Well, I haven’t been on here in a while.  Life got busy, ya know.  I went out and got a job, like a sit at a desk and answer phones and deal with customer service issues type job.   But then in May, I had a baby.  Like, seriously?  How did that happen?  I mean, I know how it happened but seriously?  I thought we were done with all that.  My kiddos are older, old enough that we weren’t planning any more.  But she is adorable and is completely my world right now.  So, I’m home, at least for the summer, and going to be writing again here and there.  Probably.

Well, all the publicity surrounding Jodi Arias really died down.  She is forgotten, just as she should be, and the memory of Travis lives on, even right on my Facebook page.  I remain friendly with several people from the trial and now and again, one of them posts a picture of him, or mentions how much they wish he could’ve been at x event, how he would’ve enjoyed it, etc, etc.  It’s nice to see that.

Still no information on any of the missing men in San Francisco.  Shawn Dickerson, Sean Sidi, Crishtian Hughes, Jackson Miller, and Cameron Remmer remain missing.

On a whole other topic, does anyone think that, with the upcoming presidential election, we are freakin screwed?  Trump or Hillary, really?  I myself was feeling the Bern, but apparently that’s not the way it will go down.  I don’t get too much into politics, though.

I am going to at least attempt to update here more often, since I’m not exactly doing anything else.  Hope to hear from you! 🙂

Missing: Crishtian Hughes

Crishtian HughesNot much has been released through the media about the disappearance of 20-year-old Crishtian Hughes, from San Diego, CA. He vanished on February 6th, after travelling to San Francisco to visit friends. After arriving on Feb. 4th, and getting money from his aunt, who offered to pay for half of his plane ticket so he would have money to spend in the city. Sometime between 2 am and 10 am on Feb 6th, it appears Crishtian packed up all of his belongings and left his friends’ home and hasn’t been seen since.

That automatically seems fishy. Why would someone from out of town pick up and leave in the middle of the night, with no car, the day before he was supposed to, without leaving a note or saying anything? And he hasn’t texted or called anyone. The last text sent from his phone was around 1:18 am on Feb 6th. Who was that to? Do we know the content.

Crishtian’s mother has some suspicion about the friend he had visited, who will not be mentioned by name at this time, as he is not currently a suspect in the disappearance (we’ll get to that further down). He was the last person to see Crishtian. He called the police 24 hours after he had last seen his friend, to see if he had gotten home. Wouldn’t it make sense that he try to contact his family first to see if he was home? She also has some concerns regarding the past criminal history of her son’s friend. In 2010, this friend and another boy were arrested for attempted murder, and at only the age of 18 years old, with guns and $7000 worth of drugs were found.  That information would be enough to concern any parent.

His mother also told me of how the SFPD pretty much abandoned working on her son’s case almost immediately, telling her that he was an adult and was voluntarily missing, as there were no signs of foul play.  She tried to check with the airline to see if Crishtian had boarded his flight to return home, but was again denied, being told he was a mental stable adult and that information couldn’t be shared.  For whatever reason, the case was transferred to San Diego, even though he was last seen in SF.  Why?

Everyone seems to think this behavior is totally out of  character for Crishtian, who isn’t believed to have any substance abuse issues. His mother says, “He is 20, so a little bit of partying here and there were somthing of a normal teen in my eyes.  You want to think your son is a complete angel, but I am a smart woman and I know how kids are these days.”  Now that’s a good mom.

Anne MacKenzie is a detective with the SFPD, the only one “looking” for Crishtian and San Francisco’s other missing people.  That’s quite a workload.  No wonder these cases keep getting pushed off onto other cities.

San Francisco's Missing Men

A vigil to bring awareness to Crishtian’s disappearance, as well as the Sean Sidi and Jackson Miller, who have also gone missing in San Francisco, is planned for September 14th.  The Help Find Crishtian Hughes Facebook Page states: “By holding an awareness vigil, we will be able to address the media, along with
asking the SFPD to provide us the recourses, we so desperately need, to bring these boys home.”

