know who suffer from global amnesia or any of the other symptoms about which Dr. Samuels has testified? (No fair counting those traumatized by war, with drug/alcohol-induced incidents, with brain injuries or with brain disorders.)

    I highly suspect it is exceedingly rare among the rest of the population.

  65. That’s EXACTLY what I was wondering, spkstrth! I was shocked to Google and find Wikipedia has a page for “Transient Global Amnesia”. I’d have bet Jodi’s life it was a term Dr. Samuels coined himself.

    As obvious as it is (to all those w/at least half a brain) that this was in NO WAY a case of “self defense”, I fear the jury may end up losing sight of the facts and evidence in their irritation at the Prosecutor’s off-putting style of questioning.

  66. jenniferlyn, take heart – according to those in the courtroom, the jury nearly falls asleep during the defense but comes wide awake when Juan is asking the questions. I think their body language is very telling, & I also think they’ve pretty much made up their minds. Jodi needs to enjoy her trial – it’s in a room much bigger than the one that is destined to be her home.

  67. i have a question ….why in God’s name , the defence puts a sex therapist to the stand to hear his expert opinion ( about brain structure ) in a MURDER trial ???!!! We should all reinforce Mr, Martinez and pray for him , Oh and have you noticed that Nurmi doesn’t talk anymore , i have, because i don’t fall asleep during the defence.

    Dr. Samuel explained about brain areas which are affected by stress situations and CAN cause memory lapses ???? Oh please doc ,you mean to tell us that many people who had to deal with death threatening situations have no memory …..?? come on ! I know people that can relive their worst nightmares !! I do believe that Martinez would bring as many as he can or just cross that Dr. Everything in this trial goes lost in translation !!! Everyone confused nobody sure anymore what the hell is going on !

  68. It’s very interesting to try to extract the snippets of truth in her testimony. I’m sure part of her strategy is to do just that – NOBODY can lie about all of it. Further proving her pre-meditation in my mind is some of her statements to the police. There’s video of her being interrogated and she states that they were downstairs in the kitchen and she alludes that it’s kind of logical for her to go ahead and hit the road (especially if this was just a booty call right ?). I bet just before that is when the talk of his upcoming trip came back up – and they have a mildly uncomfortable exchange about it and she realizes nothing is changing. She puts on the poker face of all poker faces – knowing she’s exhausted all other options in her mind and she’s going to go through with it and kill him. She goes up and showers and puts the gun in the cabinet underneath the sink. She goes back downstairs and very nonchalantly brings up the “Calvin Klein” look photos she would like to take, showcasing his newly developed physique he’s proud of. She testified he said it sounded “gay” and he’s not that enthused, but basically he says “whatever”. He heads up to shower, she says she’ll be up in a minute and gets a knife, putting it in her pants before she goes back into the bathroom. She’s determined for this whole thing to go down in the shower – no muss no fuss. All evidence washes away, there’s no paper trail of her being in AZ, hopefully she doesn’t have to use the gun … She softens him up taking photos and bantering about them. Right before the first photo of him sitting she trips like a light switch into psycho mode. She brandishes the knife and orders him to sit down. Who knows what was said – I’m guessing JA did the talking. In the last photo sitting down he knows he’s in a bad situation – I think the distress is obvious. Just after that she jumps him and manages at least the stab to the heart (others as well ?). He’s fighting back hard – much more than she anticipated. This is the “body slam” (half truth stitched in – along with “f*ing kill you bitch”). This is the part that drives me crazy. I bet TA was like – WTF was I thinking to agree to this ? I bet he was disappointed in himself for believing her – that’s the kind of guy I think he was. The problem with his counterattack is he’s got *at least* one mortal stab wound – and it took him a lot of quickly fleeting energy to gain traction to get up against her ongoing attack, so even in that few seconds he’s no longer exactly on his “A” game. He falls too, claws to the sink sputtering and coughing and losing strength by the second. She gets up, rages on his back, he tries to run and falls. Rolls on his back to try to deflect and is able to kick at her some. All sorts of screaming … quick way to shut him up, slit his throat – which was pretty easy to do by that point – she’s in rage attack mode and he’s been stabbed probably well over ten times. Blood everywhere – NOT what she had in mind. Quickly drag him away from the carpet – try and stick to the original plan and stick him back in the shower. He’s probably still making noises and she’s freaked out/delirious – gets the gun out and shoots him.

    Isn’t it amazing the coincidence of the photos “in progress” containing anything of value ? I do think it’s just a coincidence – but it’s a crazy one. I bet JA can’t believe her run of bad luck there either! Hopefully it results in the worst case of bad luck she’s ever had.

    A burning question – what about roommate time frames ? She must have had a good idea when to expect them – but it was getting late in the day. Seems like no matter what time you might expect them back, you’d be in a hell-bent frenzy to get the fook out of there.

    Why have cds of photos with you if it was never your intention to go there ? More premeditation.

    Lastly, why say yes to her to drop by when she’s just recently told you she recorded that sex tape of you sounding like a total perv ? AND hacking your accounts ? I don’t think I’d be turned on by her anymore. Therefore, I think there’s more to it than that.

  69. I think by June 4 – with Jodi on tape talking about the two of them ‘marrying other people’, Travis believed JA was okay with them being friends with benefits. I think she may have said she’d drop off that check & get a booty call. Travis, being a healthy man, probably thought it would just be a normal visit. I doubt Travis had a clue she had recorded their private fantasies – I think she pondered upon blackmailing him by exposing him to his bishop or future girlfriends. HOWever, she was being pretty slutty herself on that tape, so she may have changed her mind. Travis was not the only one concerned about ‘appearance’. (Recall she worried about her…’reputation?’)

  70. By the way, recall Jodi’s request to see the photos? It wasn’t ‘morbid curiosity’. Jodi has a penchant for taking a small bit of information & spinning a story around it – a story that always puts someone else in a bad light. Recall the tassel & ‘rope’ fibers? Flores questioned her about those & she had no immediate answer.
    The tassel & fibers matched the trim on Travis’ toss pillows, so it makes sense when you think about having to drag a heavy, dead, wet body across a tiled floor, to stuff an oversized pillow under it & pull on the pillow. She had no choice but to wash her blood from his body – so she HAD to put him into the shower. The pillow would have had her own blood on it, so that was also removed from the crime scene. The pillow’s trim was torn in the process & left at the scene. How to explain that? The rope (which is not seen in any of the sex photos) made its appearance and made Travis look more deviant.

    Premeditated, First-degree to the nth.

  71. So , we all know Jodi has to go , she committed a terrible crime killing innocent man by , making sure he was in a very vulnerable position where he can’t fight back ! But we have to talk about Martinez . Martinez has to prove it , doesn’t he ? He has a tremendous and heavy case on his shoulders he has to exhibit all the evidence and events , he has to be consistent with the chronological order ( because , as we all know JA always tries to confuse him by asking irrelevant questions ) . Martinez has to make somehow the jury wake up and see the unfortunate reality which sucks by the way, because this trial is an outrage ( bringing sex therapist to the murder trial to somehow explain memory lapses) . Come on , really ? Frankly my heart goes out to the prosecutor. We put here some very interesting theories , we see those horrifying autopsy photos , we want her to pay for what she did , but Mr. Martinez is the one who must prove it and deal with it and how can he , when that Nurmi yells out ” objection” every two seconds , sabotaging further Martinez’s progress in this case . He his trying his best , working very hard assembling the puzzle for the jury . I hope he succeeds man , i really do !

  72. I almost feel guilty looking @ the photo’s ! First time i saw “JODI” on tv …during trail i couldn’t believe a Female looking the way she does COULD BE CAPABLE OF DOING THIS ! she had 2 have got the drop on him ? how she didn’t receive any cuts,brakes,etc …. during this fight is mind blowing ! here’s how i think it went down ( #1 DURING THE SHOWER TRAVIS TOLD JODI SOMETHING ? he fucked another female/wants 2 end the relationship ENDED UP IN A FIGHT #2 SHE PULLED THE 25 ON HIM WITH THREATS… IN A RAGE … PULLS THE TRIGGER,MISSING THE KILL SHOT, #3 THEN SHE FREAKS/SO DID TRAVIS, NOW IT’S REAL … SHE KNOWS SHE HAS 2 TAKE IT ALL THE WAY #4 GETS KNIFE STARTS STABBING STILL CAN’T KILL HIM ! #5 IN JODI’S MIND ….. MOTHER F.ER I’LL KILL YOU ! THAT’S WHEN SHE DOUBLE DOWN AND SLIT HIS THROAT ! END OF STORY ! a million ways 2 twist it but that’s the way it went down ! PLEASE DEAR LORD FORGIVE HER FOR THIS HORRIBLE CRIME AGAINST TRAVIS AND YOU i pray myself and my Family never comes close 2 anything this EVIL IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST Amen. “READ THIS” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Nancy McLaughlin

    Jodi Arias is a liar, I don’t believe a word she says and if she is found guilty and receives the death penalty, killing her by lethal injection would be too good for her. She should be killed in the exact manner in which she killed Travis Alexander. That poor man had his whole life ahead of him and did not deserve to be killed, even if some of the things Jodi Arias claims he did to her (which I strongly doubt) he still did not deserve to die.

  74. my guess and I’ve thought about it alot. Him in the shower looking at her..she has the gun on him then. There’s video on Dr. Drew where he had a gun held against his head and he’s re-telling the story and jodi is on his lap. He looks terrified, he pushes past her and slapps the gun out of her hand and she pulls the knife tucked in the back of her pants..that she’s clearly wearing. And stabbs him in the chest and it goes from there up the hall him running away etc. until she drags him back and shoots him in the head. She puts him in the shower only to evade getting caught, who knows how long it took her to do that. Then she cleans up the crimescene…GUILTY all counts.
    Rage would have been a better defense especially since jodi was willing to cop to second degree murder until procescution wouldn’t accept. No self defence here…self preservation!

  75. The photos put the trial into perspective. Thanks for making them available. There is no doubt JA is a cold-blooded killer. All the sex talk is nothing more than white noise. Travis did not deserve to die. I pray justice is done and done soon. The trial is becoming a circus and I hope Martinez can get it back on track.

  76. I shouldn’t of come here to look at Travis’s pictures I started
    crying as soon as I saw the first photo of this kind and gentle man and here it is over an hour later and still crying wondering why this animal Jodi could of been so cruel and heartless to someone that she claimed to love.Ive been with her trial from day 1 and I’ve never ever seen her actually cry or even say that she was truly sorry for what shes done.I never met Travis but would of loved to have met him but I feel as if I do know him thru this screwed up trial and thats a damn dirty shame.My heart actually feels broken and I loved him as my friend like so many others that never really met him either so please Dear God I pray to you make this low life non human thing pay for her sins for the hurting and savage brutal murder of this wonderful sweet man Travis Alexander by making the jurors give her the death penalty PLEASE.My heart is filled with sorrow and pain and the world is crying right now all except one person so she has got to be stopped before she does this again and again..We miss you Travis RIP honey…and Juan Martinez is your voice now and we all know that your the angel on his shoulder so help him get the job done so this spawn of satan can go back to hell where she belongs..

  77. I just had an a-ha moment.

    I’ve always thought she never intended to actually use the gun. After all, It’s late afternoon in a suburban neighborhood and her odds of getting caught go up exponentially as soon as the gun is involved – from the noise to ballistic evidence. Lastly, if she holds him at gun point, he might be able to get it from her – then she just brought a knife to a gun fight. Bad move. I think she figured she’d stab him several times and that would be that. He’d never make it out of the shower and all the evidence would wash away. I think the first stab wound was to his heart. How she managed to do that we’ll never know. From what I understand, that alone was a mortal wound – but it would take awhile.

