My Thoughts on The Jodi Arias Case

I truly enjoy writing, but I feel so limited with what i am allowed to say. Ah, the joys of being a paid writer, having to follow the rules.

As many of you know, I have been extensively following the Jodi Arias trial. The whole thing really blows my mind. I remember watching the 48 Hours episode “Picture Perfect” about her when it originally aired. Wanna see how good my memory is? I remember watching it when Jason was out of town for training for a new job he had gotten. I sat in my basement and watched it. I remember thinking how crazy that all sounded. And why was there a camera in the washing machine? That’s pretty suspicious, right? And how brutal the crime was. I really doubted the likelihood that she had done it, just due to her small stature.

For whatever reason, this case stuck in my mind, and I always checked to see if there was any updates or pleas or anything. I found the story of the ninjas ridiculous, but we’ve all told a whopper at some point. The self defense, I almost want to believe. It does seem likely, I guess, that in addition to being a typical jerk (like many, many other guys) who was using her for sex (to which she wasn’t objecting), he may have smacked her a time or two…not okay. However, it’s also fairly likely that she was obsessed with him and stalking him. Looney!

I do find it completely ridiculous that, after listening to her, for days and days, go on and on and on about every teeny tiny detail about who she was with and where and what time and for how long (get the point of this sentence yet? lol) basically reliving her entire life on the stand, in pretty good detail, then she doesn’t remember killing Travis. Seriously??!!?!?!?!?! WTF? Wouldn’t that be something you would recall in great detail? Wouldn’t the images of that haunt your dreams and drive you crazy until you really did just off yourself to escape the guilt and shame? I’ve done some crappy things in my day, but that’s one I couldn’t make right with myself for any reason.

And how exactly does she think she’s going to get off on self defense. Even if he did attack her, even if she was scared for her life, his murder was overkill, and the cleaning it up, shows that she knows what she did and was trying to erase herself from the situation to avoid prosecution. I was actually talking to a good friend of mine about this case the other night. She has not followed the case and knew nothing more than the basic details of the case I shared with her. When I told her “…and she’s trying to say it was self defense,” she immediately jumped in with, “That’s not self defense.” She has been married twice, both husbands were abusive, I’ve been her friend for most of that time. Maybe not the most battered woman, but we know what we are talking about. We both agreed that, if you were defending yourself, you would only keep inflicting injury until you could get away, you would not continue once he was down. I’m sure a whole rush of people are going to argue with my theory on that, go for it.

I think, as far as the events of the day, they probably went very closely to how she said in court. However, I’m not entirely sure that Travis was aware she was there taking the pictures of him in the shower. She had said they were downstairs.  I would guess she “left,” which was really just when she put her things in the car, maybe grabbed the weapons, he went up to shower and she snuck back in.  There is one picture where he looks totally caught off guard. And the pictures are at such an angle that she may have been originally taking them from the doorway leading into the closet and he may not have seen her. After that, a discussion ensues, she’s talking a little crazy and he starts to get that this isn’t going to go well. He lunges at her, to protect himself and she drops the camera and gets him in the heart, leaving the arterial blood sprayed all over the sink. The camera drops. They continue to struggle and she keeps stabbing. At this point, he’s lost a fair amount of blood and is getting woozy, stumbling. He sees his exit: the hallway to the bedroom. He stumbles down the hall, using the walls to keep him up, and falls just as he gets to the carpet. She’s right behind him. She sits on his back and pulls his head back, by the hair. Then she slits his throat, leaving the large blood stain on the carpet. He is wet from being in the shower, and there’s lots of blood around, so it’s pretty easy for her to drag him. And through all this, that camera is being kicked around, just enough to grab a few shots.  Maybe she even put more water on the floor, like with the cup, to make it easier to move him. The water would have dried up in the 5 days it took to find him. That would also probably account for the blood colored water creeping up the sides of the paper box in the bathroom closet. When she finally got his body back to the bathroom, thinking he was dead, maybe he moved or maybe she just wanted the last “F you” and she shot him in the head. Jodi then claims she remembers dropping the knife and it clanging on the tile. She remembers putting that knife into the dishwasher, but she said she had done that before, so it may not have been that time…duh. She remembers throwing the rope used during their kinky sex games into a dumpster, and the gun into the desert. Convenient that none of this evidence will ever be found.  At this point, would it really matter?