Am I the only one who thinks it’s strange that there’s a bunch of men just missing from San Francisco?  Have I seen too many movies, or is that strange?  For some reason Dee Snider as Captain Howdy keeps popping into my head.  (Sorry, moms.  Please don’t look that up)  Maybe it’s just small town mentality, but how do people just disappear?

I’m in a book!!

So, this guy just sent me a message that he linked his ebook about the Arias trial to my blog! How awesome is that? This is the link to his book, available on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/JODI-ARIAS-WICKEDNESS-Penalty-ebook/dp/B00CS6P3RE/ref=sr_1_33?ie=UTF8&qid=1368663756&sr=8-33&keywords=jodi+arias

Still Not Found: Brookley Louks

It was revealed yesterday that remains discovered in Brown County, Indiana were not that of Lauren Spierer, who has been missing since June 3rd, 2011. They were identified as belonging to Kate McGrayel, who disappeared on April 22nd, 2010, while camping near her mother’s home. According to her father, he demeanor had changed after she returned from a mission trip in Turkey. However, now her family can rest easier, knowing that she’s in a better place or whatever. RIP Kate.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 9.47.11 PM

However, still missing is Lauren Spierer, who was last seen walking back to her apartment from a friend’s house in the wee hours of the morning.  Her parents think that the friends that were last with her know more than they are letting on, which is entirely likely.  However, this image has always troubled me:

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 9.44.37 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 9.43.26 PM

Is that Lauren in the bed of the truck?  Very well could be.  In any case, the discovery of Kate’s remains have brought new attention to her disappearance.  Hopefully someone will come forward with some information.  You would think that people would do anything they could to help, because you know someone had to see something, but for selfish reasons, they may have not mentioned something at the time that could have been the missing bit of information that could lead to her.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 9.56.51 PM

Still there are around 100 people missing from Indiana, one be Brookley Louks.  The 19-year-old disappeared on June 24th, 2002, after stopping at her father’s house to pick up some clothes. Witnesses saw the young woman’s 1990 Chevy Corsica at the home at the time, possibly with a male driving it. The car was discovered on July 1, about ten miles away from the home.

A key piece of intriguing information is that a neighbor of Scott Louks, Joe Nowicki, was picked up by another neighbor on the night Brookley disappeared, in the same spot where her car was found. He was said to be visibly shaken and out of breath. This is not looking good for him. A search of Nowicki’s home turned up blood that was identified as Brookley’s, but he claimed the splatters on the floor, ceiling, and desk were from her cutting her finger while upholstering a piece of furniture. It must have been a pretty serious upholstery accident.

Joe Nowicki was never tried for the murder of Brookley Louks. After a stint in an Indiana penitentiary, he died of cancer shortly after his release, taking any information he knew with him. It was believed that Scott Louks knew more than he was letting on, after it was discovered he bought pills from Nowicki, and owed him money. He also died soon after. Nowicki refused to give the location of Brookley’s remains, saying “You’d like me to tell you I did it. You’d like me to tell you where she’s at. I could do that, but I’m not because it’s the little bit of fun I have left.” What a sicko.

There seems to have been a surge in missing woman over the last few years, many still missing and the person responsible not being held accountable.  If you have any information about any missing person, contact the authorities.  Do the right thing.


The Whole Bombings and Boston Stuff

I have tried desperately to avoid the news about the Boston bombing suspects, but that’s not easy since it’s everywhere you look. I think giving the people responsible publicity is solely giving them what they want.

That being said, what were these fools thinking? Who thinks it’s a great idea to do things like that in America? Do you really think, after 9/11, that Americans are going to take kindly to terrorist attacks? The main issue for me is, what do they get out of it?

Also, I’m pretty proud of my country today. Way to go US, on apprehending these fools!

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 1.30.52 AM

WTF Is Going On With Teenagers?