    There’s gaps of time between the earlier shower photos before he’s obviously distressed. I think she had the gun in her belongings that were still in the bedroom. When she ultimately decided it was go-time, she went and got it and put it on the counter by the sink – OR – my earlier theory was she put it under the sink when she showered. Anyway, she either put it on the counter or opened the cabinet door – in case the gun became necessary. At that point he may or may not have seen it. Maybe he did. She orders him to sit down and she jumps him good and inflicts that initial wound to his heart. He defends himself beyond her estimations, fending off attempts to stab and knocks her over out of the shower and is determined to get to the gun somewhere by the sink. The fierce stab wounds to the back is her panic mode because he is in between her and the gun now and he knows where it is. Unfortunately she’s stabbed him over ten times by now and inflicted enough damage that he can’t obtain it. As the attack continues, he impulsively tries to flee down the hall, giving up on “searching” for the gun. One can assume vision is a bit off by then.

    This scenario works well with her lies. She can conceive with very little effort in that twisted evil mind of hers that from the instant he made it out of the shower that she in fact was defending herself and fighting for her life! After all, he’s trying to get to the gun. The convenient fog descends when she’s no longer fighting for her life the moment he’s out of proximity of the gun.

    She shot him for at least two possible reasons : she was frustrated/delirious because it got so chaotic and not according to plan and/or he was still making noises.

  78. We all know that there is something seriously wrong with this woman. This was a cold calculated murder. Everyone knows that when you are in police interrogation rooms, that you are on camera. This is her calculating way of showing that she is sick. The proper punishment for this psychopath is life in prison without the possibility of parole. She butchered this man merely because he didn’t want her anymore. She couldn’t have that so he had to die. The only time she showed any emotion on the stand it was for herself, not for Travis. When she turned on the waterworks she she covered her face with her hand and her hair. It was just an act! She butchered him but that wasn’t enough for her, she also had to assassinate his character. Watching her on the stand being flippant and quietly combative at the same time made me sick! I just can’t believe how they are stretching out this trial. While she definitely deserves the DEATH PENALTY, I will be satisfied if she is locked up forever and we don’t have to hear about her again. She is a monster!

  79. Absolutely horrific! She’s the Devil!

  80. I hink Jodi Arias is guilty as hel!! I think the heartless bitch should be put to death!! She had no right to do anything to that man, period. If she was defending herself like she sad she was, she should’ve went straight to the police. She’s nothing but an abitual liar. When her time has come, she will burn in hell.

  81. God I hope the jury get it right this time. I want her to get DEATH. I also wanted Casey Anthony to get DEATH but the stupid jury let her go. Please let’s not have a repeat of the Casey Anthony or OJ Simpson verdicts. Jodi is counting on having that kind of jury, she said “No Jury Will Convict Me”. She deserve Death or Life without Parole. Travis and his family and friends deserve JUSTICE.

  82. But, for the grace of God go I. Ignoring me, cheating on me and cussing me in front of the children ages 6 and 10. What’s a girl to do? Well it’s sure not blow him away and catch the crap for that heinous act. How about do the exact opposite of what the abuser thinks you will do. That’s pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start your life again. I did and so can you. Wasn’t easy, in fact it was pretty darn hard, but please trust me on this one—If I did it you can too, I promise. AND you know that Jodie Arias had a choice also and she choose the easier way (she thought). It’s turned out not to be quite as easy as she first imagined. So you may want to steer away from anything that appears easy or simple, especially at first.

  83. Jodi Arias is INCREDIBLY fortunate that she did not live in the time and place of the Mesopotamian kingdom of Hammurabi (The Code of Hammurabi), “an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”. If she is found “not” guilty, than she truly deserves an Oscar accompanied with the verdict. If only this could have happened in Saudi Arabia, than she can have “her” head cut off. So what’s left? Hanging? Nope, too fast. The mechanics of hanging, I believe, is that you are rendered unconscious via the broken neck, then without knowing, you suffocate. The electric chair? possibly, but I would feel better if there was a doctor present to resuscitate her a few times in order to accompany a few extra jolts, if you know what I mean. If she had done this horrific crime to my son AND found not guilty, there would be no safe house on the planet for her to hide from me, period.

  84. If they don’t give her death and instead life imprisionment she should have to look at those pics every f’n day! Self defense my ass! The jury is gonna convict. They’re annoyed for having their time wasted by her. Just look at the questions they asked.

    • Agreed. They should cover her walls with the crime scene photos and his autopsy. Maybe her memories will resurface. But maybe she would like that…? creepy. I doubt that’s a possibility anyway. But it would be somehow just, ya know.

  85. Jessica, the only photo in Scott Peterson’s cell is one of he and Laci before he killed her. That photo isn’t for him; it’s for everyone else who may see it. If you recall the trial when the photos of Laci’s and Conner’s remains were shown, Scott looked like he was studying them. There was not the slightest bit of sorrow nor horror on his face – just curiosity.
    Jodi has seen every one of those autopsy photos before the trial – she feigned shock, she fake cried & it was all an act to garner sympathy from the jury. Her cell could be wallpapered with those photos & she would feel no sense of horror.
    Recall when Jodi spoke of nicking herself in that phony suicide attempt, she told the jury with some emphasis that it had ‘stung!’ Then she compared it to a paper cut. Until Juan pointed it out, she had no thought as to how much pain SHE had inflicted upon Travis.
    She is the definition of the word ‘sociopath’ – the pain only counts when it’s her own.

    I’m not a death penalty fan…but I would not hold a sign to protest if Arizona decides she needs executed.

  86. If theses pictures don’t convict Jodi, then it shows out judicial system is broken down . Thank you for sharing theses

  87. I’m sorry guys , but even if they put his autopsy pictures on her wall in prison , she would take sick pride of them , it wouldn’t bother her at all ,don’t you see that it would do the opposite and reinforce her . Martinez became my hero when he asked Dr. Samuels if he had a memory issues too , man that was something !!.That Doc went on a stand hoping to make a name for himself , turned out his nothing but a fraud ..I don’t understand the defence team coming to court unprepared and the only thing they saying is ” objection” , how can they socialize with Jodi , chit chat with her smiling about something ….what the hell is going on over there ? Martinez is the only one that is dead serious about this case and reminding them of the brutal murder Jodi committed ! And the other thing , in my opinion that judge is a little indifferent !

  88. Nancy McLaughlin

    Jodi Arias should definitely be convicted and sent to death row for this hanious crime. She is a compulsive liar and a psychopath. This crime was definitely pre-meditated. I believe she had a gun and a knife on her person when she arrived at Travis Alexander’s home and that she attacked him with the knife while he had his back to her while taking a shower finally shooting him in the face when he was lying on his bathroom floor bleeding to death. The whole story about him attacking her for dropping his camera ending in Jodi Arias killing Travis Alexander is complete BS I don’t believe it ever happened. I also believe that she stole the gun used in his murder from her grandparent’s. Jodi Arias is a dangerous person, I believe that she will kill again if she is convicted of this crime.

  89. David Melbourne

    For the life of me i can’t understand why people seem to think that Jodi isn’t guilty,i would like to know if this was one of your family memeber would you still think that Jodi isn’t guilty?.The massive know that Jodi did the killing,she said she did,but now every one is trying to find reasons why she did it.So TA wasn’t the greatest guy according to JA because i don’t know if thats the truth so i am quoting her on that,but still yet even a blind person could see that this could never be a defending one self killing.This is was done intentionally and delibrately and no question about it.We have seen defensive killing and we have seen jealously killing and this is no defending one self.I believe Jodi brought the gun with her, she might not have killed him the moment she got there but it was her intention.TA just happened to say the wrong things that she didn’t expect to hear and so she went looney.At the same time TA is some what responsible for a lot of things,he should have end all contact with her when she went back home.I don’t care if any one on here agree with me on that part,but truth is truth and if he has cut all ties with her as in all that sexual acts etc perhaps he would have still be alive today.He didn’t want Jodi as a gf but as a sexual drive by,you have her over for secretly sex and openly you rejected her. As for Jodi’ in her mind it was a step into getting back together.TA was wrong to do that and so Jodi went off the handle,and that is the reason why i don’t believe it was a defending herself killing.But TA is not totally innocent,however,i am not saying he deserve to be killed.

    • So , what are you saying David ? Don’t tell me that there was a girl in your life that you didn’t want , but she did’t slit your throat did she ? I’m telling you this because almost every girl in here experienced rejection from the guy she loved , me included ,and sometimes the girl has to reject the guy . It’s life you know , that’s how we become smarter individuals , through pain of rejection , but we didn’t think of murdering , we thought of other fish in the sea. Eventually nothing matters anymore we get wiser , find other people , getting involved in a serious relationship , marrying , and live happily ever after . This is how it was supposed to be , Jodi supposed to move on , but she is a sick psycho murderer that doesn’t get no for an answer , doesn’t respect herself . Can you seriously look at these pictures and assume that Travis Alexander was’t totally innocent ? Does it matter ?

  90. To hear the story and then to see what she actually did are two different things. Travis went through hell in his last minutes. Its curiousity to people to see the acutal pics. Its horror to acutally see them. She deserves to die the same way he did. How could someone do something like that to someone that they “loved”. Unbelievable. That is why people are so addicted to this trial. Everyone though Casey Anthony would be found guilty and she walked free. This better not happen to Jodi.

  91. She is a sick demented woman… She lied to so many people in the beginning and now lying in front of his family. She is a disgusting cunt. Why not just tell everyone the truth and bring his family some closure, you are gonna die anyway whether it be now or 30yrs from now. I think they should let her live… And throw her ass in solitary confinement and print huge prints of all the haunting photos of travis’s injuries and hang them up in her cell behind bullet proof glass so she has nothing else to do but look at them and suffer the guilt every fucking day. Torture you might say but that would just be a little taste of how much Travis suffered.. Every stab wound, the gunshot, the slit throat.. The struggle of fighting for his life. My heart goes out to his family and may he rest in peace.

  92. Deborah Delorme

    Just read the comment by Roger, seriously dude you believe self defense and believe this woman should be set free! There is NO way he abused her, she is a liar and she manipulates people. It always amuses me when men are taken in by women who manipulate men by using sex as a weapon. She believed she could get him back by having sex with him and he would change his mind and take her to Cancun. When that didn’t work she flipped! Self defense my butt, shot him once, stab him once maybe but not the carnage she inflicted on him, no way! I believe she actually was the abuser, who travels a thousand miles unless she has planned all this.

    The gun was from her grandparents home and she also brought the knife with her. They keep wondering where the knife was, why not in her suitcase where she also had the gun.

    NOT Self Defense, No abuse by Travis just a guy who got caught up with a manipulative woman using sex to keep him interested.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Alexander family and also to the Arias family because either way both families are suffering ( it is not Arias’ family that did this just Jodi).

    I do hope that the jury will come back with guilty verdict for first degree murder and that she gets the ultimate penalty of Death.

  93. First I cannot even comprehend these actions that were inflicted upon Mr. Alexander. This woman is seriously disturbed and has needed help in my opinion for
    a long time. Her parents had an obligation to society to recognize a long time ago that she was troubled. With that being said I do believe that this case is in trouble. We have to remember that jury members are basically blue collar workers made up of some professionals that believe me have no prior experience in the legal field or what the law basically means. Then you have the defense who brings people less than competent to give so called expert opinions and on top of that confusion the
    prosecution is not making things understandable or for lack of better term easy to understand. He will get a second chance lets hope he can basically just say she
    murdered him show the photos bring on his own psychologist that interviewed her and just say she is a sociopath and who was jealous show the jealous acts show
    some of the police interviews have someone from prepaid legal and end it they
    are already confused. Arizona law won’t allow her to be set free because of the degree of the crime, her confession and the cruelty factor she at the least can get
    2nd degree. Look it up easy to understand.

  94. Poor Travis! May he rest… and for all u Brain Dead Amebas out there taking a stand for Jody, or Casey Anothony, or O.J., or freakin Lizzie Borden for that matter, I can only say to bad u cant stand with her + get injected right along with her! I define stupidity as: Seeing the evidence, Seeing the truth, Knowing the truth, Believing the lies. And ur kind of heartless stupidity truly should not be allowed to breed.