Too bad she just wasn’t the kind of girl who could get over it. Travis seemed to have a very bright future coming up for himself, and really, so did Jodi. Had these two just stopped talking to each other, just stopped it all, Travis would still be alive and Jodi wouldn’t be sitting in court facing death. Such a tragic waste.

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  1. I think your theory on how it went down is spot on! Great read!

  2. I feel Mr. Martinez is doing a great job. This is my theory I feel that Jodi moved Travis body twice, also I feel he was killed in the shower his back was to her. Another thing I notice in all the photos of Jodi and Travis he never smiled he always seemed unhappy, also in the photo Jodi never wore glasses just sunglasses.

    • Hi Annie. I saw in the court records that while in jail she requested to be allowed to go out of jail and get prescription glasses. I saw the court order allowing her to get escorted to go to an eye place here in Phoenix. It shows the location address but I just can’t remember the name or the year but it is in the court records.

  3. Good blog but I think the last photo of him “alive” which shows not his face but his body from the neck down sitting in the shower, is actually when the stabbing started. I agree with the mention that he looks startled in the photos. He also looks distressed. He does not look like he’s posing in a willful or flirty manner. Especially in the one of him holding his hands to his chest and facing the water. The pose looks forced. I think at that point she already had the weapons out and was forcing him to pose. The last “pose” was of him sitting down. If you notice, one of the autopsy photos shows a big gash on his right ear and another one on the right side of the neck, behind the ear. I think that’s where she started the stabbing, as he sat there, and then he got up and tried to defend himself – hence the defensive wounds to hands. Then she stabbed him in the chest and abdomen and as he was bleeding and trying to run down the hall as you say, he fell on all fours and was crawling away and that’s where the stabs to the back happened. Remember that even in her “ninjas” version she mentions that he was an all fours and crawling bleeding all over the place… At some point after that she was dragging him back towards the bathroom and that’s where the slicing of the throat happened, at the entrance where the huge pool of blood was. The rest I think it is safe to say we all agree happened as you describe here. Poor guy.

  4. I sure hope the Jury has minds like us, because this all describes how I see it was done too. Gee I wonder if it was really the gun shot, which was last, is what she doesn’t remember. I really feel for the poor guy, I think in the beginning he was blinded by her and couldn’t she what she was really like, as all his friends did.

  5. I cannot imagine what his family has to go through by listening to all her lies, I would want to go over the rail and strangle her myself. Those poor people.

  6. I too think he didn’t know she was taking pictures of him in the shower. The other thing is he was naked, she was dressed. Wouldn’t you just run outside knowing he probably wouldn’t go outside naked? Just too much of a coincidence the stolen gun. And she has an answer for most everything – except for what she did to Travis. There is self defence and there is stark raving mad. From the history given she doesn’t sound “habitually abused” – as in suffering years of abuse – they dated only 5 months. And even with the abuse of other boyfriends, it sounds to me more infrequent than frequent (not saying its acceptable behaviour) – not like something to drive you over the edge. Also out of the 80,000+ texts what percentage are abusive? Doesn’t add up at all. I find her testimony to be disturbing – it’s like she is an expert witness not the accused.

    • I think that she was the initiator of the sex games and I also think she was the abuse. We never heard what she did to cause the so called “abuse” that she claimed all her other boyfriends, and Travis did to her.