As I’m sure everyone has heard, there has been a rash of teenage girls killing themselves after being raped by their peers, then being taunted with videos and photos emailed to their fellow students.  Agreed, that is probably the most humiliating thing that could happen to a teenager and it’s easy to see how they could think their lives over.  They don’t want to tell their parents about the incident and they can’t just stay home from school, so they are forced to live through that humiliation.

Audrie Pott hung herself just 8 days after she was raped, when her harassment reached an unbearable point, with photos being posted and shared through her school.

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 11.39.36 PM

Rehteah Parsons was also tormented by students at her school after a photo of her rape was shared online.  She also hanged herself, attempting suicide, and was recently removed from life support.

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 11.38.16 PM

The girl whose rape became national news in Steubenville, Ohio.  Don’t even get me started on those little bastards.  Probably the cruelest people that could be imagined.  And their still teenagers…  Their parents must be so proud.

Seriously, what is going on with teenagers?  Why do they have no boundaries or limitations?  How does being intoxicated give an okay for several boys to have sex with you on camera?  And why are these girls getting drunk at 14?  Not saying that I never drank at 14, 15, 16, ect.  There’s a reason that alcohol is for adults, girls.  You are not able to handle it.

How can this behavior be curtailed?  I have little girls, who will be teenagers before I know it.  Their classmates can’t also be predators.  How do you protect your kids from that?  I am a fantastic mom, but they’re so little, it’s easy now.  And if there truly is karma, oh boy, am I screwed.  And it’s not like parenting advice from others works.  All families are different.  However, I am sure I can raise my girls to keep them from becoming the evil ones.

Hopefully there is some kind of wake up call for all these teens that this behavior is not okay.  Stop it.

Jodi Arias: She Could Be Anyone

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.28.29 AMSocial media has condemned Jodi Arias, claiming she is evil, defective and such.  I wonder, though, how much of that is actually correct?  More likely, any one of us could be Jodi Arias.  We’ve all been in unfavorable relationship situations.  I myself have plotted the death of a few men in my day.  I was sure at the time that they had it coming.  However, my plan always stopped in the planning process.  Guess that means I had higher impulse control.  As for the whole mental problems issue, well, of course she has mental issues.  That’s pretty obvious.  However, who doesn’t have mental issues?  I’m sure if any of us actually sat down with any kind of professional, we would all be diagnosed with something.  So really every one is defective in some way.  And any one of us could snap in a moment and off someone.  It’s not a pretty picture.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.30.09 AM

And maybe Travis was, like, emotionally abusive, in a sense.  He was obviously messing with her head, knowing how much she cared about him and wanted to please him.  Maybe even the few incidents of physical violence are true.  Who knows?  We weren’t there.  Nobody knows all the things about my relationship, either.  There are things even my dearest friends don’t know about my husband, because it’s a private part of our relationship.  And it does seem that Jodi had some emotional issues.  People with strong self esteem are more like the Travis in their relationship.  And maybe he did break that in her.  He shouldn’t have to die for that.  Sometimes, even people you love say mean shit to you.  Them being sorry they said it doesn’t make it any less true.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.31.34 AM

Their relationship was toxic.  It really would have been better if they had broken it off before.  Like a clean break, not the continued phone calls and emails and recorded phone sex conversations.  If either one of them had just cut it off when she left Mesa, think of the possibilities for both of them.  Many of you probably think that Jodi would end up in a trailer park or in the same spot she’s in now, but that’s probably not true.  She would’ve had a good life, too.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.25.22 PM

I guess what it really boils down to is this is not about her being a sociopath.  This literally could have been anyone.  Yes, it was premeditated, not self defense.  But, it seems more like she thought they were going to, like, make it work.  She drove there to have sex, thinking maybe he was going to ask her to go to Cancun after.  When he didn’t she brought it up, they fought, she “left.”  She’s pissed off and hurt and probably feeling pretty stupid and used, but mostly pissed and she snapped.  He went up to take a shower, she snuck back in and was taking pictures, without him knowing.  He sees her and is like, WTF.  And she has a weapon.  Can’t really speculate after that, must be the fog, but the actual commission is what makes this a crime, not so much the planning.  Unless of course you actually do it…