  95. This case is such bullshit,Jodi was not abused and imho she really fell hard for him. I am sorry but 2 weeks to engage in sex is reasonable to some of us, she had plenty of experience, and if she felt like she was being taken advantage she would of blown him off, no doubt in my mind. , if you spend a lot of time together it isn’t like a 1 nighter, if you are attracted to someone, SO WHAT. She wasn’t a virgin and at 27 she had her share of sexual experiences , if she didn’t like anal sex she wouldn’t have done it . i personally don’t care for that and no one is gonna change my mind. What is she so meek that she couldn’t say no way man :
    ” not my thing”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It don’t matter to me if someone likes that but to all the sudden act like you are appalled that you are just so mesmerized and you have lost all self dignity to satisfy him is beyond believable it is a joke. Now you want to make him out 2 be a deviant so than what are you?????????? I would be horrified if i saw someone rubbing one out to a picture of a child i may have wanted to kill him then for real, that is why i know in my heart that as a woman you would have freaked if you really saw that. I have kids and you thank god U dont , because your first and second instinct was to have sex with him, why didn’t you turn him in , dont blame your parents either cause i grew up with a strong 100% Italian mom who hit me and my 4 brothers and none of us have killed our spouses. And she still has a strong influence in our life but we dont blame her or my dad for that matter for what goes on with our PARTNERS! So PLEASE STOP, take responsibility, you are ruining so many other lives, have you no conscious at all, stupid fucking question on my part… of course you have no conscious. Do everyone a favor and leave them out of it. Your life is over as you will ever know it ,and me… I have no sympathy for the devil but i do have an enormous amount of sympathy for Travis and his familia..Go back to the cell u creeped out of and except responsibility. Oh and what was wrong was that Travis couldn’t pay you to leave him alone. You destroyed your own life and wont be happy until you do the same to many others. May God have mercy on your soul

    • Anita you are right ! I grew up in a Russian family where the discipline was also hard and often physical punishments tool place especially when studying piano lessons 🙂
      i love my mom and dad very much and they also have a significant part in my life . Jodi’s attorneys technique is to apply as many miserable life situations as they can , like mental illnesses , memory problems , abusive parents. Her mom is sitting right there isn’t she ashamed of those allegations ? Oh , right those allegations were agreed upon …her mom probably would testify on beating her to death if it helps to the case….

  96. I think Travis told her it was fun but he has found someone else that he intended to marry. She was pissed because she no longer could control him through sex. He was murdered in an up close personal way that indicates rage, not fear.

  97. The only time Jodi had real tears was in the interrogation room when she realized all that she would be missing out on when in jail. mememe girl … no remorse for the heinous murder she committed. Then she cried for her parents whom she couldn’t visit, remember those awesome parents she threw under the bus when it was convenient? Those awesome parents who beat her. Had that been my dtr in the court room telling stories like that, I would have walked out and not come back until she told the truth. Yet there they are wearing blue ribbons for support of stopping abuse. Jodi is making a mockery of something that is very real for many women and men. Jodi was a willing participant in porn and probably the instigator. She was willing to please men well before Travis got into her wretched life. She spent her time trying to be what she believed other men wanted. I don’t think Jodi knew how to be herself. She had breast augmentation so she could fit in with the last crowd she hung with. She had made herself a doormat and deviant sex object to keep men and that is probably because she is devoid of being able to really love someone. That all fits with her narcissistic personality. Like Ted Bundy, Joran van der Sloot, Casey Anthony and all the other cold blooded murderers. Behind her sweet smile and soft voice lies a lethal mix.
    I do not believe Travis did anything she didn’t want to have done to her. People of her psychotic personality can only be turned on by severe deviance. I also believe the taped conversations were scripted but now we will never know.
    Why is it that Travis was able to have normal relationships with the other girls and not Jodi? I think in the beginning, like any normal male, he was also quite taken by Jodi’s free nature but that certainly did not last very long as men tire of doormats devoid of normal emotion. Jodi kept inflicting herself on Travis, ruining every decent relationship he had with decent females. They must be having nightmares now, thinking how close they came to being butchered like she did to Travis.
    Now if Jodi for some reason only gets a short jail sentence, then I wish her into the care of all the Rogers out there who think she is not guilty. 🙂

  98. Also I meant to say, the photo shoot was very likely Jodi’s idea to get Travis in the shower and vulnerable. As was shown on HLN last night, they redid the last shot of Travis alive … the picture of his very haunted facial expression and it fits. Travis was sitting in the shower and that is when the devil struck and struck and kept on striking. Premeditated.

  99. How awful…and to see Defense Lawyers stand up for Jodi, do you ppl not see what this psycho did to this man. No one deserves to be set free for the kind of “Horror”… no one. I hope she does get Executed, even being sent just to prison is too good for her. I hope Travis haunts her every night. Jodi, you havent a soul or a heart…enjoy Hell sweetheart !!!!

  100. This was NOT self defense. This was pure rage. She was pissed over cancun thoght she could change his mind with sex and when that didnt happen she killed him.

  101. There’s still one part of the timeline on 6/4/08 that I’m struggling with. Does anybody know why there seems to be no concern on JA’s part for when roommates may be arriving home ? I’ve pondered this and haven’t seen anything that addresses it. As I understand, by the time the attack started, it is entirely plausible for one of his roommates to be home. There’s a mysterious car in the driveway, loud, vicious struggle, a gun’s gone off, she’s frantically packing up and removing evidence, messing around in the laundry etc. – all around 5:30. Which is past the time (again, from what I understand) he can be expected. Just an incredible coincidence that he was late and she gets away undetected ? I suppose it explains the lackluster clean up attempt – as well as the now incredibly infamous camera and images. It just seems to me that she’s risking her entire plan by sticking around there one more instant longer. But she also can’t risk being out front all blood stained up either. I imagine she was prepared to kill anyone else that may arrive there in her presence.

  102. I was a severely abused woman…once you get away you don’t fill up gas cans to cross state lines to have anal sex and a nude photo shoot with a man that is seeing another woman. She couldn’t have him so she was going to make sure no other woman would. If she gets off on this murder charge we will see her in the news again one day. She will kill again when she doesn’t get her way.

  103. The death penalty would actually b 2 good 4 that bitch!!!! I hope she gets LIFE in prison & come across a bunch of people that feel the same way we do. TORTURE THAT NASTY BITCH EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!!

  104. carla axelson

    I live in a state where there is no death penalty. I am against it. However, in saying that, a friend asked if I would be against it if it were either of my son’s this happened to. At that time, I said, something like, it’s God’s place to judge and get revenge not mine. After watching this trial, and trying (very difficult even thinking about it) to place either of my son’s in these photo’s, I think I would have no problem sticking the needle in her myself. I had to say, Travis was someone’s son, brother, uncle, nephew. Maybe not mine but just the same. God forbid anything happen to my kids like this. I would be the one in prison for taking her punishment into my hands. I think she was saying she wanted the death penalty as a ploy. She’s thinking that if it looks like that’s what she wants, she won’t get it. Well lady, you’re not as smart as you may think. Another factor in being ok with the death penalty in this case is that she’s admitted to doing it. I have a hard time with DP cases where they “Could” be wrong in the case and then someone puts her to death and find out later, they were wrong. This case is clearly a premeditated murder. How could she have that much rage in her? That sure would take a lot of strength and adrenaline. What a sick bitch. Maybe one of her “jail friends” will get her in the shower and serve justice there. 29 times, slit throat, and gun shot. How would you like that Jodi? Bitch.

    • To Karla Axelson and spkstrth: and to others as interested in this case as I am, these photos are gutwrenching and tearjerking, I cried, too, after seeing them. I also am praying for justice for T.A. and his family. When I came across this link, Travis Alexander (Original) Memorial Video,, I couldn’t contain myself. I broke down crying as if this was one of my sons. T.A. is very much like them, charismatic, popular, God-loving, intelligent, ambitious, etc. He wasn’t perfect, no one is, but he was weak to temptation. He didn’t deserve to die like this, he would still be inspiring and helping a lot of people once he straightened himself out. This maniacal, demonic, nympho is gloating that he will never have another sexual encounter with anyone. And yet, she continues to hava carnal relations, enjoy the limeligtht, command others, and just live. God needs to boot her out like she booted Juror No. 5 out of court. She and Nurmi gloated yesterday when the juror was removed while Travis’ family cried. Apparently Juror No. 5 was pro the prosecution. There was poetic justice today, Laviolette got ill and the trial was cancelled for the afternoon.

    • I’m anti death penalty as well…but Jodi is so cunning & manipulative, if she were in the general population, I foresee an escape in her future. She would end up with allies who were both inmates and guards, I’m afraid. Plus, she might have access, albeit limited, to the internet. Isn’t THAT a scary thought?

  105. carla axelson

    I can’t tell what picture 20 is.

    • That’s the one they say is her dragging him back down the hall. The foot is believed to be hers.

      • I still see JA bending down to pick up Travis who is face down on the bathroom floor. If you flip the photo upside down (because the time stamp is upside down), you see her long dark hair, her back, and she’s wearing a denim jacket. The glare from the light above her head practically washes out the top of her head. The dark mass which looks like blood dripping from his neck because of the neck/throat cut could be either JA’s hair or blood which dripped from Travis’ back/neck/head stabbings. My boyfriend and I renacted this position placing the camera upside down on the floor. The light from above me also flooded the photo just like that photo taken at 5:32:16 p.m. I believe the accidental ceiling pic was taken by JA as she held the camera in her right hand and as she stabbed Travis with her left hand. She was standing exactly outside the shower stall between the shower and tub. She either put the camera down or she dropped it to free both her hands. She is ambidextrous, she claims. She could have been changing the knife from one hand to the next. She and Travis struggled in the bathroom, he tried to defend himself, went to the sink in a daze and threw up, she continued stabbing him in the back. He fell down to his knees but at some point managed to stumble into the hallway, his body scraping the walls. He collapsed at the bedroom entrance. She finished him off. She dragged him back by his feet, he is face down. She was wearing shoes because there is a shoe print along the hallway wall closest to the bathroom (between Placquard 6 and 7). She brought his legs into the shower stall. She walked around him toward his head and bent down to pick him up to place the rest of his body in the shower. The camera was on the floor, upside down, and somehow the shutter went off. The last accidental picture, I believe, was a picture, upside down, of her either washing/mopping/cleaning with the towel the baseboard and floor of the bathroom, OR, she was pulling the sheet or tassled pillow case from under Travis body once she put him in the shower. Fibers were found along the corners and baseboard leading to the shower stall. She shot him before placing him in the shower because the casing had to eject and land near the sink. I think she shot him because either she wanted to stage two killers or she wanted to wipe his identity off the face of the earth. I also believe the last 3 photos were divine intervention.

  106. After seeing Mr. & Mrs. Arias being interrogated by Detective Flores, it is obvious Jodi had been a problem child for a long time.They probably thought she would eventually out-grow her bad behavior, but rather, it intensified.
    I’d wager that many people in Jodi’s past have had tires slashed, pets killed, hacked accounts and so forth. We must hope and pray that her past bad deeds will surface during the trial so that jurors have a more clear picture of who and what she is.
    Those of us who pray? Let us pray not just for justice for Travis or punishment for Jodi but that society is protected against such evil.

  107. Just found out that the juror who was removed may have been pro Jodias because of some comments she made. However, at some point it was discovered that she was sending Jodi signals not to answer when JA was on the stand. Also, she was observed to smile at JA alot. IMO, in a way it was good that she got booted out even though it was a bad mistake for the defense.

  108. Does anybody think Travis looks like he’s not happy about being photographed in the shower? Could she have been threatening him at that point, forcing him to pose before she killed him. More premeditation I’d say.