  7. I have been struggling with the details of this case since I stumbled upon it in January. Since the shower door was open – I think he knew about the photos. Maybe she opened the door and surprised him. The forensic evidence indicates she shot last, she says first. Since she probably brought the gun, shooting first makes sense to me. Maybe it jammed, and the part about the cutting of the rope, etc was true, so the knife was there. He wasn’t dead yet, stumbled around half blinded by the shot. Well, now she’s messed up. She can’t contain the murder in the shower as planned. So she freaks out and stabs him in the back as he is coughing up blood at the sink. Then he turns to her to defend himself and she gets his chest and hands. Then he stumbles down the hall and falls – she cuts his throat and drags him. No matter what, this looks obcessive and she is someone who thinks only of herself. She could not stay away as her moving record, and visits to Mesa show. I think she planned it; maybe even showed up at 4 am unexpected. Lured him in sexually as usual – and I think that last trist was for her only. God she is sick. This was a crime of obcession. If you read the blog of Travis it is heatrbreaking. He really seemed like a sensitive, decent guy who was attracted to the wrong girl, and was constantly trying to be attracted to the right type of girl. SAD.

    • As this goes on, I tend to agree with you. It makes more sense. The stabbing looks more like an afterthought… I’m going to keep thinking on it. However, it’s all hypothesis, as none of us were there and we’re only going to hear Jodi’s version.

    • that sounds about right. i didnt think of the gun jamming, but she planned to kill him in the shower. I figure because she was scared of blood, and thought as you said it would be cleaner. But she must have shot him first i can’t believe that you can be that unaware and not have the fight or flight mode kick in to save yourself from this tiny killer.

      • Yes, but remember he thought he was stud! He thought he was the MAN with Jodi; their relationship was about him exercising his dark sexual side… He was (at least) partly fooled into thinking he was the strong one in control…, then she turned the tables.

    • A really ‘decent guy’ who has had vaginal sex with previous girlfriends as well as Jodi and who likes to buttfuck into the bargain (while telling himself that this particular practice doesn’t actually count as ‘sex’) and talk dirty on the phone while all the while ‘promoting’ himself as a ‘thirty year old virgin’. At the very least, he was a player and a hypocrite.

  8. To Travis Alexander family my heart goes out to you at this difficult time. This is to HLN you guys are doing a great job of keeping us informed. To Mr. Martinez you’re also doing a great job. My theory is after them discussing the trip Travis told Jodi he wasn’t taking her he was taking Marie Hall. He told Jodi her coming there and them having sex was a mistake, and that he love Marie. Jodi was angry but didn’t let it show Travis told her he was going to marry Marie, Jodi knew she had lost control over him she came prepared, if he didn’t say what she wanted to hear she planned to kill him and she did. Jodi took his life she came there with the gun and knife that gun and knife is more than likely on the property where she killed Travis, their never was a rope. Travis never stood a chance once she talked him into taking a shower she started stabbing him in the shower, when she claims he was chasing her that was a lie. Travis begged her to stop and help him, she took his life, Jodi is still killing him with her lies Travis no longer loved Jodi and she knew it for that she took his life Jodi remembers everything that happened on that day. She remembers every stabb, cutting his throat and shooting him in his face it stares at her day and night an she laughs she has no remorse. Right now those twelve people are the most important in the case, she don’t need to be acquitted. Travis deserve JUSTICE. This is my theory of what happened to Travis.

    • Wow, I swear you have been reading my mind! This is exactly how I see it all went down. I have always felt that Travis was an innocent and Jodi taught him the ropes, telling him that it was all ok. He got hooked on her and her crazy sex and knew he had to break away. She just couldn’t hack it, so poor Travis suffered from it. She is the wickedest, conniving, liar ever.