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 7.44.35 AM

I’ve wished several men dead in my past, thinking of spontaneous things that would cause their death.  Friends of mine even disconnected what they thought were brake lines on one man’s car (turned out to be the battery, teenage girls, not always mechanical wizards, ya know.) And, after how he turned out as an adult, the world might have been a better place if that plan had worked, but wrong still.  Fact is, most of us don’t actually carry out the plans to kill the bastard.  She did.  That’s why we are all now brought together.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.39.10 AM

The Desensitization of America’s Youth

In the wake of all this Steubenville madness, we are forced to take a look at the little people we are raising and how our actions affect the people they will become.  If I were a parent of one of these kids from Steubenville, I would be appalled that my child could behave that way.  How can teenagers be so uncaring?  How is it that so many kids stood there and watched, much less participated in, the humiliation of another human being, and walked away laughing?  And how can they live with themselves for not reporting this?  Bet, if these were my kids, I’d be kicking their ass all the way to juvie.

The media has in no way made this situation livable for the victim.  Aside from all the camaraderie shown for her rapists, one news outlet went as far as “accidentally” releasing the name of an underaged rape victim.  What is going on in this world?  And, not to take focus off of what this teenager has gone through, but wasn’t one of the major hot button issues around election time women’s rights?  Wasn’t that to make a point that there is no excuse for rape and victims can’t be blamed?  It’s all saddening, but one of my posts about Steubenville’s situation drew my attention to another issue that I hadn’t previously heard about.  (That doesn’t happen to me alot.)  One of my commenters mentioned an incident where an 11-year-old girl was gang-raped by 18 teens and men and the community blamed HER, saying she was promiscuous and asking for it.  SERIOUSLY?  Eleven year olds are not promiscuous, they don’t even have boobs yet.  They claimed that this girl dressed inappropriately and hung around with older boys.  They even went as far as to blame her mother for the 18 men sexually abusing this girl, as if the men had no blame.  True, they are standing trial, but this just as easily could have been covered up.  Much like the incident in Steubenville.  Had Anonymous not made it a national news issue, these boys likely wouldn’t have been held accountable for their actions.  The town would’ve kept the incident under wraps, as to not disrupt the football team’s roll.  Disgusting.

As a mother, I can only hope that I am raising my daughters right.  There is no handbook for parenting and, though the advice comes from all directions, you have to do what you think is best for your kid.  I think it’s most important to model yourself after what you want for your children to become.  Using my little family as an example, I, personally, have some behavior characteristics that are not necessarily admired by all who know me.  Truth be told, I’m often a pain in the ass.  I am bossy and independent (my husband really hates that one!) and I am a control freak (I can thank my mom for that one.)  I also have a propensity for using large words when I speak (curse of being a writer).  As my girls play, I see those are qualities that they share with me.  They both want to be in charge, and as much as it annoys me, they don’t like being told what to do.  This is something that I hope sticks with them, as it will make them exceptional adults.  As for the words… I went to pick up my 5 year old from school last week and walked in on her telling her teacher that something was a hypocrisy.  How’s that for brilliant?  She wants to be a doctor or an astronaut.  She’s even offered us all trips to outer space… lol  And my little bit.  She’s just 4, but she wants to invent a shower that cleans you in seconds without water (think like the sonic shower from The Sims).  So in 20 years, when you step out of yours, remember it may have been one of my little geniuses that invented it.

Things like that give me hope that my girls will not, one day, be Emily Ighnat, from Steubenville Ohio, who publicly threatened a teenage rape victim on Twitter.  I’m also sure they will no be Michael Nodianos, who was videotaped (and put n YouTube, of course) in a 12 minute rant, joking about the victim.  These heartless, unfeeling kids better take a long, hard look at themselves.  The people they are about to become are not of the good variety.  Might leave some other people wanting to kick their asses.

Thanks for viewing my pointless rant on the deterioration of our society’s youth.  Please leave comments, if you so desire.

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