  109. Karmen Mateus

    Jodi is OBVOUSLY very sick in the head but killing her WILL NOT BRING BACK TRAViS! Also it would take years and years of exausted appeals at the TAX PAYERS EXPENSE. So I think really she should be sent to an INSANE ASYLYM, be put in a padded cell all by herself and someone should throw away the keys.

    • bevviehedstrom

      I agree. “Jodi Arias is OBVIOUSLY very sick in the head …” — So, doesn’t the fact that they want to put this woman to death bother you? Jodi was an abused woman. Jodi had absent parenting, and she looked for love anywhere she could find it. Unfortunately, Jodi hooked up with Travis Alexander, and it is evident that Travis Alexander led a double life. Travis Alexander lied to all of his friends, family, “beloved” church, professional contacts (really? Poor Travis can’t get a woman? Please. Travis loved the whole “poor bachelor” load of cr@p.), and anybody else gullible enough to believe him.

      For me, the real mystery is how Jodi Arias fell for that lying egomaniac in the first place.

      • I agree with everything you said Bevvie – I wonder the same thing on how she fell for that pompous egomaniac. She deserved so much better.

    • if you’re REALLY looking to save taxpayer $$, screw the padded room (that sound-proofing stuff is expensive, can you imagine how much the stuff they have to pad the walls with would cost?!? Besides, Jodi is neither abused, nor was she so mentally ill at the time of the murder that she couldn’t appreciate her actions) Send someone to Walmart to make blow ups of all the above photos, and cover every square inch of her LWOP cell. (Alyce will never let them execute such a poor, abused,.shrinking violet as Stabby McEinstein,…over her cold, dead, bra-burning, man-hating body!)

  110. If only Jodi left out of self respect , none of this would’ve happen . Had she dealt with the pain of separation as a average person does , none of this would’ve happen . I wonder if we all like predispose to kill , and i wonder what could be one’s the trigger to commit such a horrible crime like Jodi committed ….

  111. I believe jodi’s original intent was to shoot Travis and leave. But I think the knife came in after she obsessed more and more……she went into a blind rage and I keep picturing that poor guy spitting up blood in the bathroom sink while she continued to stab him in the back, neck and head. What a horrific way to die and how painful that must’ve been each time that knife plunged into his body.

    The defense is doing whatever they can to deflect the jury’s attention away from the horrific way he died – focusing on their sex life, trying to convince the jury she was a victim of abuse, etc.

    The evidence is so profoundly obvious for premeditation and a cover up after the fact.

    If this jury lets her off with manslaughter or anything less than 1st degree murder, they should all hide their faces forever.

  112. craig shiffer

    There is no doubt to any sane person that this murder was premeditated. She also deserves the death penalty but I don’t think so. She must stand before the great judge, JESUS CHRIST. He said vengeance is mine, I will repay. We all must give account for everything we say and do. I hope she gives her life to JESUS before it’s too late.

  113. she wanted to get even with travis for dating and seeing other people jealous rage pre planned out give her the death penility and let his family watch but it still wont fix things but god keep this thing off the streets singing in prison no jury will ever convict her lord . there is a case in polson montana lake county district court the women stabbed her boyfriend 13 times with butcher knife she broke his kitchen window climbed inside and attacted him she is out on bail crazy please someone stop this women from getting out of this judge christophers court the womens name keys birdsbill socialpath its like watching jodi all over again she also claims she was protecting her self wow climbing inside his window the victum is marvin camel the boxers son marvin cmel jr please help

  114. Sharon Grimaldi

    I don’t know what to say. It is sooo sad for the Alexander family. Jodi is one sick gal and hopefully she will get what she should get, death. I don’t trust our justice system after what happen with Casey Anthony or O.J. If she gets off, then they are giving us permission to do whatever we want to others. SHAMEFUL!!!!!!!!!

  115. Jodi is the definition of PURE EVIL! She is a Monster, and I pray to God that she is NEVER let back out into society!

  116. has any one else noticed that all the photos of Travis in the shower taken by Jodi noticed that Travis has his eyes closed in all of the with his head down to the side or he has his back to the camera, with the on exception of the photo of him staring directly into the camera looking shocked or startled! also the dark colouring of these shots may suggest that the shower cubicle door could have been closed and that whether open or closed, I believe Travis was unaware that Jodi was taking these incriminating photos to blackmail him or worst still in her FAKE self defense crazy claim. Also notice the photo of Travis nude on his bed…..his eyes are closed! I think she took this without his knowledge! The ones of her she more than likely took of her self. She mention in court she used a nightstand to rest the camera to take video of her and Travis.

  117. Ive been into this story since it first appeared on the news and ive watched EVERY day of the trial, every documentary, eery in session program, ect ect. all the way from Mass. and i cant get enough of it. My heart goes out enormously to both familys, but even more to Travis’. I cant imagine the pain that they are going through and i hope that Jodi gets the worst of the worst. I dont care how abused, manipulated, and scared you she said she was by him, NO-ONE deserves what he went through during the last few moments of his life.

  118. Holy crap,
    This poor man , I can’t even imagine the horrific things he went threw while that stupid tramp was killing him people who do these types of things to other people are not even human!!! There friken monsters ! It says an eye for an eye in the bible . Hopefully when they convict her and give her the death penalty they kill her fast and not let her sit on death row for years ! They should kill her the same way she killed Travis! Does this dumb tramp think people are stupid to think this was self defense Really 29 stabs , throat cut and on top of it all shooting him !!! As if the stabs and throat cut aren’t enoungh what a monster may god have mercy on her soul. Not!!!!!

  119. I feel SO sorry for Travis (that he died such a gruesome, horrible death) and for his family (that they will be forever broken over this terrible tragedy). Shame on you Jodi. You can lie all you want but God knows and HE will pass the ultimate judgement on your deceptive heart and everlasting black heart and soul. There is no lying your way out of that reality. No matter what!

  120. Jodi has that dead look in her eyes. If she is ever free to walk among us again, I am sure she will kill again. She has no soul. She says she can’t remember the stabbing I think it’s more like she does but it just doesn’t affect her in the way it affects you or I. She is just trying to keep her ass off death row.

    • bevviehedstrom

      “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” — Mahatma Gandhi

      I do think Jodi should spend the rest of her life in isolation, but that would only happen if she’s sent to death row. :/ Dilemma.

  121. i hope they fry her


      I am a survivor of a violent crime. I was only 12. I was abducted walking to school one morning, I was beaten, raped, and held hostage. Finally I was dumped by the side of some fwy as he be began to beat me again and try to rape me…I fought back with a broken glass bottle to his neck! I don’t know what happend to him….. a nice man with his kids found me. Jodi Arias was not fighting for her life the way I and so many other victims did, it’s a damn shame the way Ms. Laviolette defends and believes her obvious lies. Stay strong my survivors!!

      • OMG that sounds so horrible! Very glad you made it through to tell others your story. Agreed, that Laviolette shouldn’t be classifying Jodi as a domestic violence survivor. She is a rage killer.

  122. Dead woman walking…in every sense of that phase. She’s been dead most if not all her life. And now that she has “tasted” blood she will continue to take more dead with her if she is not locked away for the rest of her natural life.

  123. I cannot see any reason for a human to do this. I hope the devil and hell have their way with her!!
    May God have mercy for Travis and his family!
    jody needs to pay for this crime with her life!
    So very sad, very sad.

  124. after the casey anthony case who was guilty as hell nothing would surprise me if this nut does not get the death penalty or at least first degree murder.

  125. bevviehedstrom

    I used to be one of you. I believed Jodi was 100% guilty of 1st degree murder, but I became uneasy watching the trial coverage on HLN. Juan Martinez is a bully, and his case just doesn’t add up. It wasn’t until Alyce LaViolette was skewered in the media and online that I knew there was something terribly wrong. This trial is a mockery, and I have strongly believe the LDS church is behind the murder. Blood atonement. Travis Alexander, with his lying and his sexcapades, must have enraged the church elders.

  126. God Bless you travis. I know you are safe now wrapped in Jesus arms. God Bless your family. You shall have peace in the life beyond. Love from canfield ohio.

  127. The text message from Travis to Jodi, which was just released recently in court, clarifies it all. She IS a evil sociopath, void of conscience and any remorse for killing Travis. A death sentence would be too good for her and easier for the narcisstic satan possessed bitch. She was suffer worse, living in an 8X8 cell – alone – gaining NO attention from anyone, for the rest of her life, then we ALL know she WILL burn for eternity when she dies. I pray for his family and the grief and hell they’ve been forced to go through. God bless you all and I hope you find peace. Remember, Travis is in heaven and already has happiness and peace beyond our comprehension that noone but God can give. Love to you all from Granbury, Texas.

  128. I watched the trial until Alice got on the stand. For all her years of practice it blew my mind to hear her sit up there and say she did not believe Jodi lied to her. So apparently Jodi, after lying to everybody decides to tell Alice the truth. This is the deal and this is it, she fell in love wanted to be with Travis so she belittled herself by doing whatever he wanted because she wanted him and she thought by letting him screw her in her behind , talking dirty, giving him money would get him. But for him she was not the women he wanted he may have wanted someone who would not go to those extremes. She couldn’t handle it she knew he was going away with that other girl she went there to screw thinking it would change his mind and he didn’t and she killed him for it. The bitch is a horrible women because she don’t feel bad about it, I want them to fry her but if they give her the death penalty it will be lethal injection and after seeing these pictures of him that is truly not good enough for her. Anyone following this case and really thinks this person killed in self defense is crazy. She lied so many times after she admitted to it her defense team wanted to plea bargain life the prosecutor wanted death. What else is she going to say but self defense…….what else is could she say…..I just hope the jury see’s through her like the majority of us do….RIP Travis and to his family I know how you feel a man stabbed my brother to death (14) times in 2004 at least he did turn around and say he was sorry to us …..that devil(Jodi) didn’t once turn to his family and say sorry.

    • Laviolette is biased and will never admit that Jodi is a liar . Martinez still managed to cracked her though. .

      • Once again, thank you, Jessica, for this site. Jenniferlynn and Izabel, you are both so right. When Juan Martinez cross-examined LaViolette, there were two Aha-moments that further clarified it for me: He asked LaV: “s that when all the stories of physical abuse started, in October of 2007?” (This would have been after Jodi snooped through Travis’ window and found him moving on with a lady and had the nerve to confront him the next day.) The next aha-moment was when he asked LaV: “Isn’t it true that the pedophilia stories started in January after Travis’ friends (the Hues?) told Jodi to leave Travis alone?” Now I know that everything that came out of Jodi’s mouth was all crap. Except for the both of them having a consentual kinky sex and seeing other people, nothing Jodi said about Travis is true. She made the sex recording to either blackmail him into staying with her and to keep it as a memento after she killed him. She probably was considering keeping Travis’ camera to hold onto the nude pictures but screwed up when she deleted them. So she decided to throw the camera in the washing machine.I believe it was Travis who washed his linen and dried them (because there was no blood on the dryer) and cleaned his house (there was a vacuum in the middle of the floor downstairs) while Jodi sat around. She sat around and watched him, waiting for him to go upstairs to shower. While he shaved, she persuaded him to let her take the pictures of him in the shower. At no time did he threaten her or say f-ing kill you or body slam her, let alone chase her. I believe it was Jodi who yelled these words among other insane litany. I believe Travis had no energy or the consciousness to attack her because he was too busy getting over the shock of her brutal attacks, telling her to stop, defending himself, trying to push her out of the way to get out of the shower and falling on the bathroom floor next to the tub, dragging himself up and using the sink to stand up, still trying to stumble out of the bathroom to get away, screaming for help, and collapsing on the floor in his bedroom. Demon Jodi managed to stab every part of his body except for his genitalia because this was not a sexual crime but an act of jealousy, obsession, lunacy, hatred, and anger. She shot him in the face after he was dead to obliterate him. What Alyce LaViolette is doing everytime she defends Jodi is continue to stab him after death and this time stabbing anything that has to do with his genitalia. Notice how everytime she answered a question about Jodi, she would answer and still added another comment to jab and stab at Travis. This is how I saw them both in my mind: Jodi stabbed and killed Travis in life and LaViolette stabbed and killed him in death. Evil.