    • I wonder if the HLN people permit any replies which don’t ‘support’ Travis. Not that I in any way think Jodi should have done what she did or that Travis deserved what happened to him but for goodness sake, anybody would think that Travis was a ‘saint’. With reference to your ‘interpretation’ – so you agree that they had sex that day but think that Alexander would have told her that it ‘was a mistake’ Well it seems like a ‘mistake’ that Alexander was happy enough to comply with. How do you ‘mistakenly’ buttfuck someone?! He made a dick-led decision which led to his demise.

  9. Great description, I only hope the jurors see it this way. If they let her off on manslaughter I will have no faith in our justice system..

  10. You are probably pretty close. The only point with which I disagree, or maybe it’s not a disagreement…, Is that I don’t believe Travis was so innocent or blameless. He had an ugly side of his personality, he did treat her like a whore, and used her. That’s no excuse for the murder, but he was not the man with the “bright promising future” that some would like to believe. He was quite provocative…, And he didn’t know the type of woman he was dealing with…

    • Well said, somebody who doesn’t buy all the Saint Travis crap. He promoted himself as a ‘thirty year old virgin’ when he was nothing of the sort and who buys into that sort of nonsense anyway? All rather pathetic to say the least.

  11. bevviehedstrom

    I’m under the impression that the shower door was open while Jodi was taking the pictures, so Travis would have known Jodi was snapping photos …? Am I wrong about this?

    Anyway, the following is what has haunted me most about this entire case:

    I’ve read many times times that people who frequently lie, always mix some truth into their story. When Jodi told the story about the ninja attack, I believe Jodi most accurately described some of what happened. For instance, Jodi said that Travis was shot by the ninjas, but that Travis was not incapacitated, which seems to fit the evidence. Creepiest of all, was when Jodi explained that after the ninjas first attacked Travis, Travis was screaming. *shiver* I never thought of Travis screaming. Why would Jodi have said Travis was screaming unless he really did scream? That detail seems gratuitous, so I’ll believe it happened. It’s just too random and spot on.

    Some say that, but for Travis Alexander, Jodi had a bright future. I disagree. We are now hearing in court about Jodi’s stalking behavior, and Jodi was bound to snap on a man who tried to leave her eventually. Jodi has been unstable and volatile for some time, and she was getting worse. Mental illness usually increases exponentially.

    Lastly, I do believe that Travis used Jodi, but it’s not entirely his fault. Jodi led Travis to believe that she was on board with their sex-only relationship. Unfortunately, Travis is a man, and did not understand that women are NEVER okay with being just a booty call. Jodi believed that the sex would eventually hook Travis, but she was wrong. She learned she was mistaken when the braids, the sex, and pornographic photos did not sway Travis’ decision to take another woman to Mexico.

    One more thing, the picture of Travis’ face looking directly at the camera? Travis was sitting down when that photo was taken. That makes it extra-creepy.

    • Nice post.

      I have a few other thoughts…

      The shower door was open; Travis was on board with the photo shoot, because he was trying to give his sexy face, not a happy smiley face. He might also have been a bit irritated if the camera dropped like she says it did. That may be some of the truth mixed into the lies.

      I believe Travis had very ambivalent feelings. He loved the sex, and the chance to act upon his dark side, his sexual fantasies. In this way he was using Jodi. She knew it, and initially put up with it, thinking she could win him over and win him, as the trophy husband. He would have made her more respectable, more powerful… He offered a legitimacy that she felt she deserved but didn’t have from her own family experience.

      I don’t think she was a stalker. I do believe she was obsessed with the fantasy that they would be married. When he convinced her with finality that this was never going to happen… that’s when she snapped. She decided, essentially, that she was smart enough to pull this off… if she couldn’t have him, then no one else could either. He pissed her off for the last time…

      Just my $.02… but I have a little experience with these matters…

  12. bevviehedstrom

    I thought the photo was Travis’ “sexy-face” too! I heard the photo described as Travis being afraid so many times, I guess I sort of morphed over to that belief! I’ve since learned that Travis was, most likely, sitting down in that picture. Does that change anything for you? It just makes me more confused …

    You”re right on target with the trophy-husband statement. I’ve seen photos of Jodi’s grandparent’s home, and Jodi’s room in that home, so Travis’ home was a great improvement. Travis was a home-owner (roommates helped him meet the bills), and Travis was also very successful in his career with Pre-Paid Legal (especially considering Travis was only 30 years old!).