      • What’s going on with Grace Wong?? Why is she on the stand?? Oh NO!!!

  129. Has anyone ELSE noticed that Jodi looks more and more smug the longer the trial goes on? It’s as if she “forgot” the advice (read: directives) that we ALL KNOW her team of lackeys gave her prior to the start of what is now the “never ending court case”? She appeared much more repentent, and ashamed in the beginning, but we’re so far removed from her personal “testimony” (aka: LIES) that she only shows interest in the opinions of the Defense “experts” (…snicker…) as they continue to spout explanation after explanation (excuses, excuses) why Jodi isn’t culpable for the horrific crime that SHE perpetrated on Travis Alexander, showing the most interest (at times) in the opinions/diagnosis of the “expert” almost as if she’s just as curious as to why her soul is so FUBAR’d. I’m not naive or easily impressionable, I heard the same tapes, read the same documents in evidence that most people have had access to, and I KNOW Travis wasn’t an angel,…NONE of us are! He was as addicted to sex w/Jodi as Jodi was addicted to Travis himself (or more likely, was addicted to the IDEA of Travis and the “life” she was so certain they were meant to have) He continued communication w/Jodi…and guys who are reading this, LISTEN UP! IF YOU AND A GF BREAK UP (doesn’t matter who initiated it, or which party is ultimately to blame) AND YOU CONTINUE TO EITHER A) call her or B) accept her calls every time she calls you…STOP, AND STOP NOW!! You cannot go your separate ways and truly heal whatever parts of you/her/both of you that aren’t healthy and whole, if you are constantly confronted w/seeing each other (like you would if one of you calls the other frequently, or say, you convert to their religion and move to the state they live in, for example) The only reason I call the guys out on this is simply because they don’t necessarily always know how their actions can be misinterpreted by women. (but no lying girls..despite knowing that guys can go bat-shit crazy over relationships too, it’s MUCH, MUCH more common for US to go coocoo for cocoa puffs, be honest) Then there’s the common misconception (I should say “delusion” because we ARE talking about Jodi) that so many women still labor under: that “SEX = LOVE”. Let’s get it straight once and for all. Men AND women (but more men than women, for sure) are capable of having sex without it meaning anything other than that the person just wanted to have sex with you. Unless you’re in a commited relationship, if you hook up w/someone, best to assume that’s ALL it was. If there is more interest from that party, well that’s fantastic, just don’t assume it means you have an open invitation to crawl through his doggy door and sleep on his couch. That doesn’t say “I’m into you” it say something closer to “I’m a stalker who will do headstands and chat w/herself while waiting to be questioned about your MURDER”! My point is this: had Jodi taken NO for an answer, or had Travis actually SAID no and stuck by his words, or at the very LEAST made it clear that continued booty calls DID NOT mean they were headed for the altar, who knows how things could have turned out? Please know, however, that I am in NO WAY blaming Travis for the acts JODI commited. NOBODY should die the way(s) Jodi MURDERED HIM, nd to Roger and Emil, and all you who still think either Jodi is completely innocent (to which I ask, “have you been WATCHING her trial”?) I’m only trying to figure out (w/my limited skills) the psychology behind the WHY and the HOW, as I know in the very depths of MY soul that I personally, could NEVER do to ANYONE what she did to Travis, regardless of “reason”. (and this is coming from a person who has experienced mental and emotional abuse by my ex hubby, though only 2 instances that got physical) Jodi has said multiple times that she knew she’d done something terrible/wrong/illegal. If I hear her (or her attorneys) say one more time that all the things she did AFTER the murder (and there is NO DOUBT it was MURDER!) were done for one of two reasons: to save Travis’ reputation (GRRRRR….sorry, I threw up in my mouth a bit) or to cover her tracks… I may just reach through the T.V. and SMACK her like she DESERVES! (Of course, I’ve had the urge to do that ever since the Defense made their opening statements, but I’m not in the mood to shop for a new T.V., so I had Alyce LaViolette on MUTE a lot of last week) By her own words Jodi made up “facts” so they would match the evidence she left behind. If THAT is NOT consciousness of guilt right there, I don’t know what is! But we have to remember of course, that “no jury will convict” her! Travis may have been no angel, but Jodi was most certainly a monster that early June day, and her continuing lies about the events of that day (along w/the constant demonizing of Travis when he is not here to defend himself) makes her a bigger monster by the minute.

    BTW- Big THANK YOU to Jessica for setting up a page on her blog dedicated specifically to: AZ v Jodi Arias, along w/the pictures and a place to discuss/comment on the case. Sure, there are plenty of Arias sites out there (the “Jodi is innocent” sites make make me want to vomit!) but I enjoy “chatting” if you will, with the same people, and have come across some very nice poster(s) on this site. Just MHO. 🙂

  130. @jessica LOVE your website and really appreciate your hard work but is it possible to make a folder for all the pics? Bcs every time we come to the comments we have to see the sad pics of Travis… I’m sorry but I love to come here & read the comments and I’m not sure if everyone feels the same way. ;”)))). THANK U!

  131. I couldn’t agree more Ileen…if only there weren’t pictures of his face! When trying to scroll by the pics to get to the comments, without fail I will end up right at the body shots in the shower (face pics, OMG) or the “up close & personal” pics of Jodi…all of which I could do without seeing for, oh, THE REST OF MY LIFE! I can say, however that I am sufficiently scarred enough from viewing these pics, that I will NEVER forget the names Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias!

  132. I do not care how she attacks Travis in his own death , this girl is a killer and for all those people supporting her look at these photo’s and picture it . This could be you husband, son, or brother. He did not do anything to deserve this killing !!!!!!!!!

  133. This is what I think happened, she knew he was going to Cancun with another woman so went to his house for a last romp in the hay. She had planned to kill him if he answered her question of him still not taking her to Cancun but the other woman. When after they had a marathon of sex that day and she asked him and he said no he wasn’t taking her she then proceeded with her plan on luring him to shower and her taking his pictures in the shower and at his most vulnerable she started stabbing him. I think she stabbed him first and shot him last. Such a sick person, what that poor man endured. He was so handsome and had so much to live for. I hope she rots in hell!!!

  134. Yes it’s crazy how she did this. I personally think I coulda stopped her if she attacked me. But then again he was surprised and prolly in shock after she started to stab him. I don’t know if the death penalty is in order if she was abused on a daily basis emotionally by him… But I don’t feel she should ever be released. All in all she will get what’s coming to her and there is too many questions in this trial that we will never fully know.

  135. I’m surprised she didn’t do the ”BOBBIT” and cut off his penis.

  136. THEY HAVE TO CONVICT HER OF MURDER 1. there is no doubt to anyone that is reasonably prudent person. I do not want her to get the death penalty. I want her to break the record for the longest living person on record to be imprisoned, caged like an animal, 23 hours@day. as well, I believe that her lawyers should be brought up on charges for wasting the tax payers money with their bias witness’s that bought her gifts. ………….just a thought,…what kind of a person do you have to be to represent arias in a court of law to begin with?

    • I do think they all tried to get out of representing her, as it won’t look good to lose such a high profile case, but the judge wouldn’t allow them to get off the hook.

      • I believe you are probably right, but how low an the totem pole must you be? given the choice, I believe i’d go back to piggly wiggly and stuff shopping bags to be able to sleep at night!

      • You are correct,i f you remember during the testimony of the so call defense psychologist I forgot his name,,,in court their was a mention of a card he sent to Jodi to cheer her up under objection Mr Nurmi said the card was for him not Jodi,but the card was in fact was for Jodi encouraging her not to get discouraged because Kirk Nurmi was quitting. It wasnt mentioned in front of the jurors but was mentioned in court.Im quite sure he was going to quit because usually a lawyer will quit on a client when the client continues to be untruthful….Thats probably when Jodi changed her story and claim self defense.

  137. this is horriable what she did to him how could he not over come her i dont understand this god bless travis and the family

  138. I pray that there is justice for Travis and his family. This monster deserves to have her life taken for what she did. She has absolutely no remorse at all for the life she took. I pray every day she is haunted by what she has done, and when she dies, she will have to answer to the most important judge of all, and He will decide where she spends her eternity. One thing I know is Travis is in heaven with our Heavenly Father, and is at peace. My prayers go out to the family of Travis Alexander. We send our love and prayers…

  139. Its obvious she stabbed him first then shot him… so why are we wasting all this time and money when we know she remembers ALL of it and it was a cold blooded murder based on jealousy and rage. Hang the bitch! If she gets off, i will have lost all faith in the system!

  140. Jena Vassar, I totally agree with you (you posted March 28, 2013): “You know who she looks like when she does her fake cry- with her hand up to her face as she looks up to see if people react- she gives me the creepys-she looks like linda blair in the exorcist, in the seen where she is laughing after she kills the preist- look it up- creepy jodi!!!” That was the same impression I got when I reviewed the first trial videos on youtube where the prosecution opened their case. Jodi covered her hair and hands to cry and still managed to peek at the monitor to see the death and autopsy photos. Today she looks like she’s the queen of the demons, all proud, smiling, smirking, rolling her eyes, thinking she has so much support from others, thinking she’s going to be famous, and believing she’s a talented artist. Nevermind that Dr. Janeen DeMarte exposed Jodi, her defense team, and their doctors as frauds (biased). Jodi still thinks she’s the one in control of the court!

  141. correction: Jodi covered her face with her hair and hands to cry….

  142. Chk out 2 1/2 Men and c if Rose, the boundary-challenged stalker doesn’t remind u of defendant, esp when she talked about her mug shot on TV interview, “I thought, ‘Now what would Travis do?'”

  143. 1st thing: I noticed that when I click on this page now, I go immediately to the comment/reply section at the bottom of the page, thus bypassing the graphic photos. Thanks for that…I think I’ve seen the awful photos showing the consequences of pissing Stabby off enough to last me for the rest of my life…AND my afterlife. That being said, I couldn’t agree more about how Stabby’s “emotions” (if truly “HERS” of course…she generally just mimics the perceived emotions of those around her) have been ALL OVER the place, with her face acting as a barometer for the overall mood of the defense. When you can SEE her face, that is. I wondered about that…if the jury can’t see her face while she testifies, how are they supposed to believe a word she says? She hides behind her hair, glasses, and hands, hoping no one will see that she has to dig her fingernails into her eyeballs to produce tears to make her appear to be crying at the appropriate moments/questions. (you think her attorneys had to school her on how to appear remorseful and caring?) IMHO, her voice changed when answering the specific questions about whether she was crying when she shot, stabbed and slit the throat of Travis Alexander,…it was SO obvious (again, could just be me) that she had rehearsed her answers, which just makes her appear even more robotic and cold hearted than before. Stabby began the trial appearing to” try her best” (in her words) to be accurate and “honest” about the events leading up to, and of June 4, 2008…until Martinez got to her, and asked her about more than simply old boyfriends and anal sex. You could see her hatred of the prosecutor not just from the smug smirk on her face, (the one that has the devil on my left shoulder BEGGING ME to reach through the television and throttle her) but also by the incredibly condescending and smart ass answers to most of his questions. I too, have gone to youtube and reviewed a lot of the testimony from early on in the trial, and it’s quite amusing to see things I missed the first time around, like Stabby’s reactions to testimony she doesn’t like, to see her mouth the words “objection” and “overruled”, as if SHE is the judge!! (we musn’t forget, of course, that WE are mere mortals occupying the shallow end of the gene pool, while Stabby is off treading water with MENSA) She wouldn’t give Dr DeMarte the time of day, much less actually LOOK at her, as THAT would have given the impression that she found anything the doctor said worthy of her time and attention. Of course, Stabby still managed (without uttering a word, which is a testament to her facial expressions) to make certain everyone was aware of her opinion of the good doctor. When Jennifer Wilmott began her cross examination of Dr DeMarte however, Stabby was noticeably more interested and focused, as if expecting her attorney to break the doctor down the way their own two expert witnesses were destroyed by Prosecutor Martinez. As I’m sure I’m not the only person who noticed, trying to question witnesses by adopting tactics used (successfully) by other attorneys (namely, the prosecution) was an epic FAIL! I am anxiously awaiting next week’s testimony, and most especially closing arguments!! There is SO MUCH that the state has to reiterate: all the circumstantial evidence, the timeline, the physical evidence, on top of their relationship history (and Stabby’s inability to accept reality) etc. Martinez has to go back and poke the memories of the jury, remind them of ALL they have heard and seen (the most important of which were mentioned WEEKS ago) I just hope he can do it without getting so loud and worked up. Since he isn’t questioning anyone during CA, we (hopefully) won’t have to listen to him say “right”? after EVERY sentence, which is a bonus. (double bonus if he makes Stabby cry again before the jury gets the case)