    The jury’s still out for me on the stalker issue. One thing’s for sure, Jodi HATES the accusation of stalker. The truth hurts? Methink thou dost protest too much? IDK, I just think it’s weird how defensive she is about about being rejected by a man. Never! 😀

    • Ahh… Rejection sensitive? Absolutely.

      Stalker? I’m not convinced… Stalkers usually have a lot of obvious stalker behavior in their history, and we don’t have much if that. I think she was obsessed with him, but not stalking him…

  13. Jodi is not of small stature. She’s a medium bone, stocky woman. Travis was only 3 inches taller..She’s far from a frail, tiny little lady. She towers her own attorney. Tiny? Small?.Not hardly..Photo’s of Travis & Jodi prove their similarities in size..Jodi is a coward and the murder was a sneak attack on Travis. She struck him in such a manner he was incapable of putting up a serious fight..Although I know he tried, bless his heart. Jodi is a sociopathic murderer and I pray she is put to death by lethal injection..

  14. Very insightful post Jessica and I believe Travis’s murder went down like you said! You too RobynD323. She’s very skinny & frail looking these days in court but that is not her weight when she was lose. Mr. Martinez believes she is a stalker, he knows a lot more information than the public and there are many sealed doc’s that are not being allowed into evidence. Hope the sealed stuff gets out to the media so we can learn about it.
    I read the memorandum re: the Oct. 26, 2010 plea proposal. Shows just how despicable she truly is. She points out to Martinez the collateral damage that will occur to Travis’s standing in the Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints, the “very poignant and cherished memories of Mr. Alexander would be tarnished” amongst his family & many friends, and the pain Mr. Alexander’s family and friends will suffer through a lengthy and highly contested trial. “Ms Arias feels that the state will have a difficult time convincing a jury to find her guilty of capital murder & will require quite the feat of mental gymnastics to get a conviction.”
    Her plea is for manslaughter. Sounds like blackmail. So she is dragging Travis, his family & his friends thru the mud just as she stated she would do in this memorandum. Jodi Arias is a homicidal stalker and if she ever walks out of prison I believe she most certainly will kill again.

  15. I believe she was a stalker and as she was on the original plan to go to Cancun the turning point came when she was told after all the sex he wasn’t taking her. She went there to see if he would change his mind and he didn’t want her. she stabbed him first in the shower with the knife that was at the sink. She got him in the heart first. He was not a saint but no one deserves to die like this. She needs the death penalty as she is a black widow spider and I pray she gets it.

  16. Rev. Dr. Catherine F. DiNitto

    God bless Travis Alexander’s family and friends.

  17. this is the number one reason why you have to have the death penalty. For devils just like Jodi.. And even that is not even enough. The family should do what she did to their brother no more no less.. Personally I put her under guillotine. With a brand-new blades.she is the most evilest person I have ever saw or heard from. And I have seen autopsy photos but these there over the top. It’s scary what a human being would do to another human being. crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy God bless Travis family. Always in my prayersssss!!!!!!

  18. Yes, it would matter if they found the gun. Very much. It would prove through ballistics that the gun that shot Travis was her *Grandfathers* – therefore she’d have had brought the gun WITH her, and her whole story of it being Travis’ gun, etc, etc (*add more bullshit here*) are all lies, and it was PREMEDITATED.

    • Absolutely right! If they were to find the gun, that would put an end to all this nonsense. But she knows that will never happen. I suspect she threw it over the Hoover Dam and no one will ever find it.

  19. Have you seen these YouTube videos on the gun? If not, *very* interesting, and please, pass the link on when you watch it. It would be *awesome* if he could get the help he needs to look! 🙂 I don’t know how to post a link – so go to YouTube and in the Search bar type: “Finding Premeditation Part 1” (User: David Michael. There is also a Part 2 to watch next.) Would love to know what you think. (Off topic – I also have some up of my lil doggie if you’re bored n wanna peek. She’s so tiny and cute! “Sleepy Punkin” – others in my channel. 🙂 )

  20. Annie Florida

    This is my theory the grandmother may have the gun and knife. I pray and hope that this jury get it right,please don’t let her get away with murder.If Jodi get away with this crime it will be open season on men.The gas can, knife and gun she brought with her makes it premeditated 1st degree murder. Travis and his family deserve justice.I don’t know what the jury is doing but it’s taking a long time we as a nation we wait, we wait for justice for Travis. The jury need to find Jodi guilty. JUSTICE!

    • Oh for goodness sake. You mean to say that (let’s just imagine) if you committed a murder you would then go and give the knife and gun to your GRANDMOTHER. What kind of idiotic thing would that be to do? There are twenty zillion and counting things she could have done with the gun and knife so what kind of ‘theory’ is it that she gave them to her GRANDMOTHER where, if they were found, would link her directly to the crime?

  21. I am suprized her lawyers didn’t notice but Travis was playing the Master/slave mind game. She was his lil submissive. Totally involves mind control. He gained it, reduced her to kiss his feet then said I don’t wanna play anymore. .Dr. Drew let me down. He is a doc and should have seen it. I am very disappointed in him. He used her. Some say she let him. She didn’t even see it coming. She’s gonna pay. She already has. She obviously was in a rage. .anger that he would treat her like he owned her..then decided he wanted to try it with another and he would have..her was a lil boy trying new things at her expense. I bet he even laughed in her face that he could use her..I am sorry she is paying the price for his death..and that he died. . Over his mind control

    • Sorry, but I see it the other way around…all her men looked nice guys but I think she found her innocent (basically) in Travis and did all the conforming him to her. It is very plain to see that she is the manipulator and is continuing on with all of us…who are watching.
      As long as Jodi is around she will keep her show going and continue running the world.
      What case are you watching???

  22. Jodi has no empathy or compassion, she only cares about herself. Their millions of women who get rejected by their boyfriends or husbands, they don’t drive hundreds of miles to go and kill their ex boyfriend in a very sadistic cruel way. Yes, she is a stalker, normal ex girlfriends do not crawl into a doggie door or peep into Travis’s house window to see if Travis is with a woman, I’m sure that she slashed Travis’s, and a young ladies tires. I feel Travis was naïve when it came to sexual relationships with woman. It’s hard for a young attractive man to reject sex from a young woman. Everyone has their weakness, and unfortunately Travis’s weakness was Jodi. I feel that Jodi was a time bomb, if Jodi wanted to be with a man she liked, and he wanted to end the relationship it was going to be a fatal attraction.

    • So is it easy for an unattractive man to reject sex from a young woman? I would have thought that that would be even more difficult!

  23. Good blog. I think you nailed it. Those people aren’t any crazier than the rest of us. It’s a sad story, but it could have been anyone, anytime, anywhere. I think the moral to this story is treat all people decently and we’ll all get along fine.

    • “I think the moral to this story is treat all people decently and we’ll all get along fine.”

      Yes exactly!!!!! How did this get started? He knew full well he wanted to use her for sex and allowed it to continue for his own benefit with no other serious intentions. Any respectful guy would not have his fate.