    Really thinking about it, I can’t see any way the jury WON’T convict Stabby for Murder One, though I DO think she will be spared the DP, as the mitigation hearing will bring out the history of mental illness described (in video taped interviews w/police) by her parents, and likely will be a partyline parroted (oops, I meant “supported”) by other family members and friends. (if she has any left). The best, and most fair sentence would put Stabby in a cage w/enlarged pics of the brutalized body of Travis Alexander covering EVERY INCH of wall space. Oh yeah, and take away her art supplies. Prison isn’t about having time to improve your artistic vision, and certainly NOT to make money to defend yourself against the indefensible!!

  144. I believe she planned this entire thing out many times, way before she stole her GM’s gun. I’m sure the rage had been building for a long time, Cancun or no Cancun.
    1. Gun in house she is residing is missing, which coincidently is same as crime scene.
    2. Dyed her hair to further avoid being recognized.
    3. Asks rental car agency for less conspicuous car.
    4. Avoids any trace of gas fill-ups in AZ by getting 4 5-gal gas cans.
    5. Conveniently misplaces phone charger, so phone is off entire time in AZ.
    6. Loses front license plate and turns back up-side down to avoid detection (didn’t help).
    7. Lures victim into most vulnerable position and is caught in the act with her own photos.
    8. Unsuccessfully attempts to destroy evidence.
    9. Makes no 911 call.
    10. Calls police after fact to inquire if weapons were recovered.
    11. Goes stone cold quiet in police interrogation every time detective asks her to be honest in contrast to cheerful and talkative behavior while talking about everything else including two intruder story.

    How could it be anything else but premeditation.

  145. Something I’ve been wondering, and I haven’t been able to find any mention of it in any of the CSI’s testimony…did they find (or did they even look for) signs of the knife attack on the walls of the shower? It’s obviously the best and most likely place for that portion of the murder to have occurred, as he would be confined to a small space with no way of escape. That, coupled with the small window of time she had to commit the murder (based on the time stamps on both the pictures she meant to take, and the inadvertent, what I like to call the “oh sh*t, I’m screwed” pictures) as well as the glancing blows off the head (or skull, rather) that show it was a very frenzied, rage-filled attack, you would think there would be some obvious chips in the shower wall. I’m assuming they either didn’t look, or didn’t find any, as that would corroborate the state’s case that the stabbing occurred first, and was likely a sneak attack, thus proving pre-meditation.

  146. Jodi Arias needs to be put to death. She premeditated this. She wanted one last time with him and killed him. I think she went thru that doggy door months before his death and wrote e-mails to herself, acting like she was him. She had it so planned and thought out that not even a detective could imagine a person could do such a thing. Cold hearted woman with no remorse. I don’t want her in our society. She is so fake. I hope the jury really thinks this thru. But reasonable doubt will make it a decision I don’t want at all. God Bless Travis’s family and friends. My prayers go out to you all.

  147. What about Jeneen DeMarte ha ? Is she foxy or what ? She’s like a dictionary knows everything and is very consistent . In my opinion , as oppose to Dr. Samuels and Laviolette , Dr. DeMarte doesn’t make an effort to prove herself not in field of forensic psychology nor as a psychologist in general. When Ms. Willmot is trying to emphasize the lack of test administered , DeMarte calmly says that there was no need to make any more tests she stands her ground. Dr. Samuels and Laviolette were both trying to defend their own ass when questioned their motives and Martinez , with his strategy managed to crack them both.
    My heart goes to Travis’s sisters and brothers who are present at this long and unnecessary trial every day .
    By the way Jess , how many countries would you say are following this trial besides U.S. ?

  148. Reference the three expert testimonies, one was “visionary,” one was “homogenized” and one was “regulated.” Can you guess which expert belongs to each description?

    DeMarte is the “regulator,” steeped in a world of strict rules and applications, that are further dissected into numerous categories and facets of intelligence gathering, all validated as either reliable or not. Her world is black and white, “Just the facts, Ma’am.” Yes, and her PhD trumps LaViolette’s Master’s degree.

    LaViolette is 100% homogenized, full of touchy-feely emotions based on her degree in Counseling which she obtained 23 years ago. Scatter-brained, sometimes unintelligible, she spoke excessively with so much unjustified arrogance, I almost thought she was the judge.

    And the “Visionary” is the first psychologist. I’m surprised that he didn’t bake Arias brownies.

    BTW, that MMPI Psych test is one of the most common for commercial airline pilots and law enforcement officers, in order to weed out the imbalanced candidates. Therefore, I believe it to be extremely accurate and reliable. It can determine through over 1,500 questions, if a person is not being truthful and forthcoming. They look at consistency by asking the same type question many different ways.

    • by the way , the judge in this trial is disappointing …

    • Good personality description of each doctor, DeMarte = regulator, LaViolette = homogenized, and Samuels = visionary! Now the defense is trying to bring in another doctor to back up LaViolette and refute Dr. DeMarte’s testimony. What kind of doctor is he going to be other than someone who will sell his soul to the devil and brownnose a homogenized Jodi lover?

      • THAT will be the one that Stabby’s band of flying monkeys puts on in SURREBUTTAL. (OMG this trial is NEVER GONNA END……)

  149. Here’s my scenario: She gets into house by “disarming” Travis with promises of anal sex with KY. She talks him into doing shower photos. Total Pyscho action. We know she has the camera, the gun and the knife. She has planned this murder.

    If she thoroughly planned it, she had to think long and hard of how to get the drop on this kick boxer who has almost 100 lbs on her. How? Naked in the shower…sitting, naked in the shower.

    Lots of sex first, she’s thinking he will never see it coming. Check out all the shower photos. There’s only one that stands out, the close-up. Why? Because it is with a flash. It’s the only photo where the shower tiles look bleached white. What happens to a person’s night vision in a dark room if someone, say, takes a photo of them only two feet away. They are momentarily blinded and won’t gain full night vision for almost 20 minutes.

    Conveniently for the murderer, the next known position of Travis is sitting in the slippery shower with water directly in his face. The conditions are ripe for the lesser person (double entendre’ intended) to now have completely the upper hand.

    Now what would you do if you had rage, and opportunity and one minute and forty-six seconds to commit a murder?

    If you want the upper hand you have to go with the gun. This totally corroborates the bullet’s angle of attack. Travis gets shot. He isn’t dead and makes it to sink where the blood in his nose and mouth are sprayed/aspirated onto sink.

    Meanwhile, Jodi Dearest in shock that he’s not dead, probably tried to fire again but gun must have misfired. So she runs to get knife and begins stabbing him on his left side and he tries to stop her. She scores on the heart and he falls and miraculously does not die instantly. He crawls toward bedroom to get cell phone.

    In this prone position, the murderer continues to vent her venomous rage on his back, neck and head. He just won’t die and according to the “Law of Jodi” he must die. So she slits his throat.

    My theory.

  150. is it me or Nurmi has stripes on his socks ? watch day 50 ….

  151. You know, since day 1, I’ve been absolutely certain that the gunshot was LAST, due to the classic “defense wounds” on Travis’ hands, which meant he was trying to protect himself from her savage knife attack, something I don’t believe would be possible had a bullet gone spiraling through the frontal lobe of his brain. Though Dr. Horn, (the ME that testified about Travis’ autopsy) could not say with 100% certainty that the bullet went through the brain because Travis had been dead for 3 days before he was discovered, (so his brain wasn’t necessarily in the same location inside the skull as a brain in a livng person) as well as having had lost a major portion of his blood, he did state that based on the lack of hemmorage in the gunshot wound, he believes the shot came last when Travis was already dead. That version I would agree with if we knew for certain that the bullet took a straight line from entrance wound, to where the bullet lodged in his cheek, but having the blood evidence at the sink explained, the medium velocity aspiration spray from coughing blood, (or possibly blood from the sinuses) I’m starting to think maybe the shot WAS first, and the bullet followed the curve of the skull as opposed to a straight trajectory. This of course, does NOT mean I believe the version of events Stabby gives, ESPECIALLY not that Travis “body slammed” her for dropping his camera. By her own words, Stabby was kneeling when taking the pics, and had been deleting pics she didn’t like, so had to be holding the camera at approximately chest height from her kneeling position when she dropped it…which means it was no more than 2 feet off the ground when it dropped on the bath rug. THAT caused a previously non-violent man to pick you up and body slam you. OK Stabby. Whatever.You.Say.

    Also, Stabby was clever in her accusations of Travis’ supposed “pedophilia”, by saying it was just a printed pic of a little boy, it’s not going to show up as child porn online, she made it seem possible that he was using a pic that could seem innocent if found on a computer, like maybe an ad from a dept store sales email, or something similar. Crazy like a fox, that girl, and scary to look at when she’s focusing her black eyed”death stare” on Travis’ past loves. **shiver*

    • Hi, this is Teresa’s husband, Kenneth (Left in photo, no pun intended). I know that this is really neither ‘here or there’, but have you ever seen the move Dark Shadows (2012) with Johnny Depp. The leading actress is Jodi to a T.

    • Jenniferlyn, didn’t you just love today’s rebuttal testimony from the state witnesses: Dr. Horn, and yesterday’s witnesses, Detective Flores, and others? They have all proven Jodi a liar and they cleared up Travis’ image! I have been so elated and I have to laugh at Jodi’s crying who is starting to look like (what someone here said once) Linda Blair in the Exorcist. Praise God that the end is near for this case! And who knows, by the time of the anniversary of Travis’ horrible death, Jodi Ann Arias will face her own death! And thank you, Jessica Knight, for this site and your photos, you brought a lot of like minds together to pray for the same cause: Justice for Travis Alexander!

      • YES YES YES!! “It’s simple geometry” is what I needed to hear! (and hopefully what the jury needed to hear) With Det.Flores testifying that the ME told him the gunshot came first and wasn’t immediately incapacitating, on top of the ME’s original testimony (that wasn’t particularly confidence inspiring due to his choice of words) about the order of the injuries, I thought I heard a crap-storm of reasonable doubt begin. No more testimony… Stabby’s Traumatic Personality Disorder is starting to stress me out!

  152. i think jodi needs to suffer an die just as he did. i believe his family all should b given a gun an put jodi in front of them. good old firen squad.
    i wish they would give her the truth syrum.

  153. What makes me upset is that I heard she (Jodi) is actually making plan to write a book and to have a family with her lesbian girlfriend, who is in jail too, when they get out.

  154. I hope…this case doesn’t turn out to be like CASEY’s.

  155. Does anyone know what happen to the gun that Jodi claims was Travis? I miss that part of the trail.

  156. Please dont fall into what this Roger person says…. He’s getting the response he wants. He’s probally sitting back and laughing at all of you, thinking, Wow look what I did. all these people giving me attention. IGNORE HIIM. Dont acknowledge his statements.

    • Sandie, I know, we sit and laugh over here at him when people comment against him. I think he only dropped his two cents and took off never to open this site again. (Maybe to visit JA but didn’t have enough money to buy a chair to see her in court.) Better hurry, Roger, Dead Woman Walking!

  157. Evil Evil Evil what else can be said about her. Hope she dies a violent & horrific death like she inflicted upon Travis.

  158. These are horrific! She’s a monster! All the stupid TV defense attorneys are still spinning this story, it’s disgusting. Before Jodi told the ninja story, she told her mother (as can be seen in Jodi’s mother’s interview with Det. Flores) she was never in Arizona and had the gas receipts to prove it. She also asked Flores if it would help if she could prove her car was never in Arizona. I think she’s a sexual sadist, hence her making out with and dry humping Ryan Burns the day after slaughtering Travis.

  159. I also think it’s possible those “beaver” shots, etc. were taken by her using a timer.

  160. Another thing, does anyone know if the bullet Jodi used was a hollow point bullet? Because the bullets found at her grandparents house that were used for that 25mm gun were hollow points. No one who gets shot in the head with a hollow point bullet is going to be doing anything, let alone what she said Travis was able to do.

    • She not only lied about how it happened the first time,, she is also lying now about her second story…this woman was a jelouse crazy woman, and since he was not going to marry her, cause it is obvious that he just wanted her for sex…she went on and killed him in cold blood.

    • Linda, my husband said that it was not a hollow point bullet. And I, too, believe that she could have taken the perverse pics of herself with a timer, Travis looked too out of it, sleepy, or disinterested to snap the pics himself.

  161. Concha – Jodi said she threw away the gun in the desert.

  162. I have never heard of anyone that was killed in self defense, being butched like Travis was…This was a planned murder…she went that night thinking that he would say something about taking her to Cancun..and if he would have said that he would take her, she was not going to kill him…but she did go there with the intention that if he did not say anything at all about taking her, that she would kill him….she got him when he had his back to her….she stabbed him all them times in the back, and I am sure that he had to be in shock….and when he turned facing her…is when he tried to defend himself, and those are the wounds that he had in his hands…but she got him in the front too…he was still alive, and staggered to the sink, when he was coughing up blood..and she was either still there …but somehow, he got out into the hall way, most likely trying to get a way from her…and she continue to stab..I do feel that she shot him last, he must have fallen to the floor, and this is when she knew he would not get a way…she must have shot him, as he was down and her standing…and instantly slit his throat..cause they are saying that he had to be alive and his heart beating when his throat was slid because of the amount of blood when his body much have been laying..this woman deserves nothing less then the death panaty…this is not self defense at all..but killing her is still too easy..being that she will not go thru the few mins that he went thru to die…and just amagine the last thing going thru his mind, after that he had , had sex with her the night before..

  163. To the alexander family. I am so sorry for your loss. Words coming from a stranger like me may not help much. But I realllly do pray for you and I don’t even normaly pray. God bless you all.

  164. First of all my heart goes to both families Jodi’s and Travis. people only her and God know what happened in that house Its horrible I can’t believe someone could do that, specially a woman her size There had to be a demon inside her or she had help from the devil. I am rather be dead than to live with that the rest of my life I would beg for the death penalty

  165. There’s also another possibility where she shoots him first And he falls on top of her or beside her and that’s when she said he body slammed her. But no that’s when she stabs his back He gets back up he tries to run but the floor is slippery from the blood and water. he holds on to the sink That’s when he gets the blood on the sink, tries to get away from her runs into the hallway she knocks him down he is already weak. He tries to defend himself that’s where he gets the cuts on his hands, she stabbed him more times and That’s When she slit his throat and he bled more, then she dragged him back in the bathroom and in to the shower. She tries to clean up, she picks up all the bloody towels and remember the camera is on the floor not knowing she picks it up with the Towels puts it in the washer tries to clean up! And guess what she can’t find the camera she can’t remember where it is because it was under the bloody towels that she put in the washer, That’s why it was left behind. And I think she deleted some of the pictures prior to her cleaning up.

  166. I do not believe that most of the poses of Travis in the shower look comfortable or natural. Somehow she took control of this man and forced him from the shower on as she took pictures. His face looks worried. He doesn’t have the look of an angry man or a sexual face either. The look I see in his eyes is pure fear. The poses look unnatural as well as stiff as if he was nervous. She was pissed off he had seen through her act. She was pissed off he was going to be rid of her deranged self soon. She didn’t like that. And made sure she made him suffer. I feel so badly for his family. Most of all I feel for Travis. He may have used her sexually, she used him as well though. And she is still here to speak her truths as she see’s fit. His are left unsaid. We can not hear his side. He was a young man having fun with his whole life ahead of him. If she wanted more then she should have moved on and found someone to have more with. Obviously she doesn’t take rejection well. More then likely most men seen through her. I hope she sits and rots in jail forever.

    • I am a domestic violence survivor & I can recognize when a woman has been abused. Jodi Arias is not a victim of domestic violence. I am so offended by her claims. She is making a mockery of the battered women syndrome defense. Her defense attorney’s should be ashamed of themselves. God bless the Alexander family & may justice prevail & give you some peace.

  167. Rewatching the CSI testimony about how the bathroom was flooded at some point, made it much easier to imagine the attack on Travis was a total blindside, plus it’s a WHOLE LOT easier to pull a 190lb man down the hallway and eventually to the shower if he’s covered in water and blood.

  168. Jodi is a Psychotic sociopathic lying Murderer, and she needs to be put to Death.

  169. Every time I see those AT&T commercials with the guy in suit talking to a bunch of kids, I immediately think of Travis. Maybe it’s the extremely deep voice, or all the pictures shown in the media (and at the trial) of Travis in suits, but it never fails to remind me of this trial. His sex life aside (because we all know we don’t want the totality of our lives represented by who we’ve had sex with, how many times, and in what positions) with time, perhaps after justice is served (in WHATEVER form that justice is going to come) Travis will be remembered for the way he lived his life, not for the way that life was so brutally taken from him.

    And to those who say Travis was no angel and isn’t the real victim, you better hope YOU aren’t remembered for the stupid sh*t that YOU do (or write, more specifically) or else your defending of Stabby on this blog is going to get you remembered as a DUMBASS. (JMHI 😉 )

  170. TIME: Butt-crack of dawn PLACE: The Borders of Insanity & Insomnia, My World

    As I am among friends and like-minded people (Emil& Roger notwithstanding) I feel I can share:

    So, last Friday night I didn’t get much sleep, thus, Saturday morning was a little “foggy” at times..and while I was sitting at a red light, I saw blood on my hand (the cat scratched me that day, and it had started bleeding again) but OF COURSE my immediate reaction was still, “OMG WHICH EX-BOYFRIEND DID I KILL?!?” I was suddenly overcome with the urge to drive myself to Michigan for an interstate booty call. (I don’t have any exes in Arizona) I apparently felt the need to stop at Home Depot first however, and while “I don’t remember” buying duct tape, a shovel, and some rope, I used my preferred customer card, so it must have been me. (every little discount helps, even when planning a mur…oops.self desfense case) Plus, they showed me surveillance footage, and I have to say “it looks like me”! Once the day warmed up to 60 degrees though, the detectives wouldn’t let me use my “fog” anymore. (damn it, what else did that fat b*stards’s book say gets you acquitted of murder?) My only option was to flirt with the officers by doing headstands until I could call Dr. Samuels collect, to see if he would simply EXPLAIN to the detectives that I was just incredibly STRESSED, and I didn’t MEAN to kill, I HAD to, and if they put me in jail, I’m gonna be TRAUMATIZED, and my borderline personality disorder will become a COMPLETE personality disorder, and THEN they’ll REALLY be sorry…..

    DISCLAIMER*** I hope no one gets upset w/me for poking fun @ the ridiculousness that this trial has become… I just need a break from the seriousness occasionally. Besides, seeing the videos of Travis @ PPL and with friends, he’s the kind of person who would appreciate a good story. If you however, are NOT one of those people…first is that somebody obviously didn’t read to you enough as a child. Second I suggest you NOT read my comments. Just saying.

    • jenniferlyn, hilarious. I haven’t seen any more “I believe Jodi is innocent” comments from Roger S. since February 28. So I’m thinking he took the high road. He most likely is now spending his time staring at Jodi’s artwork and putting together his money to buy one of her pieces or saving his sperm to donate it to her for her make-believe family life. Or Whatever. I just hope people like Emil and Roger see the light now, now that the trial is ending, thank God.

      • One can only hope that such lunacy, often misidentified as “stupidity” in men, especially when a “helpless” female bats her eyelashes at them while wearing a “USED AND ABUSED!” t-shirt. (versions of which can be purchased at: in the following sizes: Bombshell, Bombshell + 5 years in jail, Bombshell’s Jail Boo, (significantly larger than size Bombshell) and TsuNurmi) is NOT perpetuated by the universe turning inside out as the jury screams “not guilty” & carries Stabby out of the courtroom on their shoulders. That would be sufficient enough to convince me that the Anti-Christ has INDEED come to begin the end of the world as we know it….

        P.S. TY Monica for mentioning there were new crime scene pics, (& a couple autopsy pics it appears) or else I’d have missed them completely. Though they are super graphic, and in some cases, things we’ve already seen, they are done with more lighting…all the better to appreciate how the scene likely looked the afternoon Stabby went off the reservation.

  171. If she gets off – shame on the jury.

  172. Jessica, I just saw the new photos you posted here. Oh, my God! Were these the photos that were shown in court this past week, is that why “The Exorcist” Jodi turned to the wall and Travis’ family broke into tears and putting their heads down? God bless Travis and his family. And God bless Juan Martinez and all his rebuttal witnesses which have now exposed all her lies. God bless the jurors and I pray that the 12 elect jurors will come together and ALL agree that there is no other verdict but MURDER ONE, DEATH PENALTY. In Jesus, Name, Amen.

    I was just about to say the following comment before I saw the new photos, “One more witness to refute Dr. DeMarte’s testimony (I know it won’t be anything like a gamechanger but more unsupported lies). And then the closing arguments are next. Yeeeeehhhhhh!!! I can hardly wait to see how Juan Martinez is going to put the whole picture together.
    We’ve all had our own versions of the events, very eerily similar with slight differences. I’ve been reading transcribed versions of Jodi Arias’ police interrogation videos and there are a lot of telltale clues from JA about how she killed Travis. She wants us to believe so many falsehoods about that and she laughs like a demon everytime we get it wrong.”

    After seeing this, I feel it doesn’t matter anymore what this demon-possessed person says or does, Juan Martinez and Heaven are going to bring us justice.

  173. Her fame meant more to her than murder. It was a witche’s ritual murder for a fame she coveted mor than life it’self. She is an extremely intelligent witch, who thought that she will be famous, and can write her memoirs in jail, and pay due to her insatiable narcissitic hunger.

    On the flip side, a better defense would have been insanity, and for that mistaken her inept defense team is to be blamed.

    And yes, I do feel sorry for her, in a way, because, at the end of the day, she was possessed.

    • Bela . Bela … come on , you don’t REALLY think she was possessed do you ? Too bad for Nurmi he can’t put ” the possession by the devil “as a defence because he could have ,along with mental illnesses , the fog , the battered woman syndrome you name it .

    • I wonder what that fame has done for her so far. I think she planned the trip well and had all the right tools. She just didn’t take time planning the murder. Can you imagine our tax money paying for her treatment( a shrink or something), paying for her food while she is behind bars or wherever they decide to take her? It is disturbing.