  24. This is probably very after the fact, but I just found your comments on this case, and I must say you are the first person who has expressed even close to my own thoughts on this case.
    But I would like to take it one step further. I know this woman – her twin is married to my brother. I begged him not to marry his wife , told him that I saw a very dark side to his love interest and that it would reveal itself just as they said “I Do’s “. I was spot on! I don’t think they made it through the honeymoon before the monster came out.
    He got her to start therapy – and her diagnosis is narcissistic, compulsive lying, border personality disorder. Which is exactly what Arias is.
    Now, after talking to her shrink he realizes that I was correct. She threatens suicide if he even mentions leaving her and has several times attempted suicide, usually whenever he walks back in the house so he can call. 911 . And SHE is a petite 5′ 4”, 120 lb woman – but don’t get her mad!
    She could shove a train off the tracks to get to my brother if he makes her mad.
    Now he is locked in a horrible marriage and fears for his life to even mention divorce! And the sex. He can not get rough enough or debase her low enough. She wants it in every orifice as hard as she can get it – that is the only way to show he “loves” her. Weird.
    Now about that day. I agree that she went there to use sex to manipulate TA into making her his one and only and take her to Cancun. After putting out all afternoon she found that she had not swayed him and lost it. She told him good bye, took her stuff to the car, and sneaked back in with the gun, knife, and a change of clothes. She sneaked in and fucked into the closet and started taking pictures.
    The dark ones are taken without a flash and through the shower door.
    I think he finally sees her at 5:28:54, the photo at 5:29:12 he is still staring out the shower door not believing what he sees. Believe me when I say I shower just like him. He did not think anyone was in his home. At 5:29:20 he is still standing and his left hand is turning off the shower and his right hand is opening the shower door. He sees the knife in her hand and is scared out of his wits. Between 5:29:20 and 5:30:30 she has threatened him into a seated position and defensive position. Notice his arms are on his knees to try to protect his upper body.
    Look at his legs – that is what a man would do to protect his genitalia, which she had probably said she was going to cut off. As soon as she took that photo she dropped the camera (on purpose) and lunged for him. He probably did try to attack her like a linebacker – to defend HIMSELF. But the shower was slippery and wet as was he and he did not have good traction to rise from that seated position and fend off the attack.
    Too bad, first plunge hit the vena cava and it was downhill from there on,
    He balanced against the sink, spurting and coughing up blood as she continued knifing him in the back. He tried to escape her, but he was getting weak and had slippery feet and went down with his head in his bedroom, she grabbed him by the hair and sliced his throat, then dragged him toward the shower. You can tell he has his head up and his right arm up, probably trying to hold his throat together.
    She gets him in the shower and she wants to finish him off. He probably aspirated and convulsed and she put a bullet through his brain. This was extremely premeditated. Gas cans, and borrowed money do she would not have to use a card I’m Arizona. The man she borrowed the money from said she told him that TA was seeing other women and she needed the money to get to AZ to get things right between them. She did. The stolen 25?
    Predication. Car plates upside down – premeditation. Probably parked her car down the block do the roommates wouldn’t see it – premeditation.
    Oh and here is her coup de grace.
    She got in the shower and showered off over his dead body and then troweled dry, put on fresh clothes, and fled the scene – after she had done a half assed attempt at cleaning up the scene.
    This is what I feel in my gut happened – all based on what I know about my sister in law.
    If I have left out anything I’ll post it.

    • What a sad little fantasist you are. You probably got off several times while writing this complete and utter bilge. Let’s hope that you are never on a jury.

  25. A. England – really? You are a JA supporter. Go somewhere else. You have a very depraved mind.

  26. My thoughts exactly!!!!!!! Everyone is defending his guy jerk behaviour – using people for sex with no intention of marriage and leading them on. Of course any woman would be scorned when they find out the true intention (99% would not actually kill the guy of course). The furthest they get is probably a-la Carrie Underwood style (slash tires in her music video). It goes to show when you use people like that there are consequences for your actions!

    And what happened to his religion? He’s not suppose to have pre-marital sex. Totally disregarding his own values.

  27. Yeah anybody could be Arias, since psychopathy is pretty common.
    Watch out. Educate yourselves.

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