  174. I have to admit, I am incredibly confused by the testimony about the shelf in the closet Stabby claims she used to climb up and reach “Travis'” gun. (eye roll) It sounded like she said she ran to the end of the closet, and throughout the trial, I thought she was claiming the weapon was on the shelf above his hung up jeans, but there ISN’T a shelf to stand on below the jeans, so she had to be talking about stepping up on the shelves on the left with the shoes? (I knew I’d regret putting the trial on mute, damn you and your creepy cross examination, Nurmi!)

    • I’m not putting him on mute i simply forwarding Nurmi’s cross , Wilmott’s occasionally ….what can i say Nurmi and Wilmott no longer know what to ask anymore during the rebuttal . Those witnesess loved and cherrished Travis and love eventually will prevail !

  175. First juror number 5 was dismissed from the duty because of misbehaviour sending signals to Jodi to answer or not next thing we know juror number 8 was dismissed from his duty due to DWI ( driving while intoxicated ) …how can we put our faith in them ….I am starting to believe that Jody will be getting a manslaughter punishment ( as the defence wants ) instead of MURDER ONE ! Martinez has many experiences in murder trials so i hope he can do something about it . And i have to tell you guys when Travis’s ex testified ( dark curly hair don’t remember her name very sweet ) and said that she has his dog Napoleon, and was telling how Travis wanted to clean up his live by the end of his farther’s last days , i burst in tears ….What the hell this Jodi was thinking …She only cries because she is scared to go to the death row , not because the autopsy pictures are shown . Monster !

  176. OMG! How could a human do that to another? Why put him through all the pain? How could she claim to have loved him and yet slice him the way she did? I am so sorry for the family. I cry every time I look at the photos and this is someone I did not know. I cannot begin to imagine how feels for the family. It doesn’t matter what he did to her, this is just wrong, evil and cruel. I have never seen anything like this and it scares me to death. She would have been better just killing herself after that. I don’t know what goes on in her head but someone should have killed her at the funeral. The world would be a much better place without her. I am sorry to say this but some people don’t deserve the right to life after they commit a murder like the one we see here. I have been having trouble sleeping because of this. It makes one look at the world differently, such a wonderful man dying like that, like his life meant nothing. This woman acts as if she had the right to decide whether he lived or not. She doesn’t even deserve trial. This is horrifying. I cant believe we breathe the same air with this person. Mr. Alexander was nice to people according to the testimonies I have heard. What happens in the bedroom is a private affair and if she felt degraded she should have left or told him how she felt instead of enjoying it, leading him on, encouraging it and then later pretending she was being abused. The man made a difference in the world and now his life has been cut short by this senseless, cold woman. I hopes she goes down for murder 1 and gets executed soon after, painfully. This woman is sick in the head and she cannot be cured. The only option is to just let her pay the ultimate price and I wouldn’t mind watching. A woman walked after killing her own baby( Casey Anthony case), we cant afford this one to walk too. I hope the jury is paying attention.

    • Derek, you are totally right! If you are having sleeping after seeing the debauchery she committed against this man, go to beautiful positive sites created for Travis. There are sites honoring him and the inspirational photos there are very touching. Finally, say a prayer before you go to sleep so that nothing perturbs your sleep. My prayers for Travis, his loved ones and Juan Martinez and jury to deliver everyone justice.

    • Amen! At least with this case they can PROVE “who done it”. (not that they NEEDED to, considering Stabby was kind enough to take pictures so that we can all see for ourselves how she BRUTALIZED Travis, and that SHE, and ONLY she, was one who killed him) Even if there are many similarities to the Casey Anthony case, such as the opposing theories for cause of death (plus all the boyfriends and gas cans and lies, OH MY!) the jury has absolutely EVERYTHING it needs to convict, though.I can’t see death penalty w/the family’s claims of odd behavior that Alyce “men are evil” LaViolette will scream from the rooftop proves domestic abuse That coupled with the Defense’s laughable “he body slammed me” assertion” makes me want to vomit. A soaking wet, naked man picked you up and threw you to the floor (FIRST having to lean down and grab your shoulders, stand you upright, THEN “body slam” you) because you dropped his camera MAYBE 2 1/2 feet onto a bathmat…(by your own words, you were kneeling on it when taking, looking at, then deleting the pics) yeah, RIGHT, Stabby. Once again…Whatever. You. Say.

  177. I copied the following from another blog I follow, it was posted on a Justice for Travis facebook page by his sister and wanted to share:

    Message from Tanisha Sorenson
    To All the Supporters of Travis and our Family,
    As the time is now near to verdict time our family needs your support more than ever now. You all have been true examples of Christ, very giving , caring, kind hearted, and loving. The support of all of you has been heartfelt and has brought many smiles to our families faces during these hard times. We will be forever grateful !
    I know that the most important thing we can all continue doing is getting down on our knees and praying to the Lord that we will have Justice for Travis here on this earth. I know there will be Justice in the life to come in the eternities but I feel that the Lord will also have his hand in bringing Justice here on earth. Our Heavenly father hears our prayers and he will answer them.
    The jury will get this case on Monday the 6th and that’s why I have a special request from all of you to join us as we pray and fast for the Jury, For our Family, For Travis, and For the Ultimate Justice in this case.My family and I will be fasting and praying on Sunday May 5th. I know from my own personal experience that the Lord has answered my prayers after I fasted, and that’s why I know if we all do it on Sunday the 5th , he will see that we all have faith in him and that Justice is what we want and I feel he will deliver as he touches the hearts of the Jurors.
    We have all been brought together thru this horrible tragedy, we have all been touched by Travis and his inspiration as he was alive, by the things he did while he was alive, and by the people he helped and served while he was alive, and because of the Death of this amazing man , we all share the love, the loss, the hope, the sorrow, the life, the faith, the gratitude, the strength, the empathy, and the unity, together. May the Lord continued to bless all of you for all the strength and love you have shown our family.
    Don’t be sad for Travis for he is happy, in a wonderful place doing the Lords work, he continues to teach, learn, serve, laugh, make others laugh, sing, and rejoice in happiness. He is with our Savior Jesus Christ, he is with us in our hearts and minds , and he will be with us as we get the Verdict of Guilty of first degree Murder and have Justice for him! Our family loves you all!! Our Heavenly Father loves you, and Travis loves you!!


  178. I hope and pray that when the jury is deliberating, someone will say “look at these pictures” and then decide if you believe this was a crime of passion. It is a crime of insanity in my
    opinion and I hope she gets the worst sentence available.

  179. God bless us all because evil comes from everywhere!!!! Travis played a game with Jodi and ended up losing. Not just a game anymore when you play with real life and emotions!!! We as a society need to learn that no ones feelings are toys there to simply fool with when we so feel. I am by no means saying anyone deserves this way of dieing or that she did no wrong but Travis isn’t here to tell the world I fucked with her feelings! What if he could? Would we still feel this way about Jodi or would we say he got what was coming?

  180. One more thing. I in no way agree with the way ja handled the one deserves to die this way!!! Loving all ppl even Jodi we should pray for our world!! We all are here for a specific reason. Find those reasons in our Lord and get outside of the worldly things in life. Find God and we all find peace

    • LOL I too felt the need to qualify a couple of my posts with the fact that I don’t agree w/what Stabby did, since I mentioned that Travis was obviously no angel. It can get scary out in the blogosphere, people can be downright VICIOUS! I almost started my own blog to get away from it, but along with the creeps come the relatively normal people, so unless I wanted to write for my eyes only (&I don’t find myself all that entertaining) here I sit. But in all seriousness, none of us would come out smelling like a rose if everything we said or did was put out there (in questionable context) for the world to see…even if we DIDN’T slaughter a man in cold blood, tell a bunch of stories, then infuriate a good portion of the English speaking world. (or @ least those following the trial, but I’d be willing to bet that there are some non-english speaking spectators that hate her too)

  181. Watching Dr Drew on HLN, and Chris Hughes is discussing Alyce “man-hater” LaViolette using his emails to diagnose Stabby with her Traumatic Personality Disorder…imagine my shock to find out Chris was TRAVIS’ BFF. Interesting to find out he and his wife, Crystal wanted Stabby out of Travis’life, so they told her she shouldn’t date him…too funny. Seems to me Stabby doesn’t HAVE any friends. Seriously, besides her “voice” on Twitter, and her ex celly “Donovan” (quite possibly one and the same person) have any “friends” of hers come forward on her behalf? Has ANYONE come forward (be their stories good, bad, or indifferent) in ANY way? I suppose unless I was going to say something positive, I’d keep my trap shut too, until I found out if she was going to spend the rest of her miserable life in prison before (NOOOO……going against “The Laws Attraction”!!) saying something negative about her. I have no problem admitting that she scares me. Seeing the pictures of wat she did to Travis, how could you NOT be scared by her?

  182. I don’t see how any human being could ever even think of doing this to someone she is no she’s not even human that thing that that woman is is the most vile horrible disgusting thing in the world and deserves the death penalty what happened to Travis was not in any way self defence he was brutally murdered in cold blood by that psychopath and needs to be removed from this world

  183. I hope this woman receives the lethal injection if the United States does not give this woman the lethal injection then the United States can kiss my ass I am from Canada and cannot believe a woman could do something like this to such a beautiful man my heart goes out to his family , what she did she should pay for under the constitution of the United States ….. I this jealous individual can atleast feel some remorse befor she leaves this planet and come to her senses and fess up that se took this innocent man instead of insulting people intelligence and stating it was self defence!!! Courts of America give your heads a shake and for once do your job and put a real criminal behind bars!!!!!!!!!!!!! Travis Alexander deserves justice after death, don’t let his death go away without a fight , his poor family … Jodi arias makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  184. I have been watching this trial and looking at this young girl who committed this crime. She shows no real emotions, it’s scary to just watch her and know that there are other people out there with the same evil in them. I felt the same way about Casey Anthony who also had no real emotions and I’m so afraid that this jury will not see how evil she is and she will get off with little or no punishment. Please let this jury see though the bullshit and give her what she deserves.

    • I have the same concern,I too have been watching the trial since Jan 2nd,when I watch HLN After Dark It amazes me that there are some that still vote she is not guilty on obvious things.Thats all it takes is one Stupid Juror!!

      • Luckily 1 or 2 blind, deaf, or dumb jurors can have the “error of their ways” (or the error in their thought process, rather) “explained” to them by other jurors with more brain matter, as the the requirement for a unanimous decision makes the peer pressure inside that deliberation room10 times more intense than you would ever even see in a junior high locker room!! However, if you get more than 1 or 2 idjits (& you may want to make certain they aren’t wearing a “USED AND ABUSED” tee-shirt under their clothes at this point) who refuse to see the light (aka: the TRUTH) or they are blind, deaf AND dumb….well, then we’re SCREWED. For Travis’ family, I pray this doesn’t happen. For justice for Travis, I pray this doesn’t happen. For my faith and belief in the American legal system, I PRAY THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN.

        Justice for Travis.

  185. Why is there even a trial- before I saw these pics – was not too sure- she is the devil

  186. Robert Maynard

    What she did to him should be done to her and if anyone thinks this is ok. Then they’re just as sick as she is. The SICK BITCH.

  187. She needs to be put down! Old smokey is waiting for her ass!

  188. I’m do not see how any Juror will not find her guilty after viewing these!! There is something seriously wrong with our country and our justice system if this chick walks free like Casey was allowed to do. My heart goes out to his family. This is so horrific!!!

  189. Jodi went to Travis’s house to try to convince him to take her back and to not go on vacation with another woman. She tried to seduce him with sex and when it didn’t work and he turned her away again…she killed him. She went there knowing if he turns her down again shed kill him. If I can’t have you no one can…she’s a sociopath. Blames everyone else for her problem. Has no remorse, guilt, or empathy. Horribly manipulative. She tries to blame travis for her killing him…it’s his fault, he made me kill him. WTF!?! I don’t think so. She deserve to suffer worse than travis. I don’t care what he did, he did not deserve to go through that. I’ve been in a physically abusive relationship and I wouldn’t wish that one anyone. My heart breaks for travis. At